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Issue No 265 November 2009
 A Message from Our President....

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in the Quad City Music Guild annual meeting on October 27. Two new board members were elected: Nathan Bates, a familiar face onstage, backstage and on a directing staff, and Cherie Lyman, who was elected to a three-year term after serving a year on appointment. Cherie's
been all over Guild as a props chair, concessions co-chair and in a number of other capacities. Please join me in welcoming Nate and Cherie. Re-elected to the board were Craig Woodard and Jamie Bauschka.
Many thanks go to retiring board members Val Pieper, our secretary, and Joe Urbaitis, both of whom have been hard-working Guild volunteers in a variety of roles on- and off-stage. Also during the meeting, Jen Sondgeroth was elected secretary, and Craig Woodard was re-elected treasurer. Thanks to both for your willingness to commit even more hours to the Guild.

Under bylaws adopted at the 2008 annual meeting, I will continue to serve as president, and Bob Williams will serve as vice president for the year ahead. Bob is slated to become president in January 2011.

This is a good time to remind and encourage you to become eligible to vote at our annual meeting each year. It's easy. You can either:
--Participate as an cast, crew, or orchestra member of a show, then fill out and submit a "voting member form," which is available at the box office and elsewhere in the theater;
--Volunteer for five hours in any capacity at Guild, fill out and submit the voting member form; or
--Donate to the Member/Patron program, which automatically registers you to vote during the Guild annual meeting.

Qualify via any of the above methods, and you should receive a voting member mailing about two weeks before the annual meeting, held on the fourth Tuesday of October. You can vote in person or by submitting the proxy
you'll receive. And if you think you'd like to run for the board at some point, I urge you to get active in a variety of Guild operations NOW. The more you're involved, the more people you know.
Thanks for being part of the Music Guild family, at whatever level you choose to participate. 
Sincerely,  Jerry Taylor
 Kick Off the Holiday Season with QCMG!
 Babes in Toyland - December 3-6, 2009 
babes in toyland 

Directing Staff
Director: John Donald O'Shea
Assistant Director: Dave Bailey
Music Director: Dianna McKune
Asst Music Director: Randi Turner
Choreographer: Martha Taylor
Costume Designer: Deb Holmes
Props Chair: Pami Treibel
Set Designer: Mark Holmes
Lighting Design: Kevin Pierce
Sound Design: Darin Tuner
Producer: Mike Millar
This adaptation of the classic 1903 holiday musical by Glen MacDonough will charm audiences of all ages with its music by Victor Herbert and its 14 fabulous songs including "Toyland" and "March of the Toys."
Call 309-762-6610 to reserve your tickets today!
 Fall Clean Up Day
The annual fall clean up day will be Saturday, November 14 at 9:00 am at Guild.  Please consider coming to help clean up the theater ahead of our holiday production of Babes in Toyland.  Any time you can give would be appreciated!
2010 Season Tickets Available
We are now accepting Season Ticket orders for our 2010 season.  You can call our box office at 309-762-6610 to place your order.  You can also contact us via email at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  Current season ticket holders should submit their orders by January 31, 2010 to request the same seats.
congratulations Election Results
The following individuals were elected to the QCMG Board of Directors at our annual meeting in October:
Nathan Bates
Jamie Bauschka
Cherie Lyman
Craig Woodard
A warm thank you to all of our qualified nominees for your willingness to serve  QCMG!
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Overtones Information
Questions about Overtones or need to change your contact information? 
Please contact
  Jen Sondgeroth at  boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com
Just put 'Overtones' in the subject line. 
Pajama Game Audition Information
All Shook Up 1 Directing Staff
Director/Set Designer: Kevin Pieper 762-6667/796-7546; kpieper@dhcu.org
Assistant Director: Jen Sondgeroth
Music Director: Heather Pieper
Asst Music Director: Randin Turner
Choreographer: Jayne Ploehn
Props: Cherie Lyman 
Costume Designer: Deb Holmes
Sound Designer: Mark McGinn
Make Up:  JoAnn Parmley 
Producer: Mike Millar

AUDITION DATES: January 15th 6-8pm; January 16th 1-4pm; January 17th callbacks as needed
SHOW DATES: March 25-28, 2010 
Rehearsals will begin on or about February 8th.

    The minimum age to audition for this production is 16 years old at time of auditions
    There will be a cast of approximately 25
    Female Dancers:  Please wear appropriate dance attire and dance shoes to audition.  (There is no tap in this show.)
    Bring complete sheet music (or vocal selections, etc.) that has piano accompaniment included  (No tapes or CD's) You will be asked to sing approximately 16-24 measures of your song,  Songs from the show are welcome.
    Please select your music with the knowledge the accompanist will be sight reading your piece.  Avoid overly-complicated selections.
    Relax....we will be very happy to see you!


Adults will be cast in all principal roles for this production, however, I prefer not to list specific ages for key roles.  How individuals look opposite one another and portray their characterizations will be the main focus.

Sid Sorokin - The Sleep Tite Pajama Company supervisor.  He's the new man at the factory and serious about making his career a success.  He is opposite Babe Williams. Sid has good comedic timing, is able to dance well with solos/duets including Hey There, Once-a-Year Day, Small Talk and There Once was a Man.  Voice range: High baritone/Tenor to G flat Below Middle C.
Babe Williams  -  A plant worker and Grievance Committee Chair.  Babe is a strong-willed, confident woman not afraid to be assertive in a 'man's world'.  Playing opposite of Sid, Babe also has good comedic timing, needs to be able to move well and has solos/duets including I'm Not at All in Love, Once-a-Year Day, Small Talk, Hey There, and There Once Was a Man. Voice range:  Alto/Mezzo Soprano; B flat below Middle C to F above Treble C.

Vernon Hines -  the plant's 'time-manager.'  He plays opposite Gladys and must have good comedic ability.  Hines has a funny solo/duet (I'll Never Be Jealous Again) with Mabel. He has a great deal of dialogue and is featured in several scenes.  Voice range: Baritone to F Below Middle C.

Gladys - the plant President's executive secretary.  Gladys has strong comedic skills and must be able to dance.  She is featured in the songs Her Is, Steam Heat, and Hernando's  Hide-Away. (Ole'!)  She plays opposite Vernon Hines.  Voice range: Alto/Mezzo Soprano; B flat below Middle C to Treble C

Prez  - the local Union President.  A bit of a nerd, he still lives with 'mom,' although he thinks he has a way with the ladies.  Prez has good comedic skills and needs to be able to move well.  He plays opposite Mae for the most part, and has a scene with Gladys.  He has solos/duets in Her Is and Seven-and-a-Half Cents.   Voice range: Baritone to F Below Middle C. 
Mae - a plant worker who is looking for Mr. Right...and finds Prez instead!  Mae is also a little nerdy on the outside, but inside burns the soul of a featured dancer!  Mae has strong comedic skills and needs to be an accomplished dancer. Songs include Her Is and Steam Heat.   Voice Range: Alto/Mezzo Soprano; A flat below Middle C to Treble C.

Mabel - Sid Sorokin's secretary.  Mabel  also has good comedic skills and preferably is able to move well on stage.  She has the very funny duet I'll Never be Jealous Again with Vernon Hines.   Vocal range: Alto/Mezzo Soprano; B flat below Middle C to F above Middle C.

Mr. Hasler - the Sleep Tite President.  A hard-nosed, self-centered executive who is fighting the workers request for a 7-1/2 cent raise.  Hasler requires comedic timing.  This is a non-singing, non-dancing role.

Pops - Babe's warm-hearted, loveable, and somewhat odd father.   Pops has no solo songs, but we have included him in the company picnic scenes and also has two scenes he shares with Babe and Sid.  Voice Range - tenor, baritone or bass

We will cast a balanced SATB ensemble of approximately 8 men and 8 women.  There are MANY roles that will be filled from the Ensemble, some with a significant number of lines. We will be looking for those that can dance well for Hernando's Hide-away, although all Ensemble members will need to be able to move well on stage.

The Ensemble will be in several production numbers including:, Racing With the Clock, I'm Not at all in Love, Once-a-year Day, Slow Down, Hernando's Hide-Away, Seven-and-a-Half Cents, and The Pajama Game Closing.

From the Ensemble we will also select a featured SATB Quartet who will sing a jazzy version of the Sleep Tite factory theme song at the company picnic.
It's That TIme of Year....
Every fall, QCMG updates it's volunteer database so that we can keep you informed about opportunities to help out at Guild.  If you are interested in helping with any of the following committees, please contact us at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  We'll put you in touch with the right person.  Thanks in advance for your interest! 
QCMG Committees
Birdies for Charity
Box Office
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