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September 2011
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Fall is for Planting
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Project of the Month
Pansies & Bulbs
Itea Virginica 'Henry's Garnet'

Fall is for Planting

Why it's best to plant in the fall


Fall is a great time to install a new garden. Cool evening temperatures, abundant rainfall and warm soil provide an ideal planting environment. Warm soil conditions stimulate root growth that will continue into winter until the ground freezes. With the first signs of spring, these roots will begin new growth. While the root systems of spring-planted plants react much slower in cool soil conditions, a fall-planted plant has already become well established, outperforming its spring-planted counterpart. Having a well established root system will also be beneficial to fall-planted plants once heat and drought arrives during the summer months.


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Educating our Customers


Throughout the year Cedar Run Landscapes updates its blog to keep you informed about our company's recent activities as well as new and interesting gardening topics. Please visit our blog to read our most recent post, Lawn Care and Renovations.


Providing our customers with the most up to date resources on seasonal topics and ways to improve your landscape is important to us.  If there is a topic you would like us to write about feel free to contact us.

Project of the Month

Permeable Walkway  


 This month we are highlighting a permeable pathway that was installed this past August. Part of a larger scale project, the pathway guides users between a native meadow and a large rain garden that will be planted this fall.

Pathway w/ raingarden in background

Completed Pathway, future raingarden will be on the right and native meadow on the left

When selecting hardscaping materials our team considered the types of stone already used throughout the landscape. We integrated the pathway into the existing landscape by choosing full color flagstone, the same material used in an adjacent patio. Instead of using the formal rectangular cut fieldstone used in the patio area we installed larger irregular  flagstone

Existing Patio

View of existing patio and pond area

The irregular pattern of the pathway will seamlessly merge the organic forms of the native meadow and rain garden. For the joint material we selected 3/8 inch multi-colored river jack. The same material used in a larger size (5"-8" stones) can be found throughout the customers pond area as well as lining many of the garden beds throughout the rest of the home's landscape.   

Pathway Close up
A close up of the pathway's irregular pattern and gravel joints.

Pansies and Bulbs Mix of Pansies

Planning for a pretty spring


Cedar Run Landscapes is beginning to gear up for this fall's planting of Pansies and Spring Bulbs.


Pansies love the cool weather and their bright beautiful colors light up any garden bed during the late fall and early spring. These pretty little things are edible too. Bulbs supply years of spring color in your yard. Late Fall is the prime time for planting hardy spring flowering bulbs. 


Here are a few website links where you can learn more about Pansies and Bulbs.  


Plant Pansies Now for Bloom Through Next July

Babikow Greenhouses, Browse Pansies

Planting & Care of Flower bulbs 



Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet' Itea

Virginia Sweetspire


Hardiness Zone: 5 to 9

Average Height: 4'-6'

Average Spread: 6'-10'  


This versatile low maintenance shrub has attractive white fragrant flowers that bloom from May to June. These blooms also attract Itea-Fallbutterflies. Its striking red-purple fall foliage lasts well into the winter and stands out in any garden. Itea virginica is an adaptable native deciduous shrub that tolerates some drought and can easily grow in average to wet soils. It will grow well in full sun to full shade. A deer resistant shrub, It has a wide range of uses from urban parks, foundation plantings, borders and can be used in a shady, woodland garden  




We hope you enjoyed this months issue. Please let us know if we can help with any of your landscape needs.


Alden R.  Zove



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