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"In the Summertime"
Issue 2, June, 2009

Thanks so much for joining us in our mission to help people use the Internet more effectively. We'll be sharing tips and ideas and asking for your input in helping make our site grow and meet your individual needs in the classroom, homeschool setting, and as a parent. 

For many years, we have worked diligently to share the best resources that we have found for a variety of subject areas and grade levels.  We are constantly updating this information on our website, and we are now sharing this information in other ways.  We urge you to visit our blog and follow us on Twitter (internet4classr) to stay up to date with our offerings and our new sources/links for great educational and technology information for both you and your students and children.

We also answer direct questions via email about almost any subject matter.  One of our learnings in this Web 2.0 world is that we have the ability to share our answers with anyone who has a similar issue.  We will be posting these questions on our blog in the coming months, and encourage you all to post comments and read other comments to learn from your colleagues.  Our user community is a great resource for information on almost any educational or technology topic.
Focus on...

Minimize The Summer Learning Loss

Did you know that......
  • All students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.
  • On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills during the summer months.
  • Research shows that teachers typically spend between 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer.
For more information on this issue, check out this great video on "How to Block the Seasonal Brain-Drain" from featuring Ruth A. Peters, Ph.D. 

For specific Grade Level Resources in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Sciences, click here for our Skillbuilders

Educational Projects for a Summer Day

As your children make the transition from the school day to the summer day, they don't have to stop learning.   Check out these great resource sites that provide all kinds of project ideas for them to try at home to combat the "summer brain-drain". 

Here are some of our favorites:

Animal learning crafts from The San Diego Zoo.  Lots ideas for Father's Day gifts, masks for play-acting and so much more.  Also, visit the live cams to see the animals in their habitat. 

Reinforce time and months of the year by making a Family Birthday Calendar.  This is a great activity for kids that allows them to express their creativity and is useful, too!

Did you know that time spent in the kitchen with kids can help them improve their math skills?  Click on #11 - Craft Recipes for instructions to make silly putty and homemade playdough and they will learn that using the correct measurements really does matter! 

"Grab a Shovel and Start Digging".  Plant an herb garden with your child and teach them how to tend it.  All you need are some seeds, containers, dirt, water and sunlight. 

Get a little sticky and learn to "Create a Model Cell" of your very own.  This project is great for 4th graders and up.

A quick Social Studies lesson, "Create a Tennis Ball Globe" is a fairly easy project for 2-5th graders, which quickly shows them seeing how a spherical Earth can be shown in a flat map.  Let them color the map and mark their location with a thumbtack. 

For more summer ideas and links to other resources on the web, visit our parent resource page
Social Media Update
Use of Hashtags:
How To Find and Publish Searchable Information on Twitter

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, Twitter gives you the ability to communicate, network, share ideas and be part of a community......

For those of you who don't know what Twitter is, it is a microblogging service that allows people to connect and communicate to share ideaTwitter Logos, ask questions, get/provide resources and form a community.  Our user name is internet4classr and we are using Twitter as another way to gather and distribute free resources to interested educators and parents.

Use of Hashtags
Use of hashtags makes the information that is published more searchable and a key way to filter through all of the Twitter "feeds" is to use a hashtag or "#". 

Hashtags are really useful, whether you are a frequent "tweetie" or searching for information.   Click here for a great site explaining the use of hashtags.  As people tweet, they use the "#" symbol in front of keywords that allow these tweets to be more searchable.  We are starting to use more hashtags in our tweets, but staying under the 140 character limit sometimes makes this a challenge.

Popular Hashtags for Learning: #education, #edtech, #reading, #teachers, #preschool, #math, #learning

Have fun tweeting!  Don't forget to follow Internet4classrooms on Twitter.
Excuse our dust...
but we are rebuilding our home

If you are a regular user of, you've probably noticed some changes to our site.  This summer we are continuing our migration to a new look and feel.  Some of our improvements are:
  • Faster Loading Speeds
  • Improved Navigation
  • Integration of our Twitter and Blog Feeds
  • Keeping current bookmarks alive for users
  • Addition of Early Childhood Section
The site will be changing during the coming months, but access to our content will not.  Feel free to contact us with comments and/or suggestions, as this site has been created for your use and we value your input! is a free educational portal for teachers, parents, homeschoolers and students. Visitors come from around the world to find Internet resources for their educational needs. One can find resources ranging from lesson plans to worksheets, individual grade level resources to templates, and even interactive learning games.  One teacher called the site a "Wal-Mart for Teachers."  If you cannot find what you need for instruction on any topic, please feel free to email us and we will help you find resources to fit your needs.


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