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September 2012

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Fall is for Planting
Check Out Our Latest Project
Spring Bulbs
Fall Lawn Restoration

Add Interest to the Garden  

Why plant in the fall 

Fall is a great time to install a new garden. Cool evening   temperatures, abundant rainfall and warm soil provide an ideal planting environment. Warm soil conditions stimulate root growth that will continue into winter until the ground freezes. With the first signs of spring, these roots will begin new growth. While the root systems of spring-planted plants react much slower in cool soil conditions, a fall-planted plant has already become well established, outperforming its spring-planted counterpart. Having a well established root system will also be beneficial to fall-planted plants once heat and drought arrives during the summer months.



Project of the Month

Check Out Our Blog Post      

This past month our crew installed a beautiful 2,700 gallon pond with 30 feet of stream and two pooling areas. By creating a natural filtration system with our innovative skimming wet well and constructed wetland, there are no messy filter pads or boxes to clean out. Please head to our  blog to learn more about our most recent project.   

End of pond looking up stream  



Pansies and Bulbs Mix of Pansies

Planning for a Pretty Spring


Cedar Run Landscapes is beginning to gear up for this fall's planting of Pansies and Spring Bulbs.


Pansies love the cool weather and their bright beautiful colors light up any garden bed during the late fall and early spring. These pretty little things are edible too. Planting bulbs will supply years of spring color in your yard. Late Fall is the prime time for planting hardy spring flowering bulbs. 


Here are a few website links where you can learn more about Pansies and Bulbs.  


Plant Pansies Now for Bloom Through Next July

Babikow Greenhouses, Browse Pansies

Planting & Care of Flower bulbs   



Lawn Not Looking Good? 

You Still Have Time to Schedule a Lawn Restoration  


 A lawn restoration improves your lawn without removing the existing turf. If your lawn has significant browning or dead spots it is time to do a full renovation. Cedar Run Landscapes can help you regain a healthy green lush lawn.  

For a full renovation we will,


  • Dethatch - removing the thick living and dead organic layer between your lawn and soil to prevent disease and pests
  • Aerate - providing space for air, water and nutrients to easily move to the grass roots
  • Slit Seed - planting lawn seed mechanically by slitting the soil, depositing seed and firming soil to set the seeds in place.
  • Fertilize - using a special formula to help you lawn thrive while minimizing runoff contamination 



Please contact Cedar Run Landscapes if you are interested in a fall lawn restoration by e-mail by call 215-653-0707

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Alden R. Zove


Cedar Run Landscapes