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Counting Money, Assessment Test Assistance,  Music, Arts, Educational Apps, & St. Patty's
 MARCH 2011
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Hello! Thanks so much for using Internet4Classrooms with your students and children. Our mission is to help you find the best educational online resources available to meet your individual needs. Our monthly newsletter focuses on sharing information, tips, and ideas on everything related to schooling inside the classroom and at home. Each month we'll be featuring resources and information on a variety of topics. We are constantly upating information on our site, and urge you to visit often!
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If you need help, please email us. We answer questions about almost any subject matter/grade level.  We feel that this is a very important part of Internet4Classrooms. Internet4Classrooms is maintained and built for educators, parents, and students and this site is yours.  Comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Don't be afraid to email and ask!
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  What's Happening This Month?
March seems to be filled with creativity. Not only does this month focus on Music, Arts, and Poetry, but we have the invention of the first paper money, the first basketball game, and the first published U.S. Map. Celebrate the birthdays of Big Bird, Albert Einstein, and Dr. Seuss. It's also Daylight Savings and the first day of Spring.



Music is an amazing tool for learning. I4C has a really large list of resources on music education, including printables, worksheets, and audio's. Find music sheet templates, a glossary of music terms, musical theory, fraction bars, percussions, classicals, links to different symphonies, and name-that-tune song quizzes.  



Celebrate the arts with our arts topics page. Find links to resources on DanceTheatre, Music, MuseumsHigh School Art Lesson Plans, and General Art Activities and Projects



There are craft projects and activities for almost every age on our site. Here are Pre-K arts and crafts. We also have a page designated to Kindergarten arts and crafts.  Use craft month to incorporate language arts standards, by teaching students how to follow directions while they complete art projects and activities.


Here are lesson plans, by grade level, on following instructions:

DR. SEUSS' BIRTHDAY (3-2-1904)

With a timeless collection of books to enjoy, it's easy to celebrate Dr. Seuss. Learn about the life of Dr.Seuss himself.  Click number 1 on this page for Dr. Seuss lesson plans, activities, theme ideas, and more.  For grades K-2, click on number 13 for a list of classroom activities you can do for each Dr. Seuss book. Find a 2nd grade shared reading unit 3-day lesson plan on Dr. Seuss by clicking on number three.



Practice counting money and coin values with these interactive SkillBuilders online math games by grade level:

Find math processess standards resources using these money lesson plans, online quizzes, money and coin value worksheets, and much more all categorized by grade level:


The days of late sunsets are almost here. Find tons of time-related teacher resources on time zones, clocks, world times, and more



Take a virtual field trip of Einstein's extraordinary life by clicking on number two.  Think you are smarter than Einstein? Test your math knowledge with this online genuis boxing game from MrNussbaum.  I4C has a large list of physics resources, including number two, which features Einstein's life with an overview, his accomplishments, images, and quotes.



Did you know the potato chip was invented on accident? Read about how the potato chip got its start. We have a page dedicated to all kinds of timelines, including a food timeline in number 16. Do a keyword search from A-Z and discover the history of your favorite food. 



Find everything you need for St. Patty's Day, including St. Patrick's Day lesson plans, activities, online games, and craft ideas.



According to the groundhog, Spring will be here sooner rather than later. Don't forget about our science standards resources by grade level. We have tools for teaching the four seasons, including explaining the seasons in sixth grade science.



Celebrate the Big Yellow Bird's ageless birthday with fun online educational games. Practice math with Big Bird's numbers game. Learn shapes and colors with this online Big Bird math game. Click on Number Six to play an alphabet game and learn your letters with Big Bird.



We have a big selection of poetry resources for all ages.  Find Kindergarten rhyming words resources in our Language Arts Skill Builders section. There are Elementary poetry lesson plans. Explore an overview of poetry, how to understand and practice writing poetry, and take a poetry knowledge quiz in our Fifth Grade Literary Genres section.  For Middle and High School levels: find 180 poems to enjoy a poem a day throughout the school year; Take a virtual field trip to learn about the many types of poetry; and find 30 lesson plans and samples for "30 days of poetry." 



Here's a fun fact: Abel Buell's map of the United States was the first to be copyrighted in the U.S. and published six months after the ending of the Revolutionary War on March 31, 1784. It was recently given to the Library of Congress and will be displayed come Spring 2011, and will be available for the next 5 years. With GPS, googlemaps, and everything else in between, it's easy to forget the importance of what a map can provide. I4C has Geography resources, on maps in particular, covering interactive maps and printable maps.  Find Third Grade Social Studies map lessons and interactive practice and quizzes.  Explore online Fifth Grade Social Studies map skills, like longitude, latitude, and topographic symbols.


  Focus On:  Teacher Resources
Internet4Classrooms offers a wide variety of informative online resources, tips, tools, and tutorials regarding your classroom needs. There is always something you can utilize with your students. Each month we'll feature a few links to useful topics.  

Take advantage of our Assessment Test Help section to find a comprehensive list of links by topics, like:
Find assessment resources on:  Fractions, Graphing, Sequencing, and Fact and Opinion.
Remember: One of our most clicked resources is the teacher tools page. You can access everything teachers need for the school year, including forms, planning, bulletin boards, and worksheets

Another popular section is our Grade Level Help. Click here for Pre-K - 8th grade level help and here for 7th - 12th grade resources. Find Skill Builders interactive sites for Language Arts and Math.  

Don't Forget: Free Online Practice for ACT Test and SAT Test Resources.  I4C now offers free SAT and ACT vocabulary quizzes. Become a free member and log in as much as you'd like. Students can take practice tests on 5000 vocabulary words. Log in to monitor your students' scores - including seeing which vocabulary words they missed. Interactive quizzes allow the test taker to retake and study as much as they want. 
  Focus On:  Parent Resources
In addition to our teachers, parents can take advantage of our online resources as well.

Get your kids ready for Assessment Testing with these test prep guides and testing strategies. When our children feel comfortable testing, they perform better.
Giving our students access to IPods and IPads is becoming more the norm. Put their minds to the test with these educational apps. It's a great way to keep our children learning while they think they are playing games to pass the time.
Need autism resources? Visit I4C's Parent resources section on Autism to learn about autism screening, early signs, family life, how to prepare your child and your child's school, and more.
Find ACT Test and SAT Test Resources to get your children ready for the ACT and SATs! I4C now offers free SAT and ACT vocabulary quizzes. Become a free member and log in as much as you'd like. Students can take practice tests on 5000 vocabulary words. As a parent, you can log in to monitor your children's scores - including seeing which words they missed. Interactive quizzes allow the test taker to retake and study as much as they want.
As always, if you don't see something of interest highlighted this month, we have the Parent Zone which is full of resources. You can find homework help, special needs resources, language tools, reading help, educational games and activities sorted by grade.
  Technology Tips

Tech Tip #1:  Quick Zoom - Want to make the text on your computer screen look bigger or smaller? For a PC, hold down the CTRL key and push the + (plus) sign to go bigger. Push the - (minus) sign to go smaller. The same applies to a MAC, but hold the Command key instead of CTRL.  *You can also roll the mouse scroll wheel up and down while holding down the CTRL key to get the same effect.


Tech Tip #2: Is Your Screen Upside Down?? - It's a frequent occurrence in school computer labs. The computer screen turns upside down. There is an easy fix! Hold down the CTRL key, the ALT key, and the up arrow. Wah lah.


Tech Tip #3: "Send Your Parents a Tech Support Care Package" - is a site that provides video tutorials on basic computer skills to anyone who's just starting out with technology. Fill out the online form provided, selecting which computer skills you'd like to send, and enter in the recipient's email address. They will receive an emailed "care package" of links to simply click on and watch. You can also click on "view all videos" and take advantage of the tutorials yourself.

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 This Month's Blog

This month we're talking about remembering why we became educators despite growing negativity within our educational system. Read A Reason to Teach is a free educational portal for teachers, parents, homeschoolers and students. Visitors come from around the world to find Internet resources for their educational needs. One can find resources ranging from lesson plans to worksheets, individual grade level resources to templates, and even interactive learning games.  We were very honored when one teacher called the site a "Walmart for Teachers". If you cannot find what you need for instruction on any topic, please feel free to email us and we will help you find resources to fit your needs.

Susan Brooks