July 2012

Dear Friends,


2012 has been a wonderful year of growth and development for MAP's children. In addition to our programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iran, Sierra Leone and the U.S., we have adopted an orphanage in Orissa, India!


MAP is going strong and with that comes more responsibility. The children are depending on us and we are committed to supporting them through programs that will empower them. Our programs are community focused and range from opening or renovating orphanages to providing healthcare and education to children living in poverty.


Learn more about some of our new programs which include;

building a computer learning center and renovating an orphanage for boys in Iran (read more), adopting a new mental health initiative in the U.S. and developing a new family outreach program in Cambodia (read more).


MAP is a volunteer based community of like-minded individuals such as you, with the belief that we can break the cycle of poverty. Each year since 2008, we have almost doubled our programs while keeping our operating expenses to less than 5%. We need your help to continue this growth for the betterment of the children. Learn about the many ways you can support the children, get involved and donate now.


With your support, we have accomplished so much through our ongoing programs. Read on for details of the programs you made possible.


Together, we can help so many children have brighter futures and better opportunities.


On behalf of the children, we thank you,

MAP Board Members

MAP in Afghanistan

Over 1,800 students at Rokhshana Girls School in Kabul participate in MAP supported computer, literacy, peace, cultural exchange and environmental educational programs.

We are especially proud to support a historic live Skype-Cast between a group of students at Rokhshana School and Case High School, in Racine, Wisconsin. This was a unique opportunity for the girls in both countries to learn about each other and realize how much they have in common. 

MAP in Cambodia  


Since opening its doors in July 2011, HOPE Children's Home (a permanent residence for orphans and underprivileged children) has become home to 14 children. MAP's plan is to gradually increase the number of children served, allowing them time to bond and to grow together as a family. The children are thriving and progressing in school. In addition to going to public school, all these children receive after school educational support at HOPE CH.

MAP also continues supporting the operation of three free health clinics, and the children at Aziza's Place in Phnom Penh.

MAP in India  

 MAP is providing food, education and healthcare for 34 girls at Assist Orphanage in Orissa, India. Assist Orphanage is built and operated by Narges Ashtari, Prishan Foundation.

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MAP's 5th Annual Dinner Dance and Auction 

 September 15th, 2012

at the Metreon/City View  


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MAP in Iran


We completed renovating Shahid Shojaie Orphanage in Tehran (home to 22 girls aged 6-15) and provide rehabilitation care at Farkhondeh Home & Shelter in Tehran (home to 90 abandoned children with mental/physical disabilities).
MAP has also provided:
  • Art classes for girls at Azadi Orphanage in Tehran (home to girls aged 14-18).
  • Funding for the construction of a handicap elevator at Nedaye Sahar Orphanage in Karaj (home to 40 handicapped children aged 14-18).
  • Health insurance for 20 handicapped children at Mojtameh Anjoman Zanan Nikookar Mahtab in Kerman.
  • The initial renovation of Mojtameh Ghiasvand in Shahr-e-Rey (home to 30 orphaned boys aged 6-16).
(picture by Hormat Nazzeri)
MAP in the U.S.

MAP is providing training for 230 teens (aged 15 to 18) through the "Teen Advocacy Program". This program helps teens, who have lived in the foster care system most of their lives, become independent and make a successful transition to college or a job training program. In addition, MAP continues food deliveries and support of students at Sugarland Elementary School. 


 MAP in Sierra Leone


The construction of our school in Central Sierra Leone is in progress and going well.

Who We Are 

Moms Against Poverty is a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to serving and supporting children living in poverty in the US and around the world. Our vision is to nurture and educate these children to their fullest potential so that one day they can contribute and lead within their own communities; thus breaking the cycle of poverty. We carry out this mission by developing and renovating schools and orphanages, providing education, health care and basic needs to these children one community at a time.   

"Changing the World, One Child at a Time"


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