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Rising Tide Capital Co-founders at the 6th Annual Ei Conference
Why I Support Rising Tide Capital
Jorge's American Dream
Welcome Louisa!
Dylan's Dream for Jersey City
Who's Got GAME? Terriann Does!
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Making a Difference in the life of an entrepreneur means helping a talented individual to build a business that will sustain his or her family, provide jobs, and keep cash circulating in our communities. Every penny counts. Show your support for our entrepreneurs today!

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Spring Greetings
Ei Alfa 

Hello Everyone,


Let's celebrate the arrival of spring, as we salute entrepreneurs who, despite long experiences in their life journeys, are at the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial paths. Terriann Jackson, for instance, started GAME Magazine online at the end of last year, and is about to launch her print version. Dylan Evans is working tirelessly to bring the Jersey City community together around art in public spaces, and Jorge Diaz has found in Rising Tide Capital's Community Business Academy, a "solution" on the path to business success.


Imagine the courage it must take to start a business in this rocky economy; to step out on faith and believe that with hard work, passion and focus, everything is possible! As our entrepreneurs continue to begin these journeys, and to scale the heights of achievement, they inspire me with their strength and clarity of purpose.


Men and women like these provide the reason for Rising Tide Capital's very existence; to provide support to entrepreneurs as they start and grow successful businesses. If this mission resonates with you, like it inspired Tennessee entrepreneur John DeMoss, I invite you to make a tax deductible deduction to Rising Tide Capital.


Happy Easter to you and yours,

Alfa Demmellash


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Rising Tide Capital Co-founders participate in the 6th Annual Ei Conference   

Rising Tide Capital co-founders Alfa Demmellash and Alex Forrester were honored to be invited to participate as guest business plan judges for a competition hosted by  the Entrepreneurship Initiative (Ei) Forum  of the Center for Faith & Work. On April 8-9, 2011, the Ei Forum brought together business leaders and entrepreneurs with dynamic speakers, panelists and workshops with a focus on the theme of "passion." According to its website, the Ei Forum was "created to encourage and support entrepreneurs with a bold vision to start a new arts, for-profit, or non-for-profit venture that fosters shalom and brings about gospel-centered renewal to New York City and beyond."


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Why I Support Rising Tide Capital   

Alfa and John DeMoss
Rising Tide Capital CEO Alfa Demmellash and Tennessee Entrepreneur John DeMoss during his visit to Rising Tide Capital in January.

My name is John DeMoss, and I proudly support Rising Tide Capital. It may be a bit perplexing as to why I donate to this organization from 800 miles away (Chattanooga, TN is where I call "home"), but that just proves how much I believe in the mission of this organization. 

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Jorge's American Dream

Jorge Diaz

Living in a world that revolves around technology, it pays to be tech-savvy. For Jorge Diaz, a computer genius with years of experience in teaching others the ins and outs of technology, it only made sense for him to use his expertise to start his own business--JD Tech Solutions, an IT consulting firm offering technical assistance to businesses in the New York Metro area.

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Welcome Louisa!

Louisa Cousins

This past January, Rising Tide Capital welcomed Louisa Cousins to its staff. Louisa serves as the new Program Evaluation Manager. While Louisa has been at the organization for only a short period of time, over the course of the past three and a half months she has quickly become a core player on the RTC team.   


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Dylan's Dream for Jersey City  

Dylan's newest mural
Dylan Evan's latest contribution to Jersey City, located at 172 Newark Ave.

How many people see something that they would like to change in their communities, and ever do something about it? Dylan Evans is one of those few inspiring people. He is making his dream of bringing the diverse Jersey City community together around public, accessible art come true with every new mural he curates through his Jersey City Mural Arts Program.


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To see how work progressed on Evans's latest mural click here

Who's Got GAME? Terriann Does!

Terriann Jackson

Starting a magazine is no easy task, but Terriann Jackson (graduate of the 11th session of the Community Business Academy) is up for the challenge with her new project, GAME Magazine:  the Entrepreneur Entertainment Magazine. After gaining the help that she needed from Rising Tide Capital (RTC), Terriann is using GAME Magazine as her way to give back to the entrepreneurial community.


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Great Turnouts at Past Two BAS Seminars!
Street Fair Picture
Director of Programs, Jay Savulich, with expert panel at "How to Make Your Business Street Fair Ready," held Tuesday, April 12 at Downtown Live, Jersey City, NJ.

Since its re-launch last year, Rising Tide Capital's Business Acceleration Services has continued to grow from strength to strength in 2011. The most recent milestones have been two very successful seminars, which not only attracted Rising Tide Capital Entrepreneurs, but also other entrepreneurs from in and around Jersey City.


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