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Regina M. Gwynn Appointed Co-Chair of RTC Strategic Advisory Board
Angela McKnight Brings Compassionate Care to Seniors
Corin Wright: Her Style Haven
Volunteers Provide Valuable Services to Rising Tide Entrepreneurs
Volunteers Help Rising Tide Entrepreneurs Get Street Fair Ready
Which RTC Staff Members have taken the CBA?
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Making a Difference in the life of an entrepreneur means helping a talented individual  build a business that will sustain his or her family, provide jobs, and keep cash circulating in our communities. Every penny counts. Show your support for our entrepreneurs today!

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Community Business Academy

Ninety-four entrepreneurs started the Spring CBA session on February 28. Classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in Jersey City, and on Thursday evenings in Orange.


Interested in the Fall  CBA session? Click here  to find an upcoming CBA orientation date near you! 


Business Acceleration Services 
The next six months will be filled with seminars, workshops and resources to give small business owners the skills they need for business success! Click here to find out about upcoming events and activities!

Our Volunteers Help Launch Strong Businesses

Ei AlfaI took a call from Texas last week from a woman who is volunteering to help her friend launch a business in New Jersey. For so many entrepreneurs, the road to starting and growing a new venture can be extremely lonely. Often friends and family step up and volunteer to help make the process a bit less daunting. But what if you don't have friends or family members who are interested or able to assist you?


At Rising Tide Capital, strangers are standing up every day to commit their time and resources to help our entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses despite the tremendous obstacles they face. We just welcomed 10 more new businesses around New Jersey from the first quarter of 2010 such as  Lori Child's BCBL Credit Repair Solutions. During this same time period, 29 additional businesses were expanded, including Angela McKnight's Care About You and  Corin Wright's Style Haven boutique in Montclair, NJ.


Our volunteers donate money and time to make the Community Business Academy (CBA) and our year-round programming possible. Like Allen Jordan, they assist with the business simulation games for 94 entrepreneurs enrolled in the current CBA session; or like Regina Gwynn, they take on leadership positions on our Strategic Advisory Board to secure our  organization's ability to continually impact lives and create jobs. Our volunteers also teach our entrepreneurs how to market their products and services through initiatives like the Street Fair Readiness seminar and the Rising Tide Exchange. For these reasons, we were glad to thank and celebrate them during National Volunteer Week.


Please visit and submit a volunteer inquiry if you are interested in joining our growing movement.



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Regina M. Gwynn Appointed Co-Chair of Rising Tide Capital Strategic Advisory Board Regina

Regina_GwynnIn April, Regina M. Gwynn was appointed as the new Strategic Advisory Board Co-Chair for Rising Tide Capital. In this role, she will serve alongside Aaron Regush to lead the SAB. Niamh Bushnell stepped down as Co-Chair in April in order to focus on MarketSprint, her consulting company which launched a new product in April. She will remain a valued member of the SAB.


"When Alfa and Niamh approached me about this opportunity, I was pleasantly surprised. Ever since I joined the Strategic Advisory Board, I've been impressed by the impact Rising Tide Capital has had in Jersey City and neighboring communities. In my new role, I'm very excited to help RTC reach more entrepreneurs with its critical services," said Gwynn.




Angela McKnight Brings Compassionate Care to Seniors

Angela McKnight

Angela McKnight's daily life is a testament to her passion and commitment to improving the lives of senior citizens. When she's not helping her elderly clientele pay their bills or purchase the right medications, this Rising Tide Entrepreneur is busy organizing activities for seniors or leading workshops to empower youth to care for the elderly.


"Too often our society forgets about seniors," said McKnight, the CEO and founder of Care About You, "But we have to remember that they're the reason we're here, and that they deserve excellent care."


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Corin Wright: Her Style Haven 

Corin WrightOnly two months after graduating from the Community Business Academy,Corin Wright celebrated the grand opening of Style Haven, her boutique in Montclair, New Jersey. Not your typical vintage and second hand clothing store, Style Haven offers an array of services, ranging from clothing alterations to style consulting tailored to each client's needs and budget.

"When I was envisioning my business, it was important for me to create a range of services that could accommodate everyone from high-end clients to women on a budget. I challenge anyone to find such an array of affordable services anywhere else," said Wright, who opened her boutique in March. 


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Volunteers Provide Valuable Service to Rising Tide Entrepreneurs


Allen Jordan coaches Rising Tide Entrepreneurs during the Marketing Master class, Feb 2012

Each year, dozens of volunteers give their time and talents to lead workshops, coach entrepreneurs and assist with the Community Business Academy. While each volunteer is instrumental to the work that Rising Tide Capital does, there are some that continually return to share their skills.


One such volunteer is Allen Jordan. After completing two master's degrees and working in the corporate sector for more than two decades as a marketing technology expert, Jordan achieved his dream to start his own business.  This year, he made a decision to give back by helping other entrepreneurs achieve their own dreams as a volunteer with Rising Tide Capital. 


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Volunteers Help Rising Tide Entrepreneurs Get Street Fair Ready 

William Clarke, the director of the CASID, shares his tips on how to get 
"street fair ready" 

As the days grow warmer, more vendors will step outside to display their businesses at street fairs ranging from the weekly Creative Grove Artist Market to the 10-block Everything Jersey City Festival in May. 


To prepare for the season, Rising Tide Capital partnered with local experts who volunteered to present during the April Street Fair Readiness seminar. The evening included a panel discussion as well as a show-and-tell with street fair veteran Kim Osterhoudt (Jams by Kim) and Rising Tide Entrepreneurs Stacey Hyatt-Dixon (Jewel of a Pillow) and Gwen Green (Ms. Bondangles).


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Which RTC Staff Members have taken the Community Business Academy?


Can you name all the RTC staff members that have taken the CBA? Here are some hints. They include:
A singer/performer
Prospective volunteer consultant
Future cheerleading coach 
CBA Instructor, and
Gourmet chocolatier
Read More to find out! 

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