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January 2012 | Issue 1


David S. Prudhomme

David S. Prudhomme is the Founder and Director of Mederi Wellness.  He has developed an approach to wellness that is powerful, thought-provoking, and well-grounded in the latest research.  Every day he helps people "shift from where they are to where they want to be."

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Ruth E. Schneider

Ruth E. Schneider is a Wellness Consultant at Mederi Wellness. She brings extensive experience in training, consulting, strategic planning and innovation.  She also has a life-long dedication to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals.  


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We've MOVED to serve you better!  Over the holidays we were busy moving to a new, bigger location.  The new Mederi Wellness Center is located at 230 Adams Street, Port Clinton, OH 43452.


Your success and your referrals are allowing us to expand and help even more people become "The Best Me NOW".  Many of you have asked us for additional products and services and we will now have the facility to make more of these a reality!      


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Mederi Wellness LogoWe're getting great feedback on the new website. 
It's a wonderful place to send friends who want to learn more about what we do.   The video testimonials let them hear from people just like you. And, for those who want to hear more from us, refer them to the Articles and Media page where they can listen to several of our past internet radio shows by topic.
Did you know that CELERY helps lower high blood pressure?
Celery stalksIf you are like most people, you might think celery is an "empty" food that people eat because it has so few calories.  Turns out that it is actually GOOD FOR YOU too!   

Check out the full article on our website under the "Things You Need to Know" section. That's right!  Scroll on down the page and you will find more information to live a happy and healthy life! 


We tried lots of soups in January and we continue to like Carrot Soup pictureSOUP as a great winter food.  This APPLE CARROT Soup is AWESOME!  Find the recipe on our website.

We are continuing to add new recipes to the website and we would like to hear form you too!  If you have a favorite soup recipe -- or any other recipe for that matter -- made from things that were once alive -- send it to  We will try it out and we may just post it.  Finding and sharing new things to cook can be fun.  Check our website whenever you are looking for new, healthy recipes.

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David S. Prudhomme

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