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Volume 11                                                                                                                                                            May/June 2011  
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RTC Hosts First Ever Funder Briefing
CBA Graduates Largest Class Yet!
Daba's Decision
Plan & Pitch is Here Again!
Lasting Impressions: Susie's Story
Help Us Reach 500 Entrepreneurs by Fall 2011!
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Making a Difference in the life of an entrepreneur means helping a talented individual to build a business that will sustain his or her family, provide jobs, and keep cash circulating in our communities. Every penny counts. Show your support for our entrepreneurs today!

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Ei Alfa 

At every graduation of the Community Business Academy, I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. I am grateful for our amazing staff, who, time and time again continue to go above and beyond to produce high quality programming for our entrepreneurs. I am grateful for our entrepreneurs who bring their hopes and dreams to us, and work with us to help them turn their ideas and talents into viable, growing businesses. I am grateful for our support system, our Board of Trustees, Strategic Advisory Board and all the volunteers who assist us in carrying out our mission. I am grateful for our well wishers, supporters, and all of our individual donors who continue to believe in us and stay passionate about our mission. And this past graduation, I was particularly grateful for all of the representatives of our funding organizations who came out to our  Briefing and Graduation to hear about our impact driven plans for RTC's future.


One of our goals is to reach 500 entrepreneurs through the CBA by Fall 2011. In this issue of the Currents, we announce our 500 Entrepreneurs Campaign, and tell you how you can help us meet our goal. You will also meet two of our very recent graduates, both with stories typical of the average Rising Tide Entrepreneur; Susie Caughey, the single mom who needs the business training and support to make her business dream a reality, and Daba Briggs, the home-based business owner who needs resources and a community of other entrepreneurs to help make her business a success. You will hear about our largest ever graduating class of 54 students, our recent funder briefing, and our Plan & Pitch program, which incentivizes business growth readiness for our clients.


If you believe in all the work that Rising Tide Capital does and in the amazing people we serve, I urge you to make a tax-deductible donation to our organization and help us reach our goal of strengthening even more entrepreneurs this fall for a total of 500 individuals who are forces for social and economic change.



Alfa Demmellash


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Rising Tide Capital Hosts Its First Ever Funder Briefing

   Funder Briefing

On May 26th - the 7th anniversary of Rising Tide Capital - the organization hosted its first ever funder briefing at the Goldman Sachs Tower in Jersey City.  The organization brought together staff, members of its Board of Trustees as well as its Strategic Advisory Board, along with some of its star entrepreneurs to present a situational analysis to all of the entities that invest funds into its mission.



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54 Students Graduate from the Community Business Academy!


CBA Spring Graduation 2011


Rising Tide Capital graduated its largest class ever of 54 students from the Community Business Academy (CBA) at Goldman Sachs & Co in Jersey City on May 26, the organization's 7th anniversary. Rising Tide Capital's staff, volunteers, corporate sponsors and well-wishers, along with families of the graduating students, came together to celebrate the eager entrepreneurs' completion of one step along their respective entrepreneurial paths.


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Daba's Decision

Daba Yoga

Starting a business requires character, the risk-taking, passionate spirit of an entrepreneur; maintaining and growing a business, on the other hand, requires precise decision making and business skills. Feeling that she lacked the necessary skills to become the entrepreneur that she truly wanted to be, Daba Briggs attended the Spring 2011 session of the Community Business Academy to get her business, Moksha Shop, on track. 


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Plan & Pitch is Here Again!

Plan Tutorial 2011

Once again Rising Tide Capital is bringing corporate volunteers together with our entrepreneurs to help them refine their business plans and strengthen their business pitches to win small business grants. Plan & Pitch Competition 2011 will take place in a few short weeks, but our Plan Tutorial was held on Tuesday June 17 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

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Lasting Impressions: Susie Caughey's Experiences With Rising Tide Capital

Susie Caughey


At Rising Tide Capital (RTC), a strong emphasis is placed on the participation in Business Acceleration Services (BAS) activities both during and after completion of the Community Business Academy (CBA). Some students choose to participate more than others, and naturally some students walk away from these seminars feeling truly enlightened and educated. Meet Susie Caughey, a graduate of the Spring 2011 CBA and an already big fan of the BAS seminars.


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Help Us Reach 500 Entrepreneurs by Fall 2011!

500 Entrepreneurs Campaign

On May 26, Rising Tide Capital (RTC) marked its 7th year of assisting struggling entrepreneurs in and around Jersey City, and the 5th Anniversary of the Community Business Academy, RTC's 11-week, hands-on business training program.  To date, the Community Business Academy has graduated 430 entrepreneurs.


We need your help to reach 500 entrepreneurs by this fall!