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April  2012

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Celebrate Earth Day
Improve Your Landscape
Create a Paradise
Plant One Million

April 21st, Come Celebrate Earth Day Earth Day

Receive a FREE reusable water bottle.   


In honor of Earth Day, Cedar Run Landscapes would like to invite you to visit our shop and explore our Eco-system ponds and permeable natural stone and paver patio displays. We will be open between 8 and 3 on Saturday April 21st. Our staff will be available to answer any questions as well as show visitors the various options we have available to help reduce storm water runoff on their properties.


 Our Shop is located at 1054 Horsham Rd. North Wales, PA 19454, Click for a map. Please stop by between 8 and 3 on Saturday April 21st and receive a FREE reusable water bottle.  


Helping To Enhance Your Landscape
Improve Your Outdoor Living Space 

Have you been thinking of improving your landscape but you're not sure where to start or can't seem to visualize what it is you want? Cedar Run Landscapes can help you define your needs and offer ideas by creating a landscape design for your property.


A well prepared landscape design can save you time and money while greatly enhancing your lifestyle. Our designs will compliment your home's architecture and aesthetic tastes. A design will graphically illustrate the overall layout of your landscape with notes on design features, including storm water management, tree location and general plant placement. Let us help you plan for improvements by setting up an appointment with our designer.



How A Water Feature Can Improve Your Landscape 
Create A Paradise - Aquascape Ecosystem Ponds 
Create A Paradise
Aquascape Ecosystem Ponds

Please take a look at this great video which showcases the benefits of adding a feature to your oasis.


Plant One Million cartoon-children planting tree

What will you do to help your community?


The Pennsylvania Horticulture Society has dedicated the month of April to  Plant One Million. Plant One Million is a regional initiative to plant one million trees in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The goal of this campaign is to increase canopy cover, the area of land shaded by trees, to 30% in the greater Philadelphia area. If you would like to help in this campaign let us know and we can help add a tree to your landscape.


Now that the tulips and daffodils are blooming, Cedar Run Landscapes is interested in what you, our readers, would like to read in the up coming issues of our newsletter.  Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions that will help us continue to produce interesting and useful content. Watch for our feature article on outdoor fire pits in our next issue. 


We look forward to seeing you between 8 and 3 on Saturday April 21rd for our Earth Day Celebration.




Alden R. Zove

Cedar Run Landscapes