Issue No. 261 March  2009 
A Note from Our President.....        

 Thanks to one and all who participated in Quad City Music Guild's audition weekends. We had a great turnout of highly talented performers.
Sadly, not everyone who auditioned could be cast.
But everyone who auditioned may stay involved with Music Guild during the 2009 season. It takes roughly four times as many volunteers for back-stage and behind-the-scene jobs as it takes to fill those prized on-stage roles. Please consider donating some of your time to work with a great bunch of people.
If you have a couple of hours you'd be willing to donate to paint a set, serve concessions, usher or otherwise help us stage our season, take a moment to call the box office at 762-6610, or email us at info@qcmusicguild.com and give us your contact information. We'll do the rest.
You'll be glad you did.

P.S. Special thanks to Joe Urbaitis and Jane Schmidt, and all the other volunteers who helped make our February auditions run so smoothly.
Jerry Taylor
Quad City Music Guild
Volunteers Needed!
The search is on for willing volunteers to work concessions, greet buses, man the parking lot, and provide all of the other off-stage support needed to make our shows a success.  If you are willing to help, please contact our Volunteer Recruitment Co-Chairs, Jamie Bauschka (jamiebauschka@hotmail.com) or Jen Sondgeroth (jenking27@hotmail.com).  They will be happy to help you!

Also, staff member positions are still available for our December 2009 show, Babes in Toyland.  Please contact our President, Jerry Taylor at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com if interested.


The Cast.....
Max Bialystock         Bruce Carmen
Leo Bloom                Nathan Bates
Roger DeBris            Mark McGinn
Franz Liebkind          J Adam Lounsberry
Carmen Ghia            Mike Millar
Ulla                          Erika Thomas
Hold Me-Touch Me    Valeree Pieper
Lick Me-Bite Me        Sheri Hess
Kiss Me-Feel Me       Heidi Pederson
Storm Trooper           Todd Weber
Bryan                       Harold Truitt
Kevin                        Joe Urbaitis
Scott                        Tom Vaccaro
Shirley Markowitz      Erin Lounsberry
Mr. Marks                 Mark Holmes
Usherettes                Tami Parchert, Christine Goodall
Jason                       Adam Beck
Jack                         Greg Golz
Donald                      Eric Reyes
Gina Gilliland, Tami Parchert, Valeree Pieper,
Emma Williams, Shana Lavino, Michelle Steen
Susie Adams, Jamie Bauschka, Adam Beck,
Kim Boomer, Wendy Czekalski, Mary Decker,
Gina Gilliland, Greg Golz, Christine Goodall, Ben Graham, Sheri Hess, Mark Holmes, Tami Parchert, Cindy Ramos-Parmley, Heidi Pederson, Valeree Pieper, Eric Reyes, Sara Shaw, Steve Touvelle, Harold Truitt, Randin Turner, Joe Urbaitis, Tom Vaccaro, Todd Weber, Emma Williams, Shana Lavino, Michelle Steen 
2009 Season

The Producers

March / April
27-28-29   2-3-4-5, 2009
Thur-Fri-Sat @ 7:30pm     Sunday @ 2:00pm
12-13-14 18-19-20-21
10-11-12 16-17-18-19

7-8-9 13-14-15-16
Babes in Toyland
December 2009
It's not too late to order your season tickets for 2009!  Please call our box office at 309-762-6610, or you can print a ticket order form from our website: www.qcmusicguild.com  
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2009 Summer Shows Have Been Cast!

                        The King And I                        
The Production Staff
Director - Bill Marsoun                              
Music Director - Erika Thomas
- Beth Marsoun                  
Asst. Music Director -
Deb Swift      
Costumer -
Michelle Heaton                      
Props Chair -
Corinne Brown
Lighting Design - Steve Parmley                
Make up -
JoAnn Parmley
Assistant Directors -  Tom Morrow, Nathan Sondgeroth, Kit Zelnio

The Cast
 Anna -Jennifer Sondgeroth                          The King - Harold Truitt 
 Lady Thiang - Mary Decker                       Tuptim - Stephanie Moeller
 Lun Tha - Nick Munson                             Krahlahome - James Driscoll
 Orton/Ramsey -Steve Flanigan                    Chululongkorn - Jordan Lipes
 Louis - Christian Frieden                             Interpreter - Tyler Finley
 Eliza - Dianna McKune                              Eva - Sophia Porter
Topsi - Stephanie Perry                               Uncle Tom - Juliet Hunt
Simon - Susie Carsell-Schaecter                  Angel - Reilly O'Tool
Autumn Loose, Janell Just, Jessica Myers

Royal Wives
Anastasiya Bauswell,Colleen Callahan, Elizabeth Cook,
Dianna McKune, Sophia Porter, Susan Zelnio

Ian Heaton, Jonah Maynard, Thomas Weigandt

Royal Children
Kyle Barnes, Tyler Barnes, Griffin Bunn, Alyssa Castro, Emma Evans-Peck, Katherine Florence, Teel Haley, Andrew Hall, Sydney Heller, Bryce Herrick, Keanna Hilligoss-McKune, PJ Hilligoss-McKune,  Noel Huntley, Joseph Jagusah, Maryrose Jagusah, Mackenzie Larsen, Joseph Lillian, Jenna Martel, Cassandra McKee, Eliza Moore, Katie Moore, Laurel Neal, Mariah Neal, Madison Isabella Perry, Elysia Rohr, Micah Santamour-Barnas, Rebecca Schaecter, Ally Zahringer, Betsy Zahringer


All Shook Up

Director - Bob Williams              
Asst Book Director - Jodi McGinn
Music Director - Dave Blakey    
Asst Music Director - Danny White
Choreographer - Kathy Lafrenz 
Costumer - Sue Woodard

Props Chief - Laurel Williams       
Lighting Design - Steve Parmley
CHAD - Bryan Tank                              NATALIE HALLER - Melissa Anderson - Clark
JIM HALLER - Mike Millar                       SYLVIA - Jackie Madunic

DENNIS - J. Adam Lounsberry               SANDRA - Shana Lavino

LORRAINE - Cara Chumbley                DEAN HYDE - Andy Gibb Clark

SHERIFF EARL - Todd Weber                  MAYOR MATILDA HYDE - Heidi Pedersen

Susie Adams, David Bailey, Joel Collins, Kendis Curtis, Don Faust, Alex Felt, Chandler Ford, Christine Goodall, Lisa Groves, Daniel Hass, Gary Koos, Kailan Lafrenz, Elyse MacDonald, Margie Martel, Gregg O'Neill, Ryne Parker, Dale Shake, Michelle Steen, Carli Talbott, Pami Triebel, Tom Vaccaro, Allison VanDeventer, Amber Vick, Rachel Vickers, Emma Williams



The Production Staff

Director - Andy Davis                         
Assistant Director - Nathan Bates

Music Director - Josh Hahn                
Choreographer - Ann Morman
Asst. Music Director - Randi Turner 
Lighting Design - Steve Parmley
Set Design - Greg Bouljon                   
Costumes - Mary Bouljon
Props Chair - Cherie Lyman                 
Mentor - Val Pieper

The Cast

Horton - John Weigandt                       Jo Jo - Emily Baker
Cat In The Hat - Eric Reyes                 Gertrude - Jenny Winn
Mayzie - Andrea Kapusinski                  General G.K.S. - Mike Schmidt
Sour Kangaroo - Heather Roman           Mayor - Kevin Pieper

Mrs Mayor - Katie Casey                       Grinch - Mark Holmes
Judge - Jim Sederquist

Bird Girls
Abbey Donohoe, Andrea Millea, Hillary Pieper,
Kelly Thompson-Reyes, Sarah Walker

Ian Heaton, Jens Hurty, Tommy Ratkiewicz


Gray Bawden, Macallister Blakely, Chelsea Crumbleholme, Sydney Crumbleholme, Zachary Finn, Tarah Fisher, Greg Golz, Jan Golz, Hannah Gustafson, Ken Hill, Ashley Lewis, Erin Lounsberry, Olivia Lyman, Ryan Mosher-Ohr, Catie Osborn, Zoe Robinson, Liv Ryan, Jeremy Stump, Kailea Surratt, Lauren VanSpeybroek, Makayla Wiese


Questions about Overtones?  Please contact Jen Sondgeroth at jenking27@hotmail.com.  Or, you can email QCMG at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  Just put Overtones in the subject line of your email.  We look forward to hearing from you!