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March 2010
Getting Ready for Spring
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Who Else is Ready for Spring?

"Nature's first green is gold" -- Robert Frost

What a winter -- record snowfall, stiff winds, and cold temperatures had quite an effect on our daily lives and activities. The extreme weather has also impacted our landscapes. At Cedar Run Landscapes, we've been monitoring the plants at our customer's homes and are ready to "spring" into action as the snow recedes.

Here are some of the common problems for plants we've seen this winter:


Many small leaved evergreens such as Hollies and Boxwoods have been splayed open by the snow. There are numerous broken branches and stems that will need to be properly pruned to allow for good healing.


Shrubs that have soft wood like Yews and Arborvitae have branches and stems that have peeled apart. These also need careful wound-cleaning. 


Some plants that are marginally evergreen in our area (USDA plant hardiness zone 6b) such as Heavenly Bamboo, have leaf scorch from the cold winds and reflection of sunlight from snow. Fortunately, most years when this occurs, the plants will drop the leaves in the spring when new foliage appears.

Prepping for Spring:

  • Over the next few weeks, it will be important to remove broken and damaged branches from shrubs and trees to clean up gardens and prepare for the season to come. Proper pruning, feeding and monitoring of landscape plantings helps them to recover from a harsh winter. Good mulching practices conserve moisture and keep the sun off of plant roots, which also helps. The Penn State Agricultural Extension Service has some great advice on dealing with the winter's damage in this article.

  • Unfortunately, some plantings will need to be removed. Plants that do not respond by regaining their stature after the weight of the snow is removed, or those that are no longer esthetically pleasing may need to make way for new plantings. The PA Horticultural Society has compiled a list of excellent plants that will thrive in our region. These Gold Medal Plants provide some great choices. Of course, we will always be there to assist with your selection, design, and planting.

  • The winter has also affected outdoor environments including patios and walls. With all of the excess moisture from heavy snow melt, many hardscaping features are growing moss, some may have shifted or settled, and all could benefit from freshening up. Please give us a call so that we can help with such issues. Visit our website FixMyPatio.com to learn more about the hardscaping services we offer.

Alas, spring is coming. Witch hazel in my backyard has been blooming for 2 weeks, and ice is starting to recede from my backyard fountains. Birds are visiting the fountains and feeders each day, and pansies are peeking up through the snow.

All of us at Cedar Run hope the spring season brings enjoyment to you and your families. Please let us know if we can be of assistance as you venture back outdoors.

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Alden R. Zove
President, Cedar Run Landscapes


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