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37 New Businesses Launched in 2010
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According to the Kauffman Foundation, there are over 550,000 new businesses launched every month in the US. Help us support more of these entrepreneurs to succeed by donating on our website, becoming a fan on Facebook or following us on Twitter.  
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Happy New Year from Rising Tide Capital!
Ei Alfa

2010 was such an amazing year for Rising Tide Capital (RTC) in so many ways: nearly 100 entrepreneurs successfully graduated from the Community Business Academy (CBA); we celebrated our 6th anniversary with the milestone achievement of over 350 entrepreneurs starting or growing small companies; and hosted Global Entrepreneurship Week in Jersey City for the third consecutive year (with nearly 60 participating partners and 28 events celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship). We also just learned that 37 of our entrepreneurs have launched their businesses in 2010. And now 2011 is here and we are planning even bigger and better opportunities to advance our mission and serve more people and communities. 


At the end of 2010, a family that has been a long-time supporter of our mission pledged to donate and raise $10,000 for the organization if we could match that amount through our own fundraising. Thanks to committed individual supporters, we have met the $10,000 challenge! We are so thankful for not only this amazing family, but also for all of the people who thought of us this holiday season and made the choice to support Rising Tide Capital and its programs. With the additional $20,000 we raised during the holiday season, we can continue to expand our programs, hire new instructors, and make sure that we can still deliver low cost and free programming to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Your support is aiding us in keeping our mission alive, and for that, I cannot fully express how grateful I am.


Today, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and are inspired by his call to action to expand equality of economic opportunity. In this new year, we are looking forward to carrying on his mission of building a more just and peaceful world with you. Emboldening and cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit amongst all of us, especially in the households and communities where the need is greatest, is one of the most powerful ways for us to uphold his legacy. Happy New Year, and may 2011 bring you and yours much success, prosperity, good health, and happiness! 


Yours truly,

Alfa Demmellash

37 New Businesses Launched in 2010

During 2010, 37 graduates of the Community Business Academy, Rising Tide Capital's (RTC) business training program, launched businesses. This is a 76% increase over 2009, when 21 Rising Tide Entrepreneurs launched businesses. This brings the total number of small businesses started by Rising Tide Entrepreneurs to nearly 154 over the past 6 years.


"The entire RTC team is celebrating the creation of 37 new businesses in 2010. At RTC we spend every day trying to figure out how we can assist talented men and women to pursue their passions and provide for their families through entrepreneurship. When our entrepreneurs succeed we rejoice with them and we thank all those partners and donors who made it possible for RTC to see so many business starts in 2010!" said Alex Forrester, Chief Operations Officer at Rising Tide Capital.


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Dream Chasing with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr. King
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Nearly 43 years ago, one of the greatest civil rights activists to have ever lived was assassinated for fighting for his dream. His fight was not physical, it was a fight of peaceful protest fuelled by hope and a dogged determination to make change happen. The legend, the legacy, and most importantly the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. live on today, proof that people can indeed make a difference. Thanks to his burning desire for all of humanity to be treated equally, we are blessed to live in a country where your race and socio economic level do not have to dictate the life that you live.


At Rising Tide Capital we believe in dreams. This organization began as the dream of two young individuals, who were able to enroll other people into their vision of touching lives and changing communities through entrepreneurship. Six years and nearly 400 aspiring business owners later, that dream is continuing to grow and to touch the lives of not just the people who come to us with their own dreams of business ownership, but their families, their employees and their communities. 


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Rafael's Resolution

RafaelBuilding the Book House Cafe


For years, Rafael Cruz was ambivalent about what career decision was best for him. A graduate of Williams College, the Queens, NY native moved to Jersey City several months after college. In exploring his options, Rafael discovered a talent for video production and editing, landing him freelance opportunities at, The Onion, and now at major advertising firm, RAPP. However, even with these positions that gave him some freedom while allowing him to make ends meet, Rafael knew that there was a greater calling to his life: one that he believes is down the entrepreneurial path.


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