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Winter 2011
Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year, from the Cedar Run family to yours!
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Cedar Run Landscapes' annual holiday party


Plant of the month

Japanese Stewartia

Stewartia bark

In winter, we get to enjoy one of the most striking attributes of the Japanese Stewartia--its exfoliating bark. One of the most overlooked contributions of a  tree or shrub is its ability to add visual interest to your garden in the winter time. 

Another highlight of the Japanese Stewartia are its late spring/early summer blossoms, coming at a time when most flowering trees have completed their blooming period. It was selected by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society as one of their Gold Medal Plants. There are several species and cultivars, and you can't go wrong by adding any of them to your garden. Situate where it can receive evenly moist soil and some protection from the afternoon sun, and you will have years of enjoyment from your tree.


The beauty of winter

Beauty or beast? We want to get it right for you

As Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard's Almanac, 1741 "Beauty, like supreme dominion, is but supported by opinion". 

 It is always a balancing act to provide a level of service that matches customers' expectations. Where some see beauty, others see the beast. My job is to find the fine line that defines expectations, and relay that information to my crews, so each customer receives the level of service that makes them content. In the rush of the season, the extra time needed to fine-tune instructions to the crew is not always a luxury available to me. 

Now that winter has covered the ground in its muffling blanket of snow, we are forced to slow down and take stock. This becomes a welcome time for me to enjoy the opportunity to have time to talk with my customers and discuss what their expectations for the coming season will be. Is there a spot in the garden that has annoyed them, and has not been addressed? Have the colors of the flowers been a bit off? What have you been thinking about your landscape that I have not addressed?


Please take a moment and email me, or call Cedar Run Landscapes at 1-800-Landscape and let me know. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Our staff would relish the opportunity to get it right for you.


Project of the month

This project is an ecosystem pond installed by Cedar Run, just as winter set in.   

Laying the groundwork









The pond and stream were designed to give the homeowner a clear sight line from the nearby sun porch, ensuring year-round viewing pleasure.

During II
Work in progress







The stream falls into an 8' x 11' pond with shelves and pockets, where we will plant water plants in the spring.


After winter
Awaiting the Spring's finishing touches









We will also add fish, which, along with the plants, will come from the Cedar Run Landscapes fish tanks and water plant inventory at our nursery.

An underwater LED lighting system was installed so the homeowner and their guests can enjoy the pond and waterfall during the evening hours.

Complimentary firewood for your E.P. Henry fire pit

Take the chill out of early spring evenings with a hot fire pit on your patio. Our new E.P. Henry fire pit includes a copper fire pan, a cooking grate and screened spark arresting cover.
Receive a complimentary cord of firewood for your E.P. Henry fire pit if ordered before 2/15/11
Until the next time!


Alden R. Zove
Cedar Run Landscapes