January 2011
Issue No 273
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A Message from the President........

Happy 2011!


It's hard to believe that the curtain has fallen on the QCMG 2010 season and here we are gearing up for 2011 slate of shows; SHOUT, CINDERELLA, THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, THE MUSIC MAN and SCROOGE. And what better way to begin than with auditions!


This issue of OVERTONES is dedicated to auditions. When are the auditions? What are the shows about? Is there a role for me this summer? Can I be a part of the season without auditioning? All those questions and more will be answered for you here and now.


For those of you needing still more information, please check out our website at www.qcmusicguild.com. Better still, why not attend our summer pre-audition Tea on Sunday, February 13th in the Music Guild lobby. You will be able to meet the various directors and be introduced to the newly selected cast of our spring show SHOUT.


In all the excitement of auditions I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bob Williams, and for the next two years I will be serving as president of this wonderful volunteer organization that has been a part of my life for 34 years. But more about me later. Please be aware that one of my primary goals over the next two seasons is to get to know each of you personally. If you should see a man in the lobby with a slightly dazed look and a big smile, I am probably that man. Feel free to say "hello!"


So here's to the 2011 season or to quote a good friend and fellow Music Guilder "the best season ever!"


Bob Williams

Please join us for the Pre-Audition Tea
tea cupThe annual pre-audition tea will be held Sunday, February 13 at 2:00 at QCMG.  This is your opportunity to learn more information from the directors of our summer shows and to hear songs from the productions.  Refreshments will also be served.  All are welcome!

Congratulations to the Cast, Staff, and Crew of White Christmas!
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Congratulations to everyone involved in our December production, White Christmas.  Thank you for a wonderful show!

Play Selection Committee Meeting
The Quad City Music Guild play selection committee is meeting on Thursday, January 6 and Tuesday, January 18, at 6:30 pm, in the lobby of the theater. We are looking to select five (5) shows for the 2012 season. A third meeting will be announced after these first two meetings. If you have questions please contact Bob Williams at robt.williams@hotmail.com or Bill Marsoun at bmarsoun@hotmail.com.
Coming Soon!
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March 2011

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June 2011

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July 2011

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August 2011

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December 2011
SHOUT Auditions - January 21-23 2011
shout logo 
Directing Staff
Director/Set Designer: Tom Vaccaro
Assistant Director: Craig Woodard
Music Director: Dave Blakey
Assistant Music DIrector: Becky Seward
Choreographer: Kathy Lafrenz
Costume Designer: Sharon Hitchcock
Props: Sue Woodard
Sound Designer: Adam Lounsberry
Producer: Mike Millar
AUDITION DATES: January 21st 6-9pm; January 22nd 2-5pm; January 23rd 2-4pm callbacks as needed
SHOW DATES: March 31, April 1-3 2011

SHOUT! flips through the years like a musical magazine and takes you back to the music, the fashion and the freedom of the 60's! This smashing revue tracks five groovy gals as they come of age during those liberating days that made England swing! SHOUT! uses letters to an advice columnist, true confessions, quizzes and advertisements as a frame for terrific new arrangements of such chart-topping hits as "To Sir With Love," "Downtown," "Georgy Girl," "Son of A Preacher Man," "These Boots Are Made for Walkin' ",and "Goldfinger."


For this all female cast, I'll be filling 6 principle and 4 ensemble roles.  Your real age doesn't matter. If you look or can be made to look like the ages described below, come and see us!


BLUE GIRL: Age 25-30. A blue blooded fashion model with a high soprano belt-low Bb to high C. Blue is sophisticated, poised, cool and aloof.


GREEN GIRL: 35-40. Mezzo with Shirley Bassey-like belt. She is a good time, middle class and zany girl, a bit frayed at the edges and hopelessly single.  A comedian is needed.


ORANGE GIRL: 33-37. Soprano with belt-low Bb to high Bb. The mother of the group, orange is domestic and maternal. Wise, soulful and mature, she is slowly asserting her new independence.


RED GIRL: 20-27. Soprano with belt. -low Bb to high C. The babay of the group, RED is quirky, enthusiastic and na´ve. A hopeless romantic, she is insecure about her looks.


YELLOW GIRL: 25-30. Alto with a big rock diva belt.-F below mid C to Eb. Yellow is an uninhibited and brash American. She is a ray of sunshine with a surprising vulnerability.


ADVICE COLUMNIST: 30s-40s. A non-singing comedic role. An over-the-top advice columnist for SHOUT magazine.  She attempts to be hip but misses the mark..


A British accent is a must so please bring your best effort to the audition. We'll help you develop it from there.


It's gonna be GROOVY, baby!!

Cinderella Auditions - February 19-20, 26-27 2011
 cinderella logo
 Directing Staff
Director/Set Designer: Bill Marsoun
Assistant Director: Tom Morrow
Music Director: Ben Holmes
Choreographer: Beth Marsoun
Props: Corinne Brown
 Producer: Dave Blakey

AUDITION DATES: February 19 12:15p-2:15p; February 20 4:00p-5:30p; February 26 10:00a-12:00p
Callbacks February 27 as needed
SHOW DATES: June 10-12, 16-19, 2011

Cinderella is a time-honored fairy tale set to music by Rodgers and Hammerstein. There are different versions of this musical.  To begin with, we have selected the original Julie Andrews version first preformed on television in 1957. There is a CD and a DVD available. If it can be arranged, we may add songs from the other versions.

Our cast will consist of 20 to 30 actors of various ages.  We will cast a group of children. Children must be at least eight years old at the time of auditions. Members of the Cinderella directing staff will attend the children's auditions for Music Man on February 18 and will select children from those auditions. 


Cinderella: 180 lines; 8 songs or parts of songs, mezzo (low C)

The Prince: 100 lines; 2 songs, tenor/high baritone

Stepmother: 85 lines; part of one song, mezzo

Portia (Stepsister): 60 lines, part of 2 songs, mezzo

Joy (Stepsister): 50 lines, part of 2 songs, mezzo

Godmother: 70 lines, part of 3 songs, alto

The King: 55 lines, part of 2 songs, baritone

The Queen: 55 lines, part of 2 songs, mezzo

The Herald: 22 lines, part of 2 songs, tenor

The Steward: 15 lines, part of 2 songs, baritone

The Chef: 6 lines, part of two songs, baritone

The Chorus:Various lines, songs and waltzes.


The Drowsy Chaperone Auditions - February 19-20, 26-27 2011
 drowsy chaperone logo
 Directing Staff
Director/Set Designer: Bob Williams
Assistant Director: Deb Shippy

Music Director: Bob Manasco
Assistant Music Director: Randin Turner
Choreographer: Emma Williams
  Lighting Designer: Steve Parmley
Producer: Dave Blakey

AUDITION DATES: February 19 10:00a-12:00p; February 20 2:15p-3:45p; February 26 12:15p-2:15p
February 27 Call backs as needed
SHOW DATES: July 8-10, 14-17, 2011

If you've ever sat in a dark theater and thought "Dear Lord in Heaven, please let this show be good'"  THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is the show for you.


Described as a rare combination of unprecedented originality and creativity, THE DROWSY CHAPERONE boldly addresses a desire in all our hearts; to be entertained. The show pays tribute to the Jazz-age Broadway musicals of the 1920's and the power those shows held to transport us into a dazzling fantasy and to lift our spirits in times of sadness.


THE DROWSY CHAPERONE  begins when a die hard theater fan (Man in Chair) plays his favorite cast album on a turntable and the musical literally burst to life in his apartment, telling the rambunctious tale of a brazen Broadway starlet trying to find, and keep, her true love. The tongue planted firmly in cheek and asides to the audience, we are off on a breathless ride filled with humor, music and, yes, even a message or two.



THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is truly an ensemble show, with all primary characters sharing time on stage. Each role has featured scenes in addition to vocal solos, duets and large ensemble production numbers. With the exception of leading man "Man In Chair" all characters are identified as real life actors taking on roles in the musical within a comedy. Caricatures, stereotypes and over-the-top acting is welcome and encouraged.


MAN IN CHAIR - Musical theater aficionado and the narrator of the story. The nameless "man in chair" is a high profile role that seldom leaves the stage while telling not only the plot of our musical, but much of his life story at the same time. He has long  monologues and interacts about and around, but seldom with the other performers on stage.


ROBERT MARTIN - The dashing, ever-cheerful groom, played by matinee idol Percy Hyman. Robert does have a tap dance duet in the first act and does a duet while blindfolded and wearing roller skates! Tenor ( C3-Db5)


JANET VAN DE GRAAF - The famous bride, played by rising movie starlet Jane Roberts. Janet is a triple threat. She sings, dances and flirts! In "Show Off" Janet juggles, does flips, twirls plates and is even a ventriloquist. Any special talents? Bring them along! Alto (G3 - Eb)


ALDOLFO - Stereotypic European self proclaimed "ladies man" played by silent screen star Roman Bartelli. An over-the-top ham in the truest sense. Bass-Baritone with a great falsetto (A#4 - G2)


FELDZIEG - Blustering Broadway producer, played by husband of Vaudeville song and wife duo Jack and Sadie Adler. Baritone (Db3 - Gb4)


KITTY - Feldzieg's dim-witted companion, played by real life wife Sadie Adler. A George Burns/Gracie Allen character, if Gracie were truly clueless. Soprano ( Bb3 - F5)


GEORGE - Robert's anxious best man and former vaudeville song and dance man. George has a major, but not mandatory, tap solo in the first act, so if you have tap skills or desire, bring them to auditions! Tenor (f3 - Bb4)


MRS. TOTTENDALE - The air-headed socialite host of the wedding, played by Vaudeville has been Ukulele Lil. yes, ukulele playing will be taught!  Alto (G3 - Db5)


UNDERLING - Mrs. Tottendale's savvy butler. Beware, Underling & Mrs. Tottendale have a long running spit/take scene in the show ( yes - spit/take!) Tenor (Ab2 - G4)


GANGSTERS - Posing as pastry chefs, hitmen intending to collect from Feldzieg are played by the vaudeville comic due of The Long Brothers. Tenors ( Db3 - Bb4)


TRIX - The brave and brash aviatrix. Trix is an unusual role, appearing in only the first scene and the last 2 scenes of the show, so if you are looking for a featured role with great solos and minimal rehearsal time, this part is for you! Alto (Ab3 - Eb5)


THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - Janet's alcoholic confidante, played by well-established but somewhat over the top stage actress Beatrice Stockwell. Alto ( F3  D5)


ENSEMBLE - reporters, aviators, butlers and maids, wedding guests, etc. We will be casting between 6 and 12 ensemble members that can sing, dance and are willing to be creative and actively involved in many scenes, songs and production numbers. 




THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is filled with character songs ("Cold Feets,"  "I Am Adolpho"), production numbers ("As We Stumble Along," " Toledo Surprise") and comic tunes ("Love is Always Lovely in the End," "Fancy Dress). Light and bubbly is the word, and light and bubbly would be a great choice for an audition song. Feel free to prepare up to 32 bars of a tune that shows off your best singing ability. Songs from the show are welcome. Feel free to "Show Off!"


Dance is also a primary part of the show, with all cast members involved in the production numbers ("I Do I Do In The Sky," "Toledo Surprise," etc.) so dress comfortably and be prepared to move. Robert Martin and George have a tap dance number that is not required but would certainly be fun. If you can tap, or are willing to learn, we will be happy to work with you at auditions. "Show Off" is also a tour de force for Janet, so feel free to amaze us with your special talent; gymnastics, juggling, musical talents, etc. Please dress comfortably and come early enough to give yourself time to learn some basic dance steps.


Minimum age for auditions is 16 years old. The major character roles are all adults with no specific age required. Rehearsals will be held from 6:30 - 9:00 Monday thru Friday and will begin late May.


Any questions? Please feel free to contact Director Bob Williams at 309-787-1692 or by email at robt.williams@hotmail.com. The directing staff looks forward to seeing you at auditions and bringing THE DROWSY CHAPERONE to life on the Music Guild stage in July.

The Music Man Auditions - February 18-21, 26-27 2011
music man logo Directing Staff
Director/Set Designer: Harold Truitt
Costume Design: Peggy Freeman
Light Design: Steve Parmley
Sound Design: Darin Truner
Producer: Tom Swegle


February 19 2:30p-4:30p; February 20 12:30p-2:00p; February 26 2:30p-4:30p

February 27 Callbacks as needed.

 SHOW DATES: August 5-7, 11-14, 2011 


Once again the ultimate American musical will grace the MUSIC GUILD auditorium. The ever popular MUSIC MAN will be marching on to the stage August 5,6,7 and 11,12,13,and 14th. With all of the beloved iconic characters that are so familiar, this musical is loaded with the great music and lyrics of Meredith Wilson. The show characterizes the midwest town of the "River City" with a variety of roles including a Barbershop Quartet, a boy's band, a mayor, his memorable wife and her flock of town's ladies, the incomparable Harold Hill, Marion the librarian, Mrs. Paroo, Winthrop, and Harold's sidekick, Marcellus to name a few. This is the musical that offers many great roles for ALL ages (though children must be at least 8 years old at the time of auditions). I encourage all to audition for MUSIC MAN!!!
We ask that you come prepared to sing about 16 bars of a Broadway musical that compliments your voice and range. It could be from MUSIC MAN if desired. NO recorded music or acapella singing will be allowed. We need to hear your voice with accompaniment on piano. Please bring a copy of your sheet music for the accompanist. There will be a segment of dance to show us your movement abilities. The show needs some younger dancers in the teenage/college range for the active "Shapoopi" number as well as others and EVERYONE will do some marching routines. Dress comfortably and bring dance shoes if desired...NO flip flops or sandals please. Readings will be done on an as needed basis.

Some characters to consider:
HAROLD HILL (leading man)- baritone/tenor, energetic, fast talking, with strong stage voice and compelling presence.
MARION PAROO (leading lady) - soprano with STRONG stage voice and range. Carries herself well to compliment turn of the century costumes.
MRS. PAROO - Irish accent. A strong character with a mother's encouragement and softness but not afraid to give advice.
WINTHROP - young boy with strong stage voice, energetic and lisps; Two solo segments
AMARYLLIS - young girl and friend to the Paroos. Takes piano lessons and has duet with Marion
MAYOR SHINN - strong willed stage character that dominates the moment or so he thinks.
MRS. SHINN - Matriarch of the town whose strong will is apparent wherever she may be
MARCELLUS - Sidekick and great character role to Harold Hill
ZANEETA - Mayor Shinn's daughter, protected by him...she's a bit rebellious as all teenagers can be, even in 1912.
TOMMY DJILLUS - Zaneeta's love interest of sort
TOWN BOARD MEMBERS - (Barber Shop Quartet) We would like to audition actual quartets together rather that create one.
PICK A LITTLE LADIES - Mrs. Shinn's followers. Typical town's ladies that gossip and whisper and are pillars of the
BOY'S BAND - young boys that will be town's children throughout but end up in uniform with instruments.
MUSIC MAN was intended by Meredith Wilson to be a Valentine image of a midwest community and it's people. While there are comedy lines and moments within, we will attempt to keep its characters warm and believable but still fun, enjoyable, and colorful. This will prove to be a fast pace and active musical displaying the red, white, and blue attitude of the midwest. Come and audition and have fun...
Questions about Overtones or need to update your email address?  Please contact Jen Sondgeroth at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  Just put 'Overtones' in the subject line.