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August 2012
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August is time for fun and fall planning. In this edition of Health e-News, read about how to make the most of your remaining summer, and why you might see us on the football field this fall.

For employees and employers, don't miss our article on the benefits of robotic surgery - available for a variety of procedures at St. Elizabeth Hospital.


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All of us at Affinity Occupational Health wish you a healthy and memorable August!

Holly Tomlin

Lead Employer Health & Wellness Consultant

Affinity Occupational Health

SurgeonReap the Benefits of Robotic Surgery

For patients facing surgery, it's natural to feel anxious, especially if you're concerned about time away from work. Affinity can help. We offer an advanced surgical option that may reduce healing time and speed a patient's return to normal activities. Da Vinci robotic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure now available for gynecologic surgery (hysterectomy), urological surgery, throat surgery and general surgery.

Faster recovery
Compared to traditional procedures, robotic surgery involves smaller incisions and less wear on the body. "This minimizes post-operative pain and speeds healing and recovery," says Thomas Mahoney, MD, gynecologic surgeon with Affinity Medical Group. "Many people will return to work sooner, use less pain medication and spend less time in the hospital, usually one night or even less." Many of his hysterectomy patients returned to work, at least part-time or with restrictions, at the two-week check.

How does da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery work?
The da Vinci Surgical System is a laparoscopic surgical robot that integrates the latest advancements in robotics and computer-enhanced technology with a surgeon's skills, using 3D images.

Small incisions are used to insert small instruments and a high-definition 3D camera into the body. Seated at the console, the surgeon views a magnified, high-resolution 3D image of the patient's inner body at the surgical site. The da Vinci Surgical System imitates the movement of a surgeon in real-time to maneuver through surgery.

The surgical robot cannot be programmed to perform surgery. Rather, the da Vinci is controlled by the surgeon throughout the entire surgical procedure, offering greater accuracy, flexibility, and comfort.

Is it right for you?
The da Vinci Surgical System can be especially helpful for:
  • patients with a history of previous surgeries or scarring
  • patients who are overweight
  • sleep apnea patients
  • complex surgeries requiring greater precision or 3D visualization.

For more information, visit us online at Or visit our YouTube site to see a special video about one of Affinity's recent robotic hysterectomy patients.

Football TeamAthletic Trainers on the Field

August brings back-to-school planning, which means back to sports! If your sons or daughters are involved in athletics, chances are they're working up close and personal with an Affinity licensed athletic trainer (LAT).

Our LATs work on-site with several high school teams throughout the Fox Valley, protecting the health and well-being of student athletes. We work together with our partner schools to instill in each athlete a foundation that is built on skill, good health, a positive attitude, and a commitment to playing smart and staying safe.

Athletic Training Team
Affinity's sports medicine outreach program consists of thirteen licensed athletic trainers. Each is a licensed health care provider by the state of Wisconsin and is nationally certified by the Board of Certification (BOC). As athletic trainers, they are responsible for the prevention, management, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries.

Gait Analysis Program (GAP)
The Gait Analysis Program was designed for all types of people including current high school/college athletes, competitive or recreational runners, and anybody who is active and places a lot of stress of their feet. The program involves an evaluation of a person's running form and will address biomechanical, flexibility, and strength issues along with talking about proper shoe types. The program is great for alleviating symptoms of current injuries or for preventing future injuries from occurring. For more information, click here.

You can benefit, too!
Affinity's athletic training staff isn't just for students. We can be of service to your Fox Valley business or organization as well. For more information on the services we can provide, including CPR and AED training, contact Kerrie Linsmeyer, Athletic Training coordinator, at or (920) 209-5658.
Summer-HoseMake the Most of August 

Summer is dwindling--can it really be nearly over? Of course not! There's still plenty of summer to enjoy in August. Here's how to make the most of it.

Go on a vacation. Whether it's for a week or a weekend, a quick getaway or relaxing staycation can give you just enough extra play time to reap the benefits of summer.

Plan ahead. If the back-to-school season makes you crazy, start now. Aim to buy school supplies and schedule sports physicals before mid-month. You'll avoid the final rush and any added stress that goes along with it.

Eat fresh produce. Despite the drought, many local gardens are bursting with ripe tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers and zucchini. Harvest your own or buy fresh from the farm market, then can or freeze some batches to enjoy when winter comes.

Go outside. Hotter temps are likely to subside as summer winds down, so take advantage of the chance to enjoy mild outdoor weather before the leaves fall. Go for a walk after dinner while the evening sun still shines, or tackle that project in the yard.

Find time for family. School schedules will crowd out leisure time soon enough. Stretch these final days of summer by planning a few special family activities--a zoo outing, back yard camping, game night or outdoor movie can capture memories to last all year long.
FruitTry This! Workplace Wellness Tip 
Eat More Produce! 


How can you help your employees eat more fruits and veggies? Try these ideas!
  • Hold "Fruity Fridays" and provide free fruit to all staff for the day.
  • Find a local grocery store that will deliver fruit each week and sell it in visible areas (lunch room, break room, front entrance). You can put a collection box next to the fruit and ask employees to pay a quarter on their honor.
  • Offer a "3 a Day" or "5 a Day" challenge. Contact Affinity Wellness and Prevention at (920) 628-1532 for a free turnkey program.
  • Offer fruit and vegetables in cold vending machines and ask your vendor if they would consider reducing cost of the produce and compensate by increasing the cost of other, less healthy items.
  • Partner with The Fruit Guys. They deliver fresh conventionally grown or organic fruit to your office. Visit to learn more.
  • Promote local farm markets. Contact Affinity Wellness and Prevention at (920) 628-1532 for a complete list of local farm markets that you can share with your team members.
  • Start a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with a local farm. Visit to learn more.
KneeWhat's Happening at Affinity?
Bone and Joint Series 

Bone and joint problems are common. If you suffer from knee, foot, ankle or shoulder pain, join us for these free informational seminars presented by Affinity Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine physicians. We can offer hope for what ails you.

ACL Injuries
Thomas Hoeft, DO
August 28, 2012

Foot and Ankle Pain
Richard Hammond, DPM, and David Miller, DPM
September 25, 2012

Shoulder Problems and Management: Instability, Rotator Cuff Injury, and Arthritis
Joseph McCormick III, MD
October 30, 2012

All sessions will be held at 6:30 p.m. at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton. Light refreshments will be served.

These seminars are free, but registration is required. To register, click here.
Cereal with blueberries Breakfast With the Experts
The Health Care Reform Act Has Been Upheld!
What's Next?

Presented by Robert Simandl, Managing Partner
Jackson Lewis, LLC

Wednesday, Sept. 5
7:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Bridgewood Resort and Conference Center
1000 Cameron Way, Neenah

The Supreme Court has spoken. Employers will be required to comply with the Health Care Reform Act. Now the questions are--what do I need to do, and what are my options?

With the passage of time, both compliance options and pitfalls have been exposed. Robert Simandl, the managing partner of the Wisconsin operations of Jackson Lewis, LLC, will discuss the "Musts, Shoulds, and Cans" of legal compliance. Mr. Simandl will also explore the "Watch Outs" you need to protect against in the compliance process. 

As a leader in advising clients nationally on health care reform, Mr. Simandl will also discuss creative solutions being considered by employers and the potential, EEOC, DOL, NLRB, and DWD consequences of compliance.

Please join us for this must-see presentation!

To register for this free seminar, contact Tammy Davis at (920) 628-1532 or
Your Affinity Occupational Health Sales Team 
Holly Tomlin, lead employer health and wellness consultant for Affinity Occupational Health, enjoys building relationships with clients while finding creative solutions for their needs.  Holly's background includes 15 years of experience in the health care field, with a strong background in employee assistance programs and occupational health. 

Tammy Davis, customer account liaison for Affinity Occupational Health, provides immediate response to customer service requests.  She works closely with Holly to coordinate educational programs and provide clients with valuable services information.  Tammy has 15 years of experience in marketing, sales and customer service.

To contact Holly or Tammy, call the Affinity Occupational Health office located in Menasha, at 1-800-541-0351, or e-mail or