Good News!

MAP just received a Special Earthquake Relief Permit from OFAC!

Now, we can legally send funds to Iran specifically for earthquake relief.

OFAC #IA-2012-296484-1

This permit is an addition to our previous OFAC license. IA-17718

Dear Friends,

We know that many of you have been anxious to help the victims of the August 11th earthquake in the Azerbaijan Region of  Iran. Thank you for your patience with us. We not only wanted to ensure that we have a solid plan on how to support these people but also to have proper permission from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control for this purpose. Our efforts and perseverance has paid off and we received the special permit today.


In addition, we have received the preliminary report and pictures from our partner NGO in Iran. The devastating earthquake and aftershocks struck approximately 35 miles northeast of the city of Tabriz destroying hundreds of villages and leaving thousands of people homeless. These people need our urgent help and support.


The number of deaths and destruction rises everyday as relief workers continue working to assess the full damage. Many people have lost their homes and hundreds of children have lost their parents and have no place to live.  Link to report in Farsi.



Photos are the courtesy of Arash Khamooshi

Based on this report and conversations with our partner NGO (Nikgaman Jamshid) in Iran, MAP will be setting up temporary shelters for orphans and victims of this earthquake and supply them with food, water, basic needs and medicine. In addition, MAP will provide funding to hire trained trauma counselors to work with the children who have suffered through this tragedy. We will also continue working closely with our partner NGO in Iran to understand how MAP can help in rebuilding in this region. 

Please help and Donate Now.

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Thank you for your support.

 MAP Board

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