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USBI is a not-for-profit organization promoting the sustainable production and use of biochar through research, policy, technology and doing it!

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  • USBI Newsletters
  • June of 2012 USBI Newsletter - Final
  • 1. Links to the USBI 2012 Conference
    2. International Biochar Initiative (IBI) completes the standards for biochar.
    3. Biochar Pioneer Interviews: Tom Miles and Albert Bates
    4. Update on the biochar mine reclamation at the Hope mine in Colorado
    5. Green biochar roofs, an interview with Valerie Navarro
    6. Research on biochar in 19th century Europe and America by Steven Edholm
    7. Biochar books, links to past newsletters and youtube videos
  • April 2012 USBI Newsletter - Final
  • 1. Links to USBI 2012 conference and the start of planning for the 2013 conference
    2. Biochar Pioneer interviews: Kelpie Wilson, Erich Knight (including the biochar listserve he runs), and Jeff Wallin
    3. Report on the World Ag Expo
    4. A biochar presentation by Josiah Hunt on TED x
    5. An interview with Hal Collins on ARS-USDA studies
    6. An interview with Dept. of Energy's Jim Amonette and his take on the future
    7. A link to Josh Kearns' practical pyrolyzer video and a handbook on biochar drinking water filters
    8. Introducing the USBI Arbor Day fundraiser to buy trees to be planted in a National Forest
    9. Links to past newsletters and youtube videos
  • February 2012 USBI Newsletter - Final
  • 1. Discussion of USBI 2012 Conference, request for abstracts
    2. Overview of the 25 million dollar race to provide carbon dioxide reduction solutions
    3. The company Biochar Solutions is profiled as one of the contest's finalists.
    4. The company Full Circle Biochar is profiled as one of the contest's finalists.
    5. Edward Someus provides the European Union's contest for international biochar technology.
    6. Discussion of Tom Miles' listserve for those interested in biochar
    7. Discussion: the use of biochar to remove the stench from gunky dairy residue and its compost; biochar's effectiveness in reducing ammonium loss in composting
    8. Bricks made with biochar in Catalonia
    9. An analysis of the other finalists in the Branson/Virgin Earth 25 million dollar competition
    10. Resources, books, past newsletters, youtube videos
  • December 2011 USBI Newsletter - Final
  • 1. Announcement of the hosts of 2012 USBI conference: The Sonoma Biochar Initiative and the Sonoma Ecology Center
    2. International Biochar Initiative (IBI) invites participation in its work toward international specifications for biochar.
    3. Report on the Restoring the West conference
    4. CA has a new easy-access electric grid law
    5. CA passes cap-and-trade rules
    6. Four of the 11 finalists in the Branson/Virgin Earth Challenge are biochar companies.
    7. Report on a grant to study the use of biochar in strawberry and vegetable farming
    8. Josh Kearns, Ph.D scholar at Colorado-Boulder, reports on his use of biochar in the removal of pesticides from drinking water.
    9. Ray Gallian of Sonoma Biochar reports on All Power Labs and the companies gasifiers and pyrolyzers.
    10. Resources, books, past newsletter links, youtube videos
  • October 2011 USBI Newsletter Final
  • 1. Article on Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative with an interview on John Miedema
    2. USBI thanks applicants for the proposals to host the 2012 USBI Conference.
    3. Introduction to the USBI Advisory Board
    4. Link to Board member Kelpie Wilson's tour of German progress on biochar
    5. Link to Board member Jason Aramburu's Social Venture Network Innovation Award
    6. Providing teacher resources on biochar by NASA's Doris Hamill with help from USBI, IBI and Biochar Northeast
    7. Link to article on composting and biochar
    8. USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) provides a link to a 1000 entries on biochar.
    9. Biochar resources, websites and books plus fundraiser activity providing Christmas gift trees to be planted in a National Forest
  • August 2011 USBI Newsletter Final
  • 1. Solicitation of hosts for the 2012 USBI Conference
    2. September 24th activity of a day without fossil fuels
    3. Description of Erich Knight's pinning down of EPA Secretary Jackson
    4. A request for suggestions for future newsletters
    5. Presentation of the draft of the proposed ethics for the biochar industry
    6. Discussion of Oregon's law on carbon dioxide standards as administered by The Climate Trust
    7. David Yarrow describes biochar as a hope for humanity
    8. Discussion of article in Energy and Environmental Science that finds that biochar could offset CO2 by 38%, creating a potential CO2 thermostat.
    9. Interview with Ariel Fisk-Vittori of All Power Labs about their BEK or biochar experimentation kit.
    10. Intro to USBI's Advisory Board
    11. Resources and books
  • June 2011 USBI Newsletter Final
  • Welcome to first USBI newsletter
    1. Announcement of a 2012 USBI conference
    2. St. Regis, Montana hosts a Biomass to Biochar Conference touring Tricon Lumber
    3. Introduction to the USBI Advisory Board
    4.The Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development stresses the need for speed in dealing with climate change.
    5. The US Forest Service, For the Forest and Flux Farm Foundation partner in biochar reclamation of the Hope mine in Colorado.
    6. Resources and books
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