All Shook Up 1
Overtones Issue No 263
August 2009 
A Message from Our President....
     Thanks to all who've contributed so much to the success of Quad City Music Guild's 61st season. The season doesn't end until we've staged Babes in Toyland in December. So there's still time to join the ranks of the 400-plus volunteers who contributed generous amounts of their time and talent to stage the region's best live musical theater. 
     Elsewhere in this newsletter you'll find information on auditions for "Babes," a classic melodrama featuring Victor Herbert's music. Director John Donald O'Shea has put together a new book and libretto. It promises to be a fun experience for cast and audience alike. Mike Millar, who you saw in All Shook Up and in Producers this season, will be producing "Babes." Mike and Don still are looking to fill a couple of staff tech positions in addition to casting the show. And this newsletter marks our official call for applicants to produce and direct our 62nd season in 2010.You'll find details on how to apply by email or snail mail.
     If you'd like to be a book or music director (or assistant), or a choreographer or set designer, or to provide other expertise each show requires, I hope you'll consider applying. Make sure your application indicates your relevant training and experience. We'll acknowledge receipt of your application and let you know the next steps. You don't need to be part of a group wanting to do a show. "Singles" are welcome. We try to assemble the best possible staff for each show. We're also looking for individuals interested in serving as producer for our summer 2010 season shows.
Thanks for your interest in Quad City Music Guild. 
Jerry Taylor
Now Accepting Staff Applications for our 2010 Season

 Directing staff applications for our Spring and Summer 2010 Productions are due by September 15, 2009.  You can download an application form here. Completed applications can be submitted to Jerry Taylor c/o QCMG, PO Box 307, Moline, IL 61266-0307. Jerry can also be contacted at  You will be notified when your application is received and informed of the next step in the process.  Thanks in advance for your interest!
Volunteers Needed for Babes in Toyland
We are still in need of designers for costumes, sets, lights, and sound for our December production, Babes in Toyland.  Interested parties should contact the show's producer, Mike Millar, at or via snail mail c/o QCMG, PO Box 307, Moline IL 61266-0307.  Staff applications can be downloaded here.
2009 SAM Award Winners Announced

Earlier this month at the QCMG brunch, the SAM Award was giving to Cathie Anderson, Tom Vaccaro, and Sheri Hess in recognition of their many years of dedication to Music Guild.  Thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do.  Congratulations!
QCMG Alumni Gathering Scheduled

 The QCMG Alumni will meet for lunch on Wednesday, October 14 at noon at the Windmill in East Moline - across from United Township High School on Avenue of the Cities.  Please call Cathie Anderson at 309-762-3259 if planning to attend.  Everyone is welcome!

to the staffs, casts, crews, and all of the volunteers who made our three summer productions a success!  Our summer attendance for this year was 9560.
2009 Training Grant Recipients
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2009 Music Guild Training Grants.   They are:
Susie Adams
Nathan Bates
Abby Donohoe
Mark Holmes
Olivia Lyman
Elyse MacDonald
Jodi McGinn
Hillary Pieper
Heather Roman
Michelle Steen
Bryan Tank
Randi Turner
Amber Vick
Rachel Vickers
Danny White
And a very special thank you to the Florence family, who donated the funds for our training grants in memory of Don Florence, a long time 'Guilder' and supporter of education and the performing arts in our community.

Babes in Toyland Audition Information

We hope to see you at auditions for our next production, Babes in Toyland.  Read on for important information!  
babes in toyland
Directing Staff
John Donald O'Shea
Assistant Director: Dave Bailey
Music Director: Dianna McKune
Assistant Music Director: Randi Turner
Choreographer: Martha Taylor
Producer: Mike Millar
Audition Dates
Friday, September 18, 2009 - 6-9 pm
Saturday, September 19, 2009 - 1-4 pm
Sunday, September 20, 2009 -- 2 pm Call backs (as needed)
Performance Dates
December 3-6, 2009
This adaptation of the classic 1903 holiday musical by Glen MacDonough will charm audiences of all ages with its music by Victor Herbert and its 14 fabulous songs including "Toyland" and "March of the Toys." In order to steal their fortune, villainous lawyer Barnaby Blatherskite drugs Jane and Barney, rolls them up in rugs, and has his bumbling henchmen, Stanley and Oliver, deliver them to the Forest Queen for "disposal." But Oliver and Stanley decide to double-cross Barnaby, keep the Forest Queen's $1,000 "disposal" fee for themselves, and dump their human cargo in the Forbidden Forest of No Return. When Jane and Barney awaken in the Forbidden Forest, they encounter the Forest Queen, who has been captured in the evil Spider Captain's web. Jane and Barney manage to free the Queen before the Spider Captain can eat her. Meanwhile, Barnaby Blatherskite visits Mary Contrary and informs her that Barney is dead and offers his hand in marriage. Frightened, Mary and her brother, Tom, flee to the Forbidden Forest, where they are captured by the Forest Queen's tree soldiers. Out of gratitude for freeing her from the spider web, the Forest Queen arranges for Barney, Jane, Tom, and Mary to be escorted to Toyland. However, Barnaby Blatherskite and his henchman arrive at Santa's workshop in Toyland and disguise themselves as toy bag inspectors in order to kidnap Mary. But before the villains can make their escape on Santa's sleigh, they have to battle a troop of Toy Soldiers.
Audition Information: Sing something that shows off the quality and range of your voice. While this is a traditional melodrama, it is also an operetta. Songs from "Babes in Toyland" or any other traditional musical are preferred. 3. Anybody who wishes to read the libretto in advance of auditions can down load the first 2/3rds of
the libretto w/o charge at:
The following characters have solos; their vocal ranges are as follows:
A Keeper of Sheep - mid G to high A, Soprano
Barnaby: A Melodramatic Villain -D to G,Tenor or High Baritone
Oliver: Barnaby's Henchman -D to G,Tenor or High Baritone
Stanley: Barnaby's Henchman -D to G,Tenor or High Baritone
Gladys:Barnaby's Proud Carping Mother - E to F,Mezzo or Soprano
Widow: Mary's Hen-pecking Mother -D to F,Mezzo or Soprano
Mary:Ingénue Heroine -Low B to High G,Soprano or Mezzo
Jane:Ingénue Heroine -C to E,Mezzo
Tom:Young Hero- Low B to High G, Tenor
Barney: Young Hero-C to E,Baritone
Tree Soloist: A Forest Tree with Fine Voice -E to F,High Baritone or Mezzo
2nd Tree Solo:A Second Forest Tree with Fine Voice - E to F,High Baritone or Mezzo
First Lieutenant: Aide to Queen of the Forest -Low A to E,Baritone or Mezzo or Alto
The Lord High Mayor: Mayor of Toyland -C to E,Baritone or Mezzo or Alto
Toymaker:Santa's Right Hand Man  -C to E,Baritone or Mezzo or Alto
In addition, up to 10 children may be cast. Children should be in third grade or older at the time of auditions. They will appear in Act I, Scene I as "town's people," and in Act II as "trees or bushes." Depending on other factors, they may also appear in Act III as "Toy Soldiers or citizen's of Toyland." In the scenes in which they appear, they will sing and possibly dance as part of the ensemble. There are no speaking lines or solo singing lines promised or guaranteed. 
Other Important Dates:
Sunday, October 11, 2009 -  2 p. m. FIRST "BABES" CAST MEETING/POTLUCK
Monday, October 19, 2009 -  6:30 until 9:30 p. m. FIRST 'BABES" REHEARSAL

   Voting Member Information
The eligibility requirements to be a QCMG voting member have changed.  You are now eligible to be a voting member if you do one of the following during the season:
  • partcipate in our Member/Patron Program
  • participate in one of our 2009 productions
  • complete five hours of other volunteer work such as helping in the concession stand, as a bus greeter, or helping with clean up day.
To receive voting member information ahead of the Annual Meeting, you must let us know that you qualify by filling out a registration form, available in the box office.  Voting member notifications will only be sent to those individuals who have completed the form. Forms must be received by September 22, 2009. Remember, you must be at least 16 years old to be a voting member.   

We are now accepting Season Ticket Orders for our 2010 Season.  You can call our box office at 309-762-6610 to place your order. You can also contact us via email at Current season ticket holders should submit their orders by January 31, 2010 in order to request the same seats.
Questions about Overtones?  Need to change your contact information?  Please email Jen Sondgeroth at  Just put "Overtones" in the subject line of your email.