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October 2011
A Message From Our President....

A long standing dream for everyone at Quad City Music Guild has been the installation of new theater seats. After years of discussion, that dream has become a reality. Those of you attending Scrooge: The Musical in December will be the first to experience the comfort of our new chairs which have been installed and are waiting for you. Thank you to all who have already donated and to everyone who has worked so hard to make this project a success. Please see below for more information about our campaign.

It may be October, but we are busy preparing for the holiday season with our December production; Scrooge. Tickets are available for not just that show, but also for our 2012 season of 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Meet Me In St. Louis, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Hello, Dolly! and It's A Wonderful Life. Why not consider season tickets as a Christmas gift? Our box office staff would be happy to help you personalize a gift certificate for your favorite theatergoer.

Our 2011 season is now a part of our history. Thank you to all of those who made it a success. Whether you were a performer in one of our shows, a member of our behind the scenes support crew or a member of our audiences, we could not have done it without each and every one of you. We look forward to sharing our 2012 season with you.

Robert Williams               

Please Be Seated....

The 'Please Be Seated' campaign to replace our theater seating and carpeting is moving ahead quickly! The carpeting and new seats have been installed and they look great!! We can't wait for all our patrons and participants to experience the new seats at our production of Scrooge this December!


As of this printing, we have secured donations and pledges totaling over $141,000 of our $160,000 project goal. We are getting close, but still need your support to push us over the top. Please consider making your contribution to this worthwhile project today!


Kevin Pieper, Jerry Taylor, Craig Woodard

Please Be Seated Campaign Co-chairs

Fall Clean Up Day
Our annual fall clean up day is Saturday, November 5 from 9:00 - 11:00 am. Mark your calendars - any help you can give would be appreciated!
QCMG Alumni Gathering
Reminder: The QCMG alumni will meet for lunch at  noon on Oct 19th at O'Melias restaurant at 2900 Blackhawk Road.  Patrons enter from the parking lot in back and enter on ground floor. Everyone is welcome. Call Cathie Anderson if you plan to attend. 309-762-3259. Don't forget to bring your memories of Guild in written form so we can work on our book.
Congratulations to the Cast of
Scrooge: The Musical!
scrooge logo
Directing Staff
 Director: Bob Williams
Assistant Director: Jodi McGinn
Music Director: Cindy Ramos-Parmley 
Asst Music Director: Andrea Gonzalez 
Choreographer: Valeree Pieper 
Costume Designer: Cindy Monroe
Set Designer: Mark Holmes
Lighting Design: Kevin Pierce
Sound Design: Mark McGinn
Producer: Dave Blakey 


The Cast 






BOB CRATCHIT- Tim Dominicus

MRS.CRATCHIT- Yvonne Siddique





TINY TIM - Owen Perry

TOM JENKINS- Scott Peake

EBENEZER (Young Man)/NEPHEW- Dan McGinn

ISABEL/HELEN- Stephanie Perry 

HUGO HARTY- Gary Clark


MR. FEZZIWIG - Bryan Woods

MRS. FEZZIWIG- Wendy Czekalski

BUTCHER (Bissett)- Merlin Hill

MRS. DILBER- Jaclyn Leonard

MS. DILBER- Andrea Clark

PUNCH & JUDY MAN- Michael Byrne 



MRS. PRINGLE - Kathy Hunt

BEGGAR WOMAN - Nancy Teerlinck 

BOY WITH SLED - Zamone Perez

EBENEZER as a young boy - Cole Bizarri 

FAN - Noel Huntley  TEACHER-Mark Meyer  



PARTY GUESTS (Ministers Cat)

Joe Oliger, Linell Ferguson, Daniel Williams, Andrea Clark, Chris Beck, Olivia Lyman, Martha O'Connel, Jackie Leonard (Mary), Michael Byrne (Topper)                                



Madison Perry, Zamone Perez, Cole, Bizarri, Ali Zahringer, Gabi Lenger, Noel Huntley                      



Raquel Gonzalez, Emma Dominicius, Katie Moore, Aidan Perry, Amira Siddique, Grace Peckenschneider    



Merlin Hill, Mark Meyer, Chris Tracy, Bob Ramos



Merlin Hill, Jim Perry, Gary Clark, Jaclyn Leonard, Andrea Clark, Michael Byrne, Don O'Shea, Mark Meyer, Joe Oliger, Daniel Williams, Chris Beck, Martha O'Connell, Linell Ferguson, Olivia Lyman, Kathy Hunt, Nancy Teerlinck, Steve TouVelle  


 Thank you to all who auditioned! 
Don't miss Scrooge: The Musical, December 1-4 at QCMG! Tickets can be purchased by calling 309-762-6610.



Coming Soon....

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2012 Season Tickets are Available!

We are now accepting Season Ticket Orders for our 2012 Season.  You can call our box office at 309-762-6610 to place your order. You can also contact us via email at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com. Current season ticket holders should submit their orders by January 31, 2012 in order to request the same seats.  

Meet the Nominees...

At our annual meeting on October 25, we will be electing five members to our Board of Directors.  If you filled out a Voting Member Application and are eligible, or if you are a Member/Patron, you will receive voting information via US Mail (see list below).  The following individuals have been nominated for your consideration.  Good luck to all!


Susan Granet has been involved with Music Guild since 1994. She has worked on numerous productions, appearing on stage and working behind the scenes as an Assistant Director/Stage Manager. She was in charge of the Box Office for two seasons (2003 & 2004) and continues to work there as well as in the concession stand. Susan has also volunteered as a bus greeter. She is a current member of the Board of Directors and has also served past terms on the Board. She works at Augustana College as the Associate Registrar and lives in Rock Island with her husband Tim. She has two daughters, 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.



Cathy Marsoun joined Quad City Music Guild in 1975 as a 16 year-old wardrobe girl.  She worked props the first few years, and then went back to costuming.  Now, Cathy is the co-chairman of the Costume Shoppe, member of the Hospitality Committee, and is also the Costume Coordinator.  She was one of the first workers in the Costume Shoppe back in the early 1980s and continues to work there every Wednesday morning.  She currently works for QCMG as either a: seamstress, dresser, laundress, costume designer, drop maker, event planner, concessionaire, usher, or box office helper.  And you probably bought your brunch ticket from her!  Cathy has worked on just about every show since 1975, but has never served on the Board of Directors.  She is honored to be nominated, and is grateful that her volunteer schedule finally allows her to serve the Guild in this capacity.



Jodi McGinn has been involved at Music Guild since 2003. She has performed in Jekyll and Hyde, Fiddler on the Roof, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, and The Pajama Game. Jodi has also been on a number of directing staffs. She was the child wrangler for Joseph..., props designer for Little Women, and assistant director for All Shook Up. Jodi will be assistant directing Scrooge this fall. She has also volunteered as a bus greeter, concessions worker, and at the Costume Shoppe. In addition, Jodi was the assistant director of her church's production of the musical Savior of the World and is also involved with her church's youth program and choir. Jodi is married to Dan McGinn, and has two sons, Jacob (3years) and Graeme (4 months). She has her music education degree from St. Ambrose University. While at St. Ambrose, she was involved in many theatre productions and with the vocal acappella group STAMVOJA. Jodi is a stay-at-home mom who substitutes in the Davenport and Muscatine Community School Districts.



Heidi Pedersen lives in Moline with her husband Dave and son Mason.  She has been in nine QCMG productions since 2000 and has worked on two stage crews. She has also helped with costumes, set painting, bus greeting, ushering, shirt sales and many nights in concessions.  Heidi has worked at the Putnam Museum presenting over fifty 20-minute monologues on ancient Egypt as Isis Neferit.  She has also performed with Opera QC, Playcrafters, New Ground Theatre, & First Presbyterian Church, where she is an active member in two choirs.  Heidi has a BA from Western Illinois University in Business Management.  She is the office manager at Midwest Graphics Management and also works in the floral department at Schnuck's. 


Although a relative newcomer, Deb Shippy has helped with numerous productions at Quad City Music Guild. Most recently she served as assistant book director for The Drowsy Chaperone this past summer. Deb has been on stage crew for numerous shows, including Guys and Dolls and White Christmas. She assisted with props for Curtains, helped build three sets, and she also worked in and helped manage the concessions stand for many other productions. In addition, Deb has volunteered at auditions and participated on the play selection committee. Deb is employed by the Moline Public Library and lives in Rock Island.
Pami Triebel has had the privilege of serving on QCMG's "working board" for the last three years.  She feels QCMG is a valuable asset to the community and is proud of the talent, the organization and the leadership we provide. Pami's first show was Music Man in 1964.  She loves performing and feels most comfortable in a pair of tap shoes.  However, she also frequently volunteers on stage crew and has also served as Props Chair. Most recently you might have seen Pami pulling weeds and planting in the garden or putting up Christmas lights last winter.  Pami is retired from a sales career and now works part time at Sacred Heart Church in Moline.  And, she hopes you enjoy sitting in our new seats in the auditorium - aren't they nice! 

Steve TouVelle began his association with Quad City Music Guild with the show Unsinkable Molly Brown in 1968, while still in high school.  He continued to work with Music Guild for several summers through 1974.  After that year, he took a long hiatus to get married to his wife of 25 years, Terese, have a career and raise four wonderful children.  Steve returned to Music Guild in 2004, when he appeared  in She Loves Me. Since that time, he has become more involved each and every year with the full support of his wife and family.  Steve has served the past three years on the Music Guild Board and would appreciate your support to continue in a board position for the next three years.   He is a dentist, practicing in Iowa.   Steve feels Music Guild is a wonderful organization and is truly in awe of all the marvelous and varied talents, both on and off stage that are evidenced in this theater.  Steve would be very honored to serve on the board for another three years. 


2011 Voting Member List

The following individuals were sent ballots to vote for nominees to the QCMG Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting on October 25, 2011.  The list is made up of 2011 Member Patrons and those people who filled out a Voting Member Form by the due date of September 15, 2011 for the 2011 season.  If you have any questions about the list, please contact us at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.

Akers, Roger                                                        
Anderson, Cathie
Anderson, Ladonna and Gary
Anderson, Lindsay                                             
Anderson, Stephanie
Anderson, Velare                
Bailey, David                                                      
Bates, Natalie
Bates, Nathan                                                     
Bauschka, Jamie                                
Bauschka, Mike                                                 
Beck, Adam                                                        
Beck, Heather                                                     
Beckmann, Dolores
Beinke, Luann
Blakey, Dave                                                      
Bouljon, Greg
Bouljon, Mary
Bovenmeyer, Dan
Brandt, Warren and Lora
Brown, Corinne                                                   
Brown, Larry                                                       
Casey, Katie                                                        
Castle, Chris                                                        
Castle, Richard                                                   
Churchill & Churchill, PC
Clark, Gary                                                          
Clark, Melissa and Nate
Clark, Sue
Collins, Susan
Condit, Allison
Conrad, Eleanor
Cosentine, Sherry
Cox, Gina
Czekalski, Wendy                                              
Dawkins, Marilyn Smith
DCamp, Charles
DCamp, Rick                                                      
Downing, Patrick                                
Driscoll, Chad                                                      
Driscoll, James
Engstrom, Lani
Fairman, Bob
Finley, Tyler                                                         
Flint, Denise                                                         
Freeman, Peggy                                                  
Garrels, Barry and JoAnn
Garvin-Huntley, Lynn
Gehrls, Janet
Glass, Sandy
Granet, Susan
Greer, Anthony                                                   
Haan, Keith
Hall, Rolland
Hanzelka, Richard and Mylene
Harrington, Roy and Dorose
Harris, Hunt and Diane
Hendren, John
Hepner, Sarah                                                     
Hess, Wayne                                                       
Hill, Merlin                                                           
Holloway, Allie                                                   
Holmes, Ben                                                        
Holmes, Deb                                                        
Holmes, Mark                                                     
Holsen, Ann
Holsen, Kate                                                        
Hunt, Kathy                                                        
Jacquin, Joyce
Johnson, Jonathan                                             
Johnson Watkins Family Foundation
Jones, Paul and Irma
Just, Jacie                                                             
Kaas, Mike                                                          
Kahn, Lisa                                                           
Keeney-Grafft, Ann                                           
Kendall, David and Linda
Lafrenz, Kathy                                                   
Lafrenz, Richard                                                
Laufer, Sara                                                        
Leaf, Bob and Linda
Lewis, Don                                                           
Lopez, Travis                                                      
Lounsberry, Erin                                 
Lounsberry, J Adam                                          
Lounsberry, Sarah
Lyman, Cheryl                                                    
Lyman, Stew
Manasco, Bob                                                    
Manasco, Nicole
Marsoun, Bill                                                       
Marsoun, Cathy                                                 
Marsoun, Milton
May, Ron and Cindy
McDermott Construction
McGinn, Connie                                                 
McGinn, Mark                                                    
McKune, Dianna                                
Meyer, Dorothy
Meyer, Mark
Michaelson, Joanne
Millar, Barb                                                         
Millar, Mike                                                         
Morrow, Tom                                                      
O'Brien, Kay
Olson, Sheri
Ortiz, Linda                                                          
O'Shea, Don                                                        
Parmley, JoAnn
Parmley, Steve                                                    
Patton, Carol
Pauley, Kristin                                                     
Pavinato, Gene and Stacy
Pedersen, Heidi                                                   
Pena, Adrian                                                        
Pepper, James Daniel                                         
Perry, Stephanie                                  
Peterson, Jeff and Jana
Pieper, Bruce and Norma
Pieper, Hillary                                                      
Pieper, Kevin                                                       
Pieper, Valeree                                                    
Pierce, Kevin                                                        
Rahn, Josh                                                           
Rakus, Jay                                                           
Ramos-Parmley, Cindy                                     
Rickert, Ellen                                                       
Schmidt, Michael and Jane
Schoonover, Doug                                              
Schwegler, John and Nancy
Sederquist, Jimmy                                              
Shippy, Deborah                                 
Sondgeroth, Jennifer                                          
Sondgeroth, Nathan
Spitzfaden, Tom and Cathy
Stump, Jeremy                                                    
Swegle, Sylvia
Swegle, Tom                                                        
Swift, Deb                                                            
Swift, George                                                       
Taylor, Jerry                                                        
Taylor, Martha                                                   
Thomas, Christopher                                         
Touvelle, Stephen                                               
Touvelle, Terese
Triebel, Pami                                                       
Truitt, Harold                                                      
Tucker, Ladd and Sara
Turczynski, Mike                                
Turilli, Jim
Turner, Darin                                                       
Turner, Randin                                                    
Vaccaro, Tom                                                     
Varga, Janet
Walljasper, Rachelle                                          
Ward, Rosemary
Wehr, Kyle                                                           
Weigandt, Jaci                                                     
Weigandt, John                                                   
Williams, Bob                                                      
Williams, Jenny
Williams, Sue
Winn, Jenny and Kirby
Wirtz, Ruth
Womack, Peg
Woodard, Craig                                                  
Woodard, Sue