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August 2010
Agents of America

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    Letter from the Editor
    This month, Chapter 12 of the AoA's eBook is available for download.  It is entitled:  "Solicitation of Insurance" by Eric Sauter. 
    In addition, this past monthAoA announced its comprehensive "Teach & Reach" program.  The program has been developed to give insurance agents and brokers numerous tools to help grow their businesses.  This program includes:
             Access to Social Media Expertise
             Webinars and Education
             Articles, Tools and Tips 
    Look for this new, comprehensive program to begin in the fall. For more information, please contact cynthia@agentsofamerica.org for more information. 
    Finally, remember to tell your friends and associates that AgentsofAmerica.ORG is now offering FREE MEMBERSHIP, due to the support of our sponsors, advertisers and contributors.  This increases the networking possibilities for everyone involved with AoA. 
    Table of Contents
    BeBe RiskSmart with Social Media
    By Charles T. Wilson, CMC, CRM, RPLU
    Despite all that's been written about social media and the explosive growth of sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many others, most business leaders have a lot to learn.  Less than a quarter of them are connected or have policies or strategies in this area.
    This new phenomenon, according to Tom Wetzel, marketing consultant, "ain't goin' away."  A survey by Deloitte LLP reports 55% of employees visit social networking sites once a week, and 20% admit to doing so during work hours - in all probability this use is much higher than disclosed, and growing.
    Pre-Employment Tests Help you Make a Safe Workplace
    By Michael Mercer, P.H.D.
    Pre-employment tests plus other techniques may help you - and companies you serve - avoid hiring violent, perhaps even murderous, employees. 
    Insurance agencies tremendously help their clients when they help clients avoid hiring danger, violent, unsafe, and murderous employees.  So, when clients expresses concern about possibly risky employees, their insurance agency is a great place for them to turn for advice.
    Read More... ________________________________________________
     Ernest Agent
    TheThe Secret to Delivering World-Class Service
     By Marvin Zalevsky, ClearData International, Inc
    Think back to a bad experience you had with a product or service.  Did you complain to the provider?  If you are like most people, you probably didn't.  Only one out of twenty-five dissatisfied customers will express dissatisfaction.  But, I would be willing to bet that you told several people about your bad experience.  Studies show that on average, dissatisfied customers will tell 12 others.  With the web, this number could be in the thousands.  As a provider of products or services, it's unnerving to think that 91% of dissatisfied customers will never purchase goods or services from us again.  Given the damage caused by a single negative customer experience, it would seem that we should work very diligently to insure that our customers have positive experiences, and most importantly continue their loyalty to our products and services.  How?  Well, the answer is simple, it's just not easy...deliver world class service to every single customer, all the time.  The tough part is in the execution.  That's what we'll discuss in this article.
    InstillingInstilling Pride ~ A Key to Eliciting Excellence
    By Michael Beck
    Eliciting excellence in others is the essence of leadership, and one of the most effective means of eliciting excellence is to instill a sense of pride in those around us.
    Instilling pride has a myriad of benefits - quality of work and workmanship improves, creativity and innovation increases, collaboration is facilitated more easily, and people are willing to "go the extra mile" to do their best. A team or department instilled with a sense of pride will excel simply to prove to others that things can be accomplished that are otherwise thought impossible.
    Read More... 
    AOA Insurance Credit Card Offer 
    StartStart Right Where You Are  
    By Edwin Martinez, PHR
    The time comes for everyone to look at where we are and where we would like to be. However, why is it that for most people the path towards success never reaches to the starting point? Do we forget that the little everything we do has the potential to bring us closer to our goals? It may not always seem as though our efforts are making a difference in certain areas of our lives. However, the manifestation of our desires will eventually appear and solidify our deeds, determination, and commitments. Consistency in the little things can produce habitual actions towards the big goals.
    SeparateSeparate Yourself from the Competition
    By Ed Lamont
    How are you viewed by insurance buyers?  Have you ever been told that all insurance agents are the same?  Are you asked to provide "apples for apples" coverage comparisons to see if you can be the low quote on the table?  Are you invited to bid at renewal to keep the prospect's current agent honest?  Are these three scenarios reflections of your worth as a professional insurance agent?  How can you separate yourself from the competition to be viewed as valuable by insurance buyers? 
    SellingSelling Myth #1 - Price Drives the Sale
    By Bob Ayrer
    There is no deeper-seated myth in selling than the "price is everything" myth.  Now don't get us wrong, price is always a part of any transaction, but it is not the driving force.  Not!  How did that fable get started? Well, it could have been in a number of ways...
    If you're like the majority of sales people you probably slid into sales sideways and started your career with a company that had, at best, a product & price sales orientation program theoretically showing you how to sell their product to their target market.
    This risk management newsletter is produced in conjunction with Agents of America, www.agentsofamerica.com.  The contents of this newsletter do not constitute legal advice, and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of AoA.
    This newsletter is produced in conjunction with Agents of America, www.agentsofamerica.org. The contents of which may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Agents of America.