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April 2010
Issue 11  March 2010

Thanks so much for using Internet 4 Classrooms with your students and children to find the best educational resources. Our newsletter focuses on sharing tips and ideas and asking for your input in helping make our site grow and meet your individual needs in the classroom, home school setting, and as a parent. 

For many years, we have worked diligently to share the best resources that we have found for a variety of subject areas and grade levels.  We are constantly updating this information on our website, and we are now sharing this information in other ways.  We urge you to visit our blog and  encourage you all to post comments and read other comments to learn from your colleagues.

Also follow us on Twitter (internet4classr) to stay up to date with our offerings and our new sources/links for great educational and technology information for both you and your students and children.

We answer direct questions via email about almost any subject matter.  We feel that this is a very important part of Internet4classrooms. If you have a question we would like to give you an answer .  Internet4classrooms is maintained and built for educators, parents and students and this site is yours.  Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for your support.
It's Time for....

April Commemorations

April is a busy month with so many learning opportunities for a variety of subjects.  Don't forget about:

1.  Early Childhood, Exceptional and Special Needs Children
2.  Earth, Ecology & Nature
3.  Mathematics and Money
4.  Poetry and Literature
5.  History
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day is April 11. There are many ways to observe Holocaust Remembrance Month - Many activities for all grade levels, including webquests, Diary of Anne Frank, links to Memorial Sites and more. Strong Caution: Before using this material with any age, preview thoroughly. Be sure you know what educational objectives you plan to accomplish.
Click here for printable April calendar for use in the classroom or home from

Our Links for Pre-K Teachers and Parents section has many arts, music and history resources to support your April lesson plans. 
Focus on...

With over 2,000 pages on our site, we've created this monthly section to  highlight material that you may not have seen.  Check out our Featured Picks for April: 
  • Just for Parents - Internet4Classrooms has a special section just for parents with information and resources for homework help, safe and fun websites for children and other internet resources. This section is growing daily, so keep checking for new sites and feel free to let us know if there are any free sites or great blogs that you find interesting and helpful.
  • Testing Resources, by Grade Level - Now is the time when we are all preparing our students for testing. Many teachers over the years have requested that we organize our Assessment Assistance section by Grade Level. Be sure to check out our Released Tests to Print, which is organized by Grade and our Interactive Practice, which is also organized by Grade. We now have all of these resources for you in this new format that we feel will help you find what you need quickly for each Grade 1-12 Subject Area, as you prepare your students for upcoming testing. It is never too early to start planning! If you find that students need extra help in any area, be sure to view our Skillbuilders and Standards Practice Areas, which are also organized by grade level for additional practice.

Technology Tutorials for Windows & Mac!

Did you know that Internet4Classrooms has online technology tutorials?

If you need some instruction in Microsoft Office, including Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007, you've come to the right place.

We also have developed extensive resources for Macintosh and Windows troubleshooting and keyboard shortcuts (Mac) (Windows).

Browse this section to find resources, such as Creating Graphic Organizers in Excel, Making a Game Template in Powerpoint and much more!

New Technology Tutorials for Windows & Mac!

Did you know that Internet4Classrooms has online technology tutorials?

Quick Tech Tips for Windows & Mac!

PC Tip:

Ever wondered how to make that "cents" symbol, which doesn't appear on the keyboard?
  • Excel: Hold down the ALT key and press 0162.
  • Word: Hold down the CTRL key, Forward Slash "/", and the letter "C"
Mac Tip:
  • Looking for symbols?  Within MS Word, go to Insert in the top menu and select "Symbol".  There are many special characters and symbols there that are easy to put into your document. is a free educational portal for teachers, parents, homeschoolers and students. Visitors come from around the world to find Internet resources for their educational needs. One can find resources ranging from lesson plans to worksheets, individual grade level resources to templates, and even interactive learning games.  We were very honored when one teacher called the site a "Walmart for Teachers".  If you cannot find what you need for instruction on any topic, please feel free to email us and we will help you find resources to fit your needs.


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