March 2012
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QCMG Alumni Gathering
Join us for the next QCMG Alumni Gathering, Wednesday April 18 at 12:00p at O'Melia's in Rock Island.  Enter through the back entrance on the lower level.  Please bring your written memories of QCMG for our book.  Call Cathie Anderson at 309-762-3259 if you can attend.  Everyone is welcome!
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Please join us for our next production, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, running March 29-31 and April 1. Regular box office hours (weekdays from 5-7pm) start March 12.

Season Tickets Still Available!
Season ticket packages for our 2012 season are now on sale.  Three-, four- and five-show packages are available.  For more information, please visit our website, or call our box office at 309-762-6610.  A volunteer will be happy to return your call!
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Congratulations to the Cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! 
Directing Staff
Director: Ben Holmes
Assistant Director: Tom Morrow
Music Director: Dave Blakey
Assistant Music DIrector: Patrick Downing
Choreographer: Beth Marsoun
Costume Designer: Deb Holmes
Set Designer: Mark Holmes
Props: Bob Williams
Sound Designer: Sean McGinn
Light Designer: John Weigandt
Producer: Bill Marsoun
The Cast:
Panch - Roger Akers
Rona - Kristine Oswald
Olive - Lindsay Anderson
Schwartzy - Sarah Lounsberry
Mitch - J Adam Lounsberry
Marcy - Christine Goodall
Leaf Coneybear - Dan Pepper
Chip - Troy Stark
Barfee - Tyler Finley
Congratulations to the Cast of Meet Me In St. Louis!
 Directing Staff
Director: Tom Swegle
Assistant Director: Eric Fields
Music Director: Colleen Callahan
Stage Manager: Susan Granet
Assistant Music Director: Andrea Gonzalez
Choreographer: Sara Laufer
Costume Designer: Cindy Monroe
Set Designer: Kevin Pieper
Props: Jody Leiby
Light Designer: Kevin Pierce 
Sound Designer: Aaron Brown
Producer: Deb Holmes

The Cast:

Mr. Smith - Jay Rakus

Mrs. Smith - Leigh VanWinkle

Lon - JJ Johnson
Rose - Elisabeth Gonzalez

Esther - Lauren VanSpeybroeck

Agnes - Faith Osborn

Tootie - Laila Haley

Grandpa - John Donald O'Shea

Katie - Sue Somes

John - Patrick Ewald

Warren - Spencer Praught

Lucille - Mariah Logan

Eve - Meghan McLaughlin

Postman - Tom Morrow

Motorman - Mark Holmes

Clinton Badger - Jakob Dodd

Peewee Drummond - Gregg O'Neill

Sidney Purvis - Matthew Greer


Male Ensemble: Daniel Williams, Mitchelle Diamond, Jakob Dodd, Alex Raya, Gregory O'Neill, Matthew Greer,

Philip Tunnicliff, George Swift, Tom Morrow, Mark Holmes,

Female Ensemble: Katherine Florence, Livvie Lyman, Andrea Clark, Ally Zahringer, Betsy Zahringer, Hannah McNaught, Rowan Crow, Allison Condit, Gabby Pinc, Meghan McLaughlin, K.C. Griesenbeck, Kathy Hunt, Yvonne Siddique

Children's Ensemble: Livia Dodd, Hanna Dodd, Halle Fish, Amira Siddeque

Congratulations to the Cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! 
 Directing Staff
Director/Set Designer: Greg Bouljon
Assistant Director: Craig Woodard
Music Director: Bob Manasco
Assistant Music Director: Deb Swift
Choreographer: Carol Jameson
Costume Designer: Mary Bouljon
Lighting Designer: Steve Parmley
Sound Designer: Aaron Brown
Props: Sue Woodard
Painting: Matt Ressler
Producer: Deb Holmes

The Cast:
Lawrence - J Adam Lounsberry
Freddy - Ben Holmes
Andre - Paul Workman
Christine - Sheri Olson
Muriel - Jamie Bauschka
Jolene - Sara Wegener
Renee - Jen Sondgeroth
Lenore - Rochelle Schrader
Sophia - Susie Adams
Usherette- Sarah Lounsberry
Hotel Manager - Tom Vaccaro
Ensemble: Susie Adams, Andy Curtis, Don Faust, Gina Gilliland Cox, Greg Golz, Ann Keeney-Graft, Anna Kolander, Sarah Lounsberry, David McVay, Skysis Parks, Rochelle Schrader, Jen Sondgeroth, Troy Stark, Tom Vaccaro,
Daniel Whited, Kristi Zahniser





Congratulations to the Cast of Hello, Dolly! 
 Directing Staff Assistant Director: Deb Shippy
Director: Erin Lounsberry
Music Director: Curtis Fisher-Oelschlager
Assistant Music Director: Cheryl Bolt
Choreographer: Karen Lasley
Costume Designer: Peggy Freeman
Set Designer: Harold Truitt
Sound Designer: Sean McGinn
Props: Cherie Lyman
Producer: Bill Marsoun

The Cast: 

Dolly Levi - Charlene Engstrom
Horace Vandergelder - Mike Millar
Cornelius Hackl - Tristan Layne Tapscott
Barnaby Tucker - Bryan Tank
Irene Molloy - Susie Carsell-Schaecter
Minnie Fay - Allyson Martens
Ambrose Kember - Andy Gibb Clark
Ermengarde - Kaitlyn Wehr
Ernestina - Katherine Zerull
Rudy - Harold Truitt
Mrs. Rose - Heidi Pedersen
Judge - Kevin Pierce

Ensemble: Murphy Bolt, Amy Eberts, Anthony Greer, Adeline Higdon, Estelle Higdon, Ken Hill, Merlin Hill, Shelby Hoffman, Kristin Johnson, Anna McVay, Kristine Oswald, Grace Peckenschneider, Heidi Pedersen, Kevin Pierce, Sophia Pike, Alejandro Raya, Lisa Raya, Kate Schaecter, Rebecca Schaecter, Stephanie Schultz, Stacy Speidel-Holke, Kyle Wehr, Alex Wolking, Katherine Zerull



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