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July 2011
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Summer Pruning
A Hardscaping Fix
Cercis canadensis
Fall Lawn Restoration

Summer PruningPruning Image

Maintaining Your Landscape


Proper annual pruning of most trees and shrubs is beneficial to your garden. It allows you to obtain the desired shape of shrubs and trees, remove dead or diseased wood and encourage new growth.


Early summer is the best time to prune back those early spring blooming shrubs, such as azalea and forsythia. If you wait to long you will be cutting off the flower buds set for next spring.


Click on the links below to learn more about pruning:


Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning Calendar

Early Summer Pruning


If you would like Cedar Run Landscapes to help you with your summer pruning please contact us.

A Hardscaping Fix

Patio Redo


This spring we were asked to look at a pool patio that was badly in need of repair. The patio, installed less than 5 years ago, had several construction issues that needed to be addressed. These issues caused the patio to become uneven thru settling and shifting, the edge coursing was pulling away from the rest of the patio and the pool cover anchors had pulled up several of the pavers over the winter.

Pavers pulled up from Improperly Installed Pool Cover Anchors

Pavers pulled up from improperly installed pool cover anchors.

After taking a closer look, we discovered the patio was improperly installed. Below is a section that illustrates the standard way to install a patio. These specifications are designed by the ICPI, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, which creates industry standards, provides training and certifies installers. Our ICPI certified technicians found that the customer's patio had an insufficient aggregate base and was missing the bedding sand layer and landscape fabric. They also discovered that a concrete edge was "buttered" onto the outside of the pavers to act as a restraint, which is inadequate in our climate. In addition, the pool cover anchors had been improperly installed.


  Paver Section


Due to these construction issues, our crew needed to pull up the patio, remove the base layer and start with a fresh installation using proper techniques and materials. The result is a properly functioning interlocking pavement system that will give the homeowner many years of service and help increase the value of their home. Unfortunately, the choice of the wrong contractor in the beginning caused a lot of unnecessary expense to the homeowner.  

Crew Installing Pavers
Crew Installing Pavers
Finished Patio
Birds Eye View of Finished Patio

How can you prevent this from happening at your home?

We are proud to have several staff members certified by the ICPI, and in turn we are able to be a part of the E.P. Henry Contractor Select program. Our standards for construction are among the highest in the industry. We also offer repair and cleaning of pavement systems. If you are considering a hardscape project, or have a neighbor or friend who is thinking about adding to their outdoor space, let our designer and certified technicians help you get it done right the first time!

Cercis canadensis 'Covey'Weeping Red bud

Lavender Twist Weeping Rudbud 


Average Height: 5-10 ft 

Average Spread: 6-8 ft

Hardiness Zone: 5-9


This weeping form of our native redbud is a great specimen tree for even the smallest spaces. In early spring its weeping branches are filled with pea-like magenta pink buds that blossom into rosy-pink flowers. Its heart shaped leaves are a reddish-purple, turning into a dark green during the summer and a golden yellow in fall. A slow grower, it can be trained to grow up to10 ft. if staked. When left to grow to its natural form, the Weeping Redbud will grow just under 5 ft tall.


Click Here to learn about the history of this special species

Prepare for Fall Lawn Restoration

 Improving Lawn Appearance


The summer is beginning to turn up the heat and your lawn is in for a long hard fight. If it loses, it will need your help to recoup this fall.  


In most cases aeration, fertilizer, lime and water may be all that is needed to heal your lawn.  However, if 50% or more of your lawn has browned or is dead it is time to do a full renovation. Cedar Run Landscapes can help your lawn regain that green vigor.

 Dead Lawn

 For a full renovation we will, 

  • Dethatch - removing the thick living and dead organic layer between your lawn and soil to   prevent disease and pests
  •  Aerate - providing space for air, water and nutrients to easily move to the grass roots
  • Slit Seed - planting lawn seed mechanically by slitting the soil, depositing seed and firming soil to set the seeds in place.
  • Fertilize - using a special formula to help you lawn thrive while minimizing runoff contamination      

Click the links below to learn more about lawn care:

Residential Lawn Management

Lawn Challenge


Please contact Cedar Run Landscapes if you are interested in a fall lawn restoration by e-mail or call 215-653-0707.

We hope your enjoying the summer sun.


Alden R. Zove

Cedar Run Landscapes

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