NCSF Sponsors Cinekink's Season Opener - 'S&M Judge'
NCSF is proud to sponsor 'S&M Judge' at Cinekink, and applauds the filmmaker's depiction of the real world consequences of discrimination and persecution against BDSM practitioners. Along with director Erik Lamens, spokesperson Susan Wright will attend a post-screening Q&A to answer any of your questions.
CineKink to Open Seventh Annual Film Festival with 'S&M Judge'
NEWYORK, NY; January 27, 2010 - CineKink has announced that the "Season Opener" selection for its seventh annual film festival, CineKink NYC, running February 16-21, 2010, will be the US premiere of the award-winning drama, S&M JUDGE (aka SM-Rechter).
Directed by Flemish filmmaker Erik Lamens and based on a celebrated Belgian incident, the film tells of a respected judge who, desperate to save his marriage, reluctantly gives in to fulfilling the masochistic desires his wife has been hiding from him for decades. Initially shocked at her revelation, his love helps him overcome his inhibitions, and they begin to enjoy a secret life in the city's underground S/M scene. But when the two are caught up in a police sting, his arrest and trial cause a national scandal. While their activities have been purely consensual, the court views his participation as criminal, putting his job, reputation and family life in jeopardy.
"S&M JUDGE is a beautiful and moving account of the conflict many face in balancing their sexual desires with societal views of what is 'normal'-and with outmoded legal restrictions that are still on the books in many communities," said Lisa Vandever, co-founder and director of CineKink.  "We're very proud to give the film its US premiere and present it to our audiences."
The film stars Gene Bervoets and Veerle Dobbelaere, who took home acting awards at the recent Fetish Film Festival in Kiel, Germany, where S&M JUDGE also won for Best Feature. Producers of the film were Bert Hamelinck, Kato Maes and Frank Van Passel for Caviar.
S&M JUDGE will screen on Wednesday, February 17, 6:45 pm at Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, NYC), where the majority of the festival screenings are also unfolding.
CineKink NYC kicks off the previous evening, Tuesday, February 16, with a gala fundraising party, and runs through Sunday, February 21, concluding with an awards ceremony and an AfterGlow closing party. 
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