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Be Part of a World Breaking Record Attempt at Fido's Festival USAŽ!

Has an island wedding with soft breezes always been your dream? In keeping with our island theme, we are preparing for a destination wedding for dogs!

We are excited to announce that our application to make a WORLD RECORD attempt at Fido's Festival USAŽ has been approved. On Saturday, August 29th at 2 PM we will attempt to break the previous WORLD RECORD for the Worlds Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony.  We invite you and your dog(s) to participate and help us break the previous record of 178 dog couples.  

You may register your dog couples in advance on-line or it can be love at first sniff for all single pooches that are looking for a partner by using our dharmony on-line matching service. Dog couples will be recorded in the official World Breaking Record journal and signed in the day of the event. They will receive a marriage certificate confirming that they were part of the World Record attempt. Ceremony will be performed by the Justice of the Pooch. 

Wedding information and registration forms are posted on the website.

President Obama appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", and said the First Dog should arrive in April 2009. Speculation is that the First Family will welcome a Portuguese Water Dog.

How many Marley's were needed for the movie?  Answer: 18

The basenji, an African wolf dog, is the only dog that can't bark.

Irish Wolfhounds rank as the largest dog, and Chihuahuas as the smallest dog. The St. Bernard is the heaviest dog and other breeds range in size between these extremes.

If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years!

The oldest living dog - a wired hair dachshund named Chanel - is 20 years old or 102 (in canine years.)

Dog's nose prints are as unique as a human's finger prints and can be used to accurately identify them.

Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic - a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese.

These facts were obtained here.
Grrrr, Ruff-Ruff, Sniff-Sniff, Pant-Pant!  

Interpretation: I am busy picking out my swimsuit and tropical shirt and practicing my stage walk for this year's Fido's Festival USAŽ. Last year I made so many new friends and enjoyed a great time with my human family. I enjoyed all the special events and I even got to meet some of my doggie idols. I also wagged my way into a colorful, new collar and bandana from my owner. Fido's Festival USAŽ is so well organized that there are even special places for me to run, get a quick groom and "do my business". I can't wait to follow your scent at the Tropical Pooch Paradise event. This year I will get to stay over at the on-site campground so I won't miss any of the special evening action for those staying overnight.

I hope you plan to join me. You will not want to miss this one!

Woof, Woof, Woof - Count' Em!

You barked and we heard you! Fido's Festival USAŽ is now a three day event! The festival will start on Friday, August 28th (4 PM to 9 PM) and run Saturday and Sunday (10 AM to 5 PM). The event will be held at the same great location - the Salem County Fairgrounds in Woodstown, NJ. This will give you and your family - including your beloved canine companions - time to set up camp at the new on-site campground location (see "Ruffin' It") or motel and make a weekend mini-vacation with other dog lovers. Since there are different events each day, you can enjoy all the action Fido's Festival USAŽ has to offer.  There will be many different types of food vendors available so you don't have to cook either!
Cheeseburger in Paradise?!

Speaking of mini-vacations, our theme this year is "Tropical Pooch Paradise". You and your pooch will feel like you landed on your own tropical island, complete with palm trees, water, sand, sun and FUN! Enjoy watching or participate in our island-themed contests - no previous experience required. Your pooch can shimmy down in a limbo contest, jump up for a Frisbee catch or just look pretty for the Beach Comber costume contest.  Join your pet on stage for a "Sea Who Looks Like Me?" contest which is sure to bring some howls of delight! These are just a few of the many contests that will take place at the festival.  All pooches can participate in one or all events over three days and win prizes too!
Ruffin' It

New this year is a family fun opportunity to camp out with your pet. Make it a true mini-vacation and stay overnight! The Salem County Fairgrounds will have a designated area to set up your tent or RV. Bathrooms (no showers), water and electrical hookups are available. A special mini-vacation price will grant you access to all three days of Fido Festival USAŽ events and campground access for two nights. When registering on-line be sure to access the Campground information tab on our website for rules and regulations.  

There will be special activities in the evening for campers and a prize for best RV island campsite and a prize for best island tent site. So bring your décor and set up your own little island retreat.

Gimme' Shelter

Shelters and rescues are an important part of Fido's Festival USAŽ. We support and commend the many volunteers who help to improve the lives of homeless animals.

Some shelters have already signed up to show off their "ready to love and take home" pooches. We are pleased to have American Brittany Rescue, Brookline Lab Rescue, Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue, DAAWGS, Inc., Leashes of Love, and Lost and Found Dog Rescue with us this year. The rescues are volunteer-run and in need of funds, donations and good homes for stray or rescued animals. Remember, to bring any extra dog supplies with you to donate such as blankets, towels, leftover or extra dog food, leashes, collars, paper towels, etc.  

As part of our mission to support the important work of shelters and rescues, we provide a complimentary space at Fido's Festival USAŽ. Download and complete the form and your rescue or shelter will be added to our website.


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