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October 2012

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Benefits to Fall Clean Ups
Hardscape Install
What Happend to the Impatiens
Fall is for Planting

Benefits to Fall Clean Ups 

An important step in integrated pest management  


The days are growing shorter and the leaves have begun to turn. As they begin to drop home owners all over will start the task of cleaning up their gardens.


Cleaning up your garden this fall will not only help you get a start on preparing for next spring, but it is also a proactive step in creating a healthier garden. Removing dead plant material and leaf debris that accumulates in beds is a good practice in integrated pest management (IPM). Cleaning up your garden this fall will help minimize the places for insects and other diseases to ride out the cold winter months. A great example of why you should do this can be seen below in our article about the Impatiens Powdery Mildew infestation.


This is not to say you have to chop everything in your garden down to the ground. Leaving healthy perennials that are evergreen and semi-evergreen can provide structure, form and color during the winter months.  


Learn more about integrated pest management at:

Natural Stone Steps

A Landscape Install In Progress


This fall we began work on a small landscaping project for an exiting customer. The customer asked as to create a landscape design for their back garden bed with new stone steps. In the design we selected plants for their all season interest as well as for their low maintenance.  


Steps Before


The natural stone steps have been installed this fall and the landscape will be installed early next year. Keep an eye out for the finished product on our blog this spring.  


Steps After 
What Happened to My Impatiens  

Downy Mildew Becomes Widespread


Did your Impatiens sputter out early this season? Head over to our blog to learn about how Downy Mildew has invaded our annual garden beds and what to do about this problem.    




Fall is for Planting

Improve Your Landscape This Fall


There is still time this season to add plantings including spring bulbs and winter pansies along with finishing lawn renovations. With cool evenings, plentiful rain and warm soil, newly planted plants will be happy to have their feet in the ground. Contact Cedar Run Landscapes for landscape ideas and estimate.

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Alden R. Zove


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