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May 2012

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DIY FIre Pit
Add Color That Will Last All Summer
Cornus officinalis 'Kintoki'

Add a Fire Pit to Your Landscape

DYI project  



Extend the time spent in your outdoor landscape by installing a fire pit. The warmth and ambiance it brings to the landscape will become a great gathering spot for friends and family. Head to our blog for DIY tips on creating a great outdoor living space.   



If your interested in talking to a landscape professional about installing a fire pit please contact us.  



Add Color That Will Last All Summer 

Create a great looking garden this season with annuals  


Blooming from mid-May until autumn's first frost, these colorful plants can produce a dramatic and striking landscape. Their diverse colors and textures provide the gardener with numerous opportunities, often used for filling in open spaces in a bed, defining a edge in a garden or jazzing up an area in a planter box or container.
Pondless Waterfall With Annuals
The Lime Sweet Potato Vines bright lime green foliage will brighten up any area and its large tubers are editable.


 Tips For A Successful Season With Your Annuals:  

* Water

    Keep them evenly moist.  This may include daily watering. Make sure your container plantings have a    

    hole in them to allow excess water to escape and remember pots in the sun will need to be watered

    more than pots in the shade. 

* Fertilize

     We suggest a combination of a slow timed release fertilizer such as osmocote, which provides 3-4     

     months of steady feeding, and a liquid fertilizer such as Peters 20-20-20 to be aplied every two weeks.

* Deadhead

      Remove dead blossoms to keep the plant growing and attractive.  If blooms remain, the plant will put  

      its energy into seeds rather than new blooms and foliage.

 * Trim Back

      Some plants become leggy or become too large as the season progresses.  Cut stems just above  

      a leaf using sharp scissors or pruners.  This invigorates the plant to produce more foliage.

Moon Flower Blooming at Night
The Moon Vine blossoms, reaching 6 inches in diameter, are quite fragrant and open up at twilight.

We will soon be receiving our spring order of new annuals. Each year we introduce different and new varieties to our customer's gardens.
Please contact us if you would like Cedar Run Landscapes to liven up your garden this summer. E-mail us at or call at 215-653-0707.

Cornus officinalis 'Kintoki'

Japanese Cornel Dogwood


Average Height: 15-30 ft.

Average Spread: 20-40 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 5-8


One of Pennsylvania Horticulture Societies 2012 Golden Medal Plant Award winners, Cornus officinalis 'Kintoki' provides year round interest. Abundant yellow blossoms emerge in March, two weeks prior to its cousin Crornus mas, and continue blooming into April. Enjoying full sun to partial shade, this deciduous tree has dark green foliage that turns a reddish purple in the fall. In September large cherry-like editable berries form. Attractive exfoliating gray, brown and orange bark develops as the tree ages.


We hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. Next month look for our article on identifying broadleaf weeds in your lawn. If you have any questions or would like to meet with us to discuss your landscaping needs, please contact us at or call  215-653-0707 




Alden R. Zove

Cedar Run Landscapes