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Volume 14                                                                                                                                      September - October 2011  
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93 Entrepreneurs Accepted into Fall 2011 Community Business Academy
Meet Winston: Graduate Returns to the CBA, this Time as an Instructor
Rising Tide Entrepreneurs on the Rise!
Three AmeriCorps Volunteers join Rising Tide Capital
What's Going on in the Strategic Advisory Board?
Help Desk becomes available to Community Business Academy Graduates
Community Members Welcome Rising Tide Capital to Orange Township
Donate to Help Us Reach 500 Entrepreneurs by Fall 2011
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We're Starting Something, what about you?  

Ei Alfa

It's already fall and we are heading into the busiest period of our year here at Rising Tide Capital. Not only have we recently kicked off our busiest Community Business Academy (CBA) session with four concurrent classes, but we are also planning our local response to Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov.14 - 20).  



This year, we are inspiring motivated, creative, everyday New Jerseyans to "Start Something" with a weeklong series of free activities and events where they can discover resources, connect to opportunities and grow their ideas. We are also inviting those who have started something, including distinguished speakers, our entrepreneurs and community partners to inspire others by sharing what they have already started and why on our soon to be launched website   


To those who have generously donated to our 500 Entrepreneurs Campaign, I say a heartfelt thank you. If you have not had a chance to respond to our call for support, I hope you take this moment to do so by donating online. Your contribution directly enables us to support individuals who are the real drivers of a more stable future. As we speak, our entrepreneurs are doing their homework over their kitchen tables to prepare their personal and business budgets, develop and package their products and services, understand their customers and market opportunities better, all the while putting the kids to bed and getting ready for a full day's work.  


Your involvement through Rising Tide Capital in their lives is a real source of hope and encouragement. Thank you for starting something truly special with us. We simply can't do it without you. 



Alfa Demmellash

P.S. If you have not already, please make a tax deductible donation in support of our 500 entrepreneurs campaign by clicking here  


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Rising Tide Capital "Starting Something" in New Jersey during Global Entrepreneurship Week


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One of Rising Tide Capital's (RTC) biggest annual initiative is just around the corner. RTC has been the local host for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Jersey City for the past three years. Now in its fourth year, RTC is expanding GEW celebrations under the banner of Start Something NJ - a call to New Jersey's residents to start something as a vehicle for promoting economic growth at a critical time. Major partners are coming on board as financial and in-kind supporters to make the week possible. We thank the City of Jersey City, Citi Bank, The Star Ledger, Saint Peter's College, and Bank of America for coming on board as early partners. Stay tuned for a special announcement about the Week coming soon.   

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93 Entrepreneurs Accepted into Fall 2011 Community Business Academy 

On Tuesday September 20, Rising Tide Capital (RTC) kicked off its Fall Session of the Community Business Academy (CBA). For the first time, Rising Tide Capital will host four concurrent classes, one in the City of Orange Township, in addition to the three that are usually held in Jersey City. According to CBA coordinator Program associate Mary Sansait, this has been a very hectic CBA season. RTC hosted 9 CBA orientations in and around Jersey City, and 3 in Essex County. Just about 200 people attended these orientations, yielding 93 participants accepted into the Fall CBA.
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Meet Winston: Graduate Returns to the CBA, this Time as an Instructor

winston trumpetCommunity Business Academy (CBA) alumnus and entrepreneurial success, Winston C. Trumpet, will return to the CBA this fall as the newest instructor for the Jersey City class which offers hands-on business training for aspiring small-business owners.


"As a professional business coach, I've had many opportunities to work for big name clients, but when I was approached by Rising Tide Capital (RTC) for this position, I was ecstatic," said the Jersey City native. "To have this opportunity to do what I love and give back to my community is a great reward."

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Rising Tide Entrepreneurs on the Rise!
  • Kiwan Fitch launched her book "Confessions of a Welfare Mom" on September 17thFor photos click here
  • Five Rising Tide Entrepreneurs participated in the First Annual Downtown Street Fair, Anna Nuget, Yolanda Winters, Stacey Hyatt-Dixon, Gwendolyn Greene and Angela Huggins.
  • Cinita Ray and her husband Justin Fordham held a private tasting at their new bakery Creative Cakes Caf´┐Ż on Wednesday, September 28. The store will be officially launched on October 8th.
  • Rising Tide Entrepreneur and Curator Dylan Evans hosted an art show on October 1 and 2 in Jersey City.

Congratulations entrepreneurs! We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Three AmeriCorps Volunteers join Rising Tide Capital 


This past summer, Rising Tide Capital received a capacity building grant from Americorps that will enable the organization to add five new staff members through its innovative VISTA volunteer program. Thus, RTC recently welcomed three new members to its team, Americorps VISTA volunteers Shantia Smith, Bryan Franklin, and Grace Chung. 

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What's Going on in the Strategic Advisory Board?

Rising Tide Capital continues to rely on the support of the amazing volunteers within its Strategic Advisory Board. Here are some newsworthy activities and achievements of some of our volunteers:

  • Kurt Regush was appointed as co-Vice Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board
  • Niamh Busnell, co-Vice Chair of the SAB relaunched her business, Market Sprint, right here in Jersey City
  • Liz Long, Jersey City entrepreneur and co-founder of Bag the Habit, recently facilitated a Business Acceleration Services Seminar "How to Make Your Products Retail Ready" which our entrepreneurs thoroughly enjoyed! To see photos from this event, click here. 

 Help Desk becomes available to Community Business Academy Graduates






Rising Tide Capital (RTC) celebrated the launch of its newest Business Acceleration Services (BAS) program with organic quiche and smooth jazz at Made with Love Bakery in Jersey City last night. With the launch of the Help Desk, graduates of Rising Tide Capital's Community Business Academy (CBA) will only be a phone call away from an array of specialists covering business topics from marketing to microfinance.  




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Community Members Welcome Rising Tide Capital to Orange Township


 cbastudentsAlmost 40 community leaders and residents filled the cafeteria of Rosa Parks Elementary School the morning of on Saturday, September 10, for an orientation about Rising Tide Capital's (RTC) Community Business Academy (CBA).

 Community leaders including Ronald Lee, the Superintendant of Schools, and Orange Township's Mayor's Chief of Staff, Stephanie Gidigbi spoke at the launch and praised RTC's role in promoting entrepreneurship in Orange.


"I was extremely happy with the turnout," said Assistant Director Keith Dent who will supervise RTC's office in Orange, "The fact that we had members from the board of education and the mayor's office on a Saturday morning goes a long way to show that they support us."     

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Donate to Help Us Reach 500 Entrepreneurs by Fall 2011!

500 Entrepreneurs Campaign


2011 marks the 5th anniversaryof Rising Tide Capital's signature program, the Community Business Academy (CBA), and to celebrate, CEO Alfa Demmellash is asking donors to help RTC serve 500 entrepreneurs by the end of this year. The funds raised from the campaign will be used to support the Community Business Academy's (CBA) expansion into Orange, a new instructor, and a larger staff to ensure that as RTC expands, it continues to provide quality services. Read More. 



Interested in supporting the 500 entrepreneurs campaign? It's not too late!

Please make checks payable to RisingTide Capital and mail to:

348 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305

For Credit Card donations, visit our donate page.



We need your help to reach 500 entrepreneurs by this fall!