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Agility & Training Demonstrations
(Friday- Sunday)

 Ask the Vet
(Friday- Sunday)

Bow-Wow Fun!
(Friday- Sunday)

Dog Sled Demo

(Saturday & Sunday)

Fido's Island Fun Shack
(Friday- Sunday)

Flyball Demonstration
(Friday & Saturday)

Lure Racing

(Friday- Sunday)

Ultimate Air DogsŽ
(Friday- Sunday)

World's Largest
Dog Wedding Ceremony

(Saturday 2:00 p.m)


Advance Tickets:

Single Day ($9 per person)       (Valid for Fri or Sat or Sun)

Weekend Pass ($20 per person)   (Valid entire festival
does not include camping)

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Single Day ($12 per person)       (Valid for Fri or Sat or Sun)

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Camping at
Fido's Festival USAŽ

Recreational Vehicle Camping    $40 per person (Valid Fri-Sun)

Tent Camping
$30 per person (Valid Fri-Sun)

Electric is $15 per day and payable on-site by cash only.

Camping includes admission to the entire festival with added evening activities for campers.

Bathroom facilities include indoor restrooms. There are no showers available at the fairgrounds. 

Children 12 and under and dogs attend the festival and camping free of charge.

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A German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion the entire 2100 mile Applachian Trail.

Like human babies, Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot in their skull which closes with age.

Teddy Roosevelt's dog, Pete, ripped a French ambassador's pants off at the White House.

In Roman times, mastiffs donned light armor and were sent after mounted knights.

The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world.
France has the 2nd highest.

Bloodhounds are prized their ability to single out and identify a number of scents simultaneously.

Dogs have two times as many muscles to move their ears as people.

ll dogs are identical in anatomy - 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth.

There are 703 breeds of purebred dogs.

Dog's nose prints are as unique as a human's finger prints and can be used to accurately identify them.

Fido Speaks!  

Did you know it is only four more weeks until Fido's Festival USAŽ? It is time to purchase your advance tickets and start making your plans to attend. Don't forget, you can stay for the weekend and camp with us. The more the merrier. Recreational vehicle and tent camping is available and includes the entire weekend admission at the festival. What a deal!

I have to say that time has raced by and it is hard to believe the festival is around the corner. Speaking of racing, I have been practicing my jumps and running as fast as I can to prepare for Flyball, a new addition to the festival. I really want to try this out. It is a grrrr-eat team sport and even better than playing fetch. Happily Evfur After Flyball Club will perform demonstrations which are so much fun to watch. Then future flyball stars like me (I like to think BIG you know) will have a chance to try it out. I CANNOT WAIT!

I have never seen a Siberian sled race, have you? Well, guess what! My Siberian friends are coming to the festival too. We are going to see real Siberian teams from Xtreme Weather Siberian Kennels. They have dogs that won medals for their sled racing. If it is not too hot, they will even demonstrate sled racing for us. I am scratching my head trying to figure out how they do this. For sure, I will be sitting in the bleachers watching this one.

Before signing off this month, I really want to talk to you about the World's Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony. This is such a great opportunity to participate in a Guinness World Breaking Record attempt. Are you kidding me? I get to help break a record? How cool is that? And, right in South Jersey at Fido's Festival USAŽ on Saturday at 2 PM. PoochPartners has been very active and many single canine friends have been online meeting their mate for the wedding. Check out PoochPartners and sign-up now. We even have a wedding announcement online for you to download and send to your friends and family.

Well, enjoy this issue of Bytes. There's lots of festival news to report. One more to go before the festival! Keep checking the website as it is updated several times a day with new information.

Remember to purchase your advance ticket so you can save $3 on a single day ticket and $5 on a weekend pass. Our advance ticket sales will end on Friday, August 28 at Noon. After that time, all ticket sales will be at the Gate.

See you soon!

Fido's Island Fun Shack

Did you take a peak at my website? Do you know about Fido's Island Fun Shack? I'll be doing high jumps making my way over to that area for sure. Our sponsor for Fido's Island Fun Shack is Creative Fun by Jean's Crafts and they have some really great island things to do for kids of all ages!

My ears perked straight up when I heard we can have air brush tattoos in island or puppy designs, island face painting, and we can even make our own beach bracelets. I might want one for each of my four paws!

Do you have a secret message to share? We will be able to fill a message bottle with sand and shells and add our very own message. Speaking of sand, bring your pail and shovel too because they'll be a big pile of sand for us to build our sand castles. Sprinklers will cool us off it gets too hot on the "island".

There will be lots of other island crafts and games like a Fire Hydrant toss where you toss the dog collar over the hydrant. So, be sure to take a look at the website for specifics on what is happening at Fido's Island Fun Shack. It is family fun for everyone and no cost to participate.

Wedding De-TAILS

I was speaking with Fidette this past week about our upcoming nuptials. We are very excited to be part of a Guinness World Breaking Record attempt for the Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony and so are the other dog couples who have registered for the wedding on PoochPartners.

We had a bit of "ruff" news in late May when we learned the previous record of 178 couples was broken. The new world record to beat is 186 dog couples. We immediately leaped into action visiting dog parks, meet-up dog groups, friends, family, and took longer walks around our neighborhoods barking out the news about the world record attempt in South Jersey. We encouraged all canines we came in contact with to join in the fun and get married at Fido's Festival USAŽ.

We also told them all about PoochPartners. They were so excited! Sometimes it is difficult to meet your special someone. They know that through PoochPartners they can upload their picture, add information about themselves, read single dog profiles, and make a match. They were jumping for joy at the prospect of meeting their mate on PoochPartners and being part of the wedding.

Here's an inside scoop on the wedding. It will take place at the Grand Stage at 2 PM on Saturday. We will be there to welcome all of the couples. Our human owners must sign in the Wedding Registry, which is turned over to the Guinness World Record authorities to verify our count. The setting will be beautiful, a destination wedding for dogs, with tropical plants, red carpet, music and more. The festival organizers have been working hard to make this day a special one for all of us.

There will be some famous canine's getting hitched at the festival too.  Elvis, of CBS reality series "Greatest American Dog" fame and Niki an actress in commercials and movies will lead the procession in their wedding attire sponsored by Annie's Gourmet Dog Treats & Boutique. Right behind them will be in their wedding attire will beElwood "America's Ugliest Dog (2007)" who is giving up his bachelor status to marry his beloved Esmarelda.  The couples will walk down the aisle to the wedding march with all the other betrothed dog couples and owners following. Elvis and Niki will join the Justice of the Pooch on the Grand Stage and the ceremony will begin as the doggie couples gather together to bark out their vows.

All doggie couples will get a treat after the wedding from Annie's Gourmet Dog Treats & Boutique. Yummmy! We also will receive a certificate saying we participated in the World Breaking Record attempt.

There's going to be a raffle immediately following the wedding with some terrr-ific prizes that only dog owners who register and participate in the wedding are eligible to receive. There will be a two (2) honeymoon giveaways for a dog and its owner sponsored by Canine Club Getaway to a Catskill Resort; a two night stay in Atlantic City and dinner for two at a gourmet restaurant sponsored by Harrah's Entertainment, a two night stay with two breakfasts sponsored by the Tropicana Casino and Resort, two (2) wedding dog photography packages sponsored by It's Raining Cats-n-Dogs that include photo shoot with family and a photographic book with pictures as a permanent memory of the wedding day; and more!

So, if you haven't registered on PoochPartners, hurry up!  We will also arrange for opportunities to find a mate on Friday and Saturday morning right at the festival so those who are really nervous about making a commitment or haven't found a mate can sign up right at the festival!

"Ask the Vet"

Our friends and sponsor at Black Horse Pike Animal Hospital/ Regional Veterinary Emergency Center will be with us again this year. I'll be visiting their booth for sure to learn more about their 24 hour care facility and wellness center.  I hear they are opening a new state-of-the-art facility in the fall and I am anxious to hear all about that!

Dog owners can bring their health and wellness questions with them as they will sponsor the "Ask the Vet" desk right at their booth. They will also be operating Fido's Canine First Aid Station throughout the festival weekend.

My ears went straight up in the air when I heard one of their veterinarians, Dr. Jennifer Morris, will be talking about canine obesity and dental disease in her presentation. You know I walk at least two miles a day but I can't seem to get the extra weight off. I do enjoy eating, especially all the great treats my human friends give me. I'll be listening in for helpful healthy suggestions during her two presentations on both these topics.

Tropical Pooch Booths

Everyone is excited about the tropical theme of this year's festival! The festival organizers' visions of palm trees, sand, and creating a special island just for dogs is taking on a whole new dimension.

Sponsors, rescues, and vendors have indicated interest in decorating their booth with a few tropical items to get into the tropical spirit. Here are a few tropical suggestions if you want to blend into the theme but it is not mandatory:

  • Wearing tropical shirts
  • Thatching or bamboo accents
  • Simple palms or greenery on your booth table
  • Leis draped on table or wear them
  • Tropical colored table cloths
  • Sea shells and starfish

Use your imagination!  If it is tropical, it works!

Gimme' Shelter

Count them! Twenty-three rescues and shelters have taken advantage of our complimentary booth space at the festival. I am sooooo thrilled. You know what that means, right?  They will bring some of my canine companions who are less fortunate and need a forever home.

New to our list this month are: Greyhound Angels Adoption, Loli's Place, Inc., NYC Shiba Rescue, Seer Farms, SOS Beagle Rescue, Wet Nose Rescue, Whimsical Animal Rescue of Seaford, DE.

Be sure to visit their booths and if you have any extra food, blankets, or other dog related products that you no longer need or use, please remember to bring them to donate to the rescue of your choice.

By the way, if you are a rescue and you still want to be part of Fido's Festival USAŽ there's still time.  We don't want you to miss out on this opportunity. Your dog(s) are invited to the wedding of the year too! We need your help to break the world record.

Advance Ticket Sales

So, after hearing about all that is awaiting you at Fido's Festival USAŽ, I am sure you are anxious to purchase your festival tickets.

Take advantage of the discounted Advance Ticket option for $9 per person each day or $20 per person for the weekend. Remember, the Advance Ticket sale ends on Friday, August 28 at NOON.  After that all tickets are at the Gate for $12 per person each day or $25 per person for the weekend.

Camping can also be reserved through the festival website.


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