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On Monday, March 19, 2012 the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs released the PROPOSED Regulations for the HVAC LICENSING LAW that was signed into law in 2007.  What do this proposed regulations mean for your business?


ACCA-NJ  is currently analyzing these proposed regulations thru the  Board of Directors and Legal team.  Every HVAC business must be aware of the following:


  1. Exemptions and Grandfathering how this will impact the future of your business?
  2. What type of HVAC work will be allowed by Master Plumbers and Electricians?
  3. Will you be allowed to do "plumbing" and  "electrical" work that has been part of your current business model?
  4. Will the playing field be fair with regards to Utilities?
  5. What training does your company need to be in compliance?
  6. What insurance, bonding, licensing fees or other financial burdens will be put on us?
  7. How long is the Grandfathering period and what qualifications are needed?
  8. What will be required to become licensing after the grandfathering?

These are just some of the topics that will be addressed very shortly, a full update to these questions and more will be distributed to the members of ACCA NJ.   ACCA NJ will be very aggressive in this battle as the well being our members and the HVAC industry is our first priority.

source: ACCA NJ's newsletter