September 2012
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Being An Entrepreneur Sometimes Sucks
Here's Why I Still Want to Do It

by Terrance Bei D'13

My name is Terrance Bei D'13 and I am co-founder of Puddleworks, a company that develops mobile games that fully leverage a smartphone or tablet's capabilities to deliver an immersive, rich gaming experience. Our first release is going to be a Pokemon-style game on Android and iOS, a platform that Nintendo has largely ignored in favor of their own proprietary hardware, and in the long run we hope to disrupt the Pokemon franchise. Moving forward, we have a team that is also developing augmented reality, geo-local, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and social gaming functionality which will enhance the gaming experience.


Heading into entrepreneurship, I was deceived by its over-glorification-Instragram-like exits, the freedom to control one's own schedule, becoming one's own boss, and creating something amazing from just a simple idea. Luckily for me, I found an advisor who made me realize that a business is all about the execution, not just an idea. When it came to actually working, my startup slowly took priority over my social life and sleep, consuming more and more time. 


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U p s t a r t

A new approach to funding
and mentorship

The startup is you!

by Dave Girouard D'88, TH'89, Founder and CEO, Upstart


I've spent most of my post-Dartmouth life in Silicon Valley (about 19 years) and have had the opportunity to work at great companies such as Apple and Google. After many years at Google, I decided it was finally time to strike out on my own, so in April of this year, I left Google tofound Upstart.
The idea for Upstart was seeded just about a year ago. I was talking to kids who were in the latter part of their college careers and I noticed an interesting trend: many kids seem to have an idea, a startup, or just a direction that they're really excited about. Yet for very practical reasons, they were opting to take a corporate job that they were much less
Upstart Team
U p s t a r t   T e a m
Upstart is funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, NEA, Google Ventures, First Round Capital, Crunchfund, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
enthusiastic about, rather than jumping in with two feet on what they really want to do. 
I launched Upstart to fix this - to give kids another alternative when they finish school. Upstart is a crowdfunding platform that lets you raise capital in exchange for a small share of your personal income over a 10 year period. Venture capitalists like to say that they invest in people, rather than ideas, but we're actually doing it.  

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  DRTC Expansion Project  
         May 2011                          June 2012 
   Groundbreaking          First tenants moved in


The Dartmouth Regional Technology Center (DRTC) located in Centerra Resource Park began a 28,000 square foot expansion in May 2011.  DRTC North provides Callout2 additional lab and office space for new businesses designed to commercialize technology- based innovations in precision technology, biotech, and environmental and life sciences. Businesses locating at DRTC (North and South) are provided with business development services and entrepreneurial education programs through a management contract with Dartmouth College's Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) office, located at the DRTC.


During the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for laboratory, technology, and office space in the Upper Valley.  With thanks to EDA for a grant award the DRTC received through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the DRTC, now has space available for lease.  


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Building a Company with Social Values

Podemos Logo
by Fernando Orta D'08



My journey as an entrepreneur began simply because during my senior year at Dartmouth I was unable to find an organization where my personal values aligned with the mission of a company.


Studying at Dartmouth for four years gave me access to a wealth of resources:  from incredible professors, to talented classmates, to lectures by distinguished executives. My time at Dartmouth opened my mind to new possibilities and the responsibility that each of us has in our community.  After interviewing with the biggest banks and consultancy firms I came out disappointed. At the time it was a hard decision to make, but after these interviews, I decided that I did not want to live the life these firms offered me. I graduated Dartmouth without accepting any job offers and I took a year off to go to Mexico (my home country) to try to understand what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.


Believing that companies can be a force of good in the world by using their resources to create products and services that can change the lives of

Podemos Family
At Podemos, we want to provide our members a platform so that they can develop a better future for themselves and their families.

millions of people, I founded Podemos with my personal savings. Podemos Progresar (Podemos) is a for-benefit corporation whose mission is to help eradicate poverty in Mexico. Unlike other organizations, Podemos sees poverty as a multidimensional issue that cannot be explained by income alone. For the poor, well-being means having social security, good health, belonging to a community, freedom, dignity, a reliable income, and not going to bed hungry. Podemos´ mission is to bring well being to millions of people in Mexico.  


After months of travelling, learning, and planning, Podemos began operating in the suburbs of Mexico City in March 2010. Currently we are a profitable business with more than 10 collaborators entering our expansion phase. We have what we believe is a successful and replicable model that we want to implement in all corners of Mexico.


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DEN Announcement with Border
Wily Entrepreneurial Internships
for Undergrads 


The Provost's Office at Dartmouth is accepting proposals for funding of Winter 2013 internships.  Applicants should submit the following concise materials to provost@dartmouth.edu with the subject line "Wily Initiative Funding Proposal."
Wily Callout
The goal of the Wily Initiative is to encourage the pursuit of entrepreneurial careers and to help future generations of Dartmouth men and women experience first-hand what it takes to launch a high tech start-up company.

The Wily Initiative will help source suitable internships for students who need help identifying opportunities, but students are encouraged to identify companies they are interested in who can offer a hands-on experience.

Application materials are due by email to provost@dartmouth.edu with the subject line "Wily Initiative Funding Proposal" no later than October 10th, 2012:

Your resume

One-page statement on why you are seeking an entrepreneurial internship and how this opportunity fits with your educational and professional objectives

Description of your proposed internship, including company name, firm profile (size, revenue, industry), job description/ project overview and location

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Brillist Final  
Brillist = brilliance + catalyst

by Sheila Maithel D'07, Founder 


I graduated from Dartmouth in 2007, and after a career that started in fashion in New York, I packed my bags, moved to India, and launched my own startup, called Brillist.


Brillist is an award-winning online platform that makes it easy to recruit a team to bring your project ideas to life. So whenever you haBrillist Calloutve a product idea or a startup idea (or ANY creative idea!) but you can't do it by yourself, you can use Brillist to bring your team together, make new f riends, and work together to make that idea happen.  For example, Brillist has been used to put together a 3-month sales and marketing internship (open to Dartmouth students, by the way!) and Brillist has been used by a media marketplace startup to solve an interface problem.  


We've gotten a mix of volunteer projects and paid ($20-$500 budget) projects, and all of the feedback received so far has been in the 4 to 5-star range (people are happy with how projects are turning out!) And what's really interesting is that teams are international - spanning Asia and North America so far.


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Watch Brillist in action on YouTube 


Learn more about Brillist >  


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