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October 2010
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AoA Featured Articles -October 2010
October 7, 2010
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Letter from the Editor

This month's Bonus Echapter is, "Burned to the Ground," written by Jeff Pray, CPCU, RPLU, CIC from Holmes Murphy & Associates.  It's a detail account from an agent's perspective of one of his customer's recovery from a fire that destroyed everything.  Jeff's responsibility as an agent was never more clear than on the morning of that fire.  He hopes that other agents, brokers, consultants and buyers can benefit from this story.


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Table of Contents
Driving to Distraction
By Charles T. Wilson, CMC, CRM, RPLU
By Brown & Brown 

Sell Like a Robber Baron
By Edwin Lamont, CIC, CRM
drivingDriving to Distraction
By Charles T. Wilson, CMC, CRM, RPLU


Driving is dangerous enough by itself - with rush hour traffic all day long, tight schedules and all kinds of cars, trucks and motorcycles trying to change lanes in front of you.  The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that "highway incidents remain the leading cause of occupational death - even in the economic recession." 
When you add cell phones to driving as an added distraction, you have a killer formula.  The NSC again: "Studies show that driving while talking on a cell phone puts drivers at a four-times greater crash risk."  Texting or emailing while driving causes these statistics to skyrocket - up to a 23-times greater collision risk.

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eoE & O Loss Prevention Tip

By Brown & Brown

An Agent had a long-time client whose 26 year old daughter had moved back home due to the economy. The agent added a vehicle to the client's master auto policy and added the client's daughter to the policy as a listed driver. Just over a year later the daughter was involved in a single car accident where the automobile was a total loss. The carrier was unable to address coverage for the claim as the daughter was the registered owner of the car and not the mother. The mother was the named insured on the policy, but was not on the title to the vehicle; therefore she had no insurable interest to the insured vehicle. The client and her daughter made a claim against their agent for E&O. 

Estimated Claim Cost: $25,000



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selllikeSell Like a Robber Baron

By Ed Lamont, CIC, CRM

Standard Oil Company co-founder John D. Rockefeller began his career as a bookkeeper at a Cleveland, Ohio produce house. Made partner at age twenty, he took to the road to "drum up" new business. How Rockefeller prospected was professional, successful, and timeless.

indIndividual's "Private" Social Networking Sites Are Not Exactly Private, New York Court Rules
By Jackson Lewis LLP

In a suit for personal injuries, a New York court has determined that information designated as "private" on a plaintiff's social networking sites may be accessed by the defendants in pre-trial discovery. Rejecting the plaintiff's argument that production of this information would violate her right to privacy, Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Spinner granted the defendants' discovery request and ordered that the plaintiff consent to the defendants' access to information posted on her Facebook and MySpace pages.  Romano v. Steelcase, Inc., __ Misc. 2d. __, 2010 NY Slip Op. 20388 (Sup. Ct., Suffolk County 2010).  This decision provides defense counsel with precedent upon which to argue that information designated as "private" on a plaintiff's social networking site is relevant and subject to discovery. 

theimpactThe Impact of Crawford v. Weather Shield Manufacturing, Inc. On MGA, Producer and Agency Agreements

By Joseph J. De Hope, Jr. 


MGA, Producer and Agency agreements often require one or both parties to indemnify the other.  Sometimes those agreements refer to defense costs and sometimes to defense obligations. This article addresses the statutory duty to defend under California indemnity law, insurance coverage issues arising from that defense obligation, the practical use and effect of indemnity clauses in these agreements and suggestions for addressing the duty to defend.





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attitudesAttitudes: Good & Bad

By Ed Rosa


There are certain attitudes that you can find as you walk up and down the halls near the offices of the C suite. Conversely, there are some attitudes that you'll never see walking the very same halls.  How you carry yourself and the attitude you carry with you has a lot more to do with your level of success than you might think.


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whatdoesWhat Does Your Customer Really Value?

By Mark Hunter


Sell to the customer's value expectations, not to your value propositions.
We've all heard the rule of listening to what the customer has to say, and there's not an agent who thinks they don't listen to the customer.  Reality, however, is quite the opposite.  I find time after time when I'm working with salespeople across any number of industries that the failure to listen is a huge issue.


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Wealth Motivations

By Robert Stuberg


Here's a topic that is near and dear to many of our wallets: creating and maintaining wealth. I'd like to share with you my thoughts on a question I'm often asked about motivations for creating and maintaining wealth.

A famous saying is often truncated as "money is the root of all evil." And it's true that the pursuit of wealth has caused a great deal of personal heartache and public misery ever since the creation of currency . . . and probably even longer ago than that, if you count wealth as anything of physical value, such as territory, food, and goods of all kinds. Even today, the rampant greed of corporations in search of a few bucks causes untold social, political, medical, and environmental damage all over the world. And so, in light of this evidence, I'm occasionally asked, by people who think that money is the root of evil, if amassing personal wealth is somehow a bad and irresponsible thing.


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