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August 2012

In This Issue:
Fall Lawn Restoration
Why Use Pine Needles
Project of the Month
Spring Bulbs

Fall Lawn Restoration

Improve the Appearance of Your Lawn 


Fall is approaching and it is about time to renovate that tired, worn out lawn. A lawn restoration allows you to improve your lawn without removing the existing turf. If your lawn has significant browning or dead spots it is time to do a full renovation. Cedar Run Landscapes can help you regain a healthy green lush lawn.  

For a full renovation we will,


Close up of an aerator at work


  • Dethatch - removing the thick living and dead organic layer between your lawn and soil to prevent disease and pests
  • Aerate - providing space for air, water and nutrients to easily move to the grass roots
  • Slit Seed - planting lawn seed mechanically by slitting the soil, depositing seed and firming soil to set the seeds in place.
  • Fertilize - using a special formula to help you lawn thrive while minimizing runoff contamination 



Please contact Cedar Run Landscapes if you are interested in a fall lawn restoration by e-mail by call 215-653-0707

Why Use Pine Needles

An Alternative to Wood Mulch


Pine needles are unlike common wood mulch used throughout the landscape in many ways. Pine needles do not mat together, ensuring that air, moisture and fertilizer can easily penetrate the soil. This product is also resistant to mushroom growth, slime mold, bird's nest fungus, and artillery fungus which are often found growing in wood mulch. 


The high resin content in pine needles slows decomposition, eliminating the need to do a full mulching each year. Just a light application each spring to freshen up the look is all you'll need. The beautiful natural appearance of the pine needles blends well into all landscapes.


Please contact Cedar Run Landscapes if you are interested in purchasing pine needles by e-mail by call 215-653-0707. 



Project of the Month

A tricky Pond Project    


 Last months pond  project gave our construction crew a bit of a challenge. Our customer wanted a pond along their back patio. As you can see from the image below the sloping lawn away from the patio didn't provide our crew with the level surface they needed to install the pond. 

Project area prior to construction


In order to create the level area needed for the project we proposed building a natural stone retaining wall along the back side of the pond.  This would help create the level area we needed to install the pond while tying in the pond with the rest of the landscape.  

Natural Stone Wall Construction


Now the customer has a great new feature that has transformed their outdoor living space into a tranquil retreat. Not only does the pond provide the soothing sound of splashing water but it also will attract dragonflies, frogs and birds to the customers landscape.   


Finished pond with plants


Start Thinking About Spring Bulbs 

Do you want your property to stand out next spring?  


Summer will soon transition into fall, which is the time to get spring bulbs in the ground. As we prepare to order our bulbs for this falls planting, we wanted to give you the opportunity  to  let us know what type of bulbs you would like to see come up next spring. 


If you would like to have an amazing display of bulbs this coming spring. Please contact us by e-mail or call at 215-653-0707.

We hope you enjoy receiving your monthly newsletters. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions for our upcoming issues.




Alden R. Zove


Cedar Run Landscapes