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May 2010
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    AOA Ebook Chapter Nine
    Letter from the Editor

    This month, Chapter 9 of the AoA's eBook is available for download. It is entitled "CLEANING UP THE CONFUSION RELATED TO POLLUTION COVERAGE," and is written by Thomas K. Hanekamp, Esq. and Devin C. Maddox, Esq. of Tressler LLP.


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    Britton Weimer
    Table of Contents


    HVAC Contractors Exposed

    By John McGovern & Paul Duggan


    By Paul J. Siegel and Ana C. Shields

    Curses! Sued again!

    By Charles T. Wilson, CMC, CRM, RPLU


    By Ed Lamont

    How Social Media Can Help Your Business

    By Cynthia Cavoto and Ilene Moyher

    Get an Attitude

    By Edwin Martinez


    HVAC Contractors Exposed

    By John McGovern & Paul Duggan


    Normally, for insurance purposes, HVAC Contractors are considered traditional contracting risks. Unfortunately, they have turned out to be the focus of growing pollution and mold related claims over the past numerous years.  They are confronted with a specialized challenge in today's insurance market.  Making the issue much worse is the trend of holding these contractors to a higher standard than many other trades. This has the effect of giving them a "professional" liability exposure. HVAC contractors are now being expected to not only install the equipment properly, but to consult on its design and identify potential problems with another's design as well. This added work, while lucrative, has increased the coverage issues for many of these risks. HVAC Contractors are now exposed to at least two areas of concern: contracting services creating environmental problems and growing professional exposures.


    Read More... 


    mclellanWhat should you do if you believe your client is lying to you?

    Kenneth A. McLellan, Esq.


    It's likely that you've been there more than once in your career.  A potential customer --- a prospective insured ---makes an inquiry concerning his needs for life, disability or other kinds of insurance, but something just doesn't seem right, and the alarm bells start to go off.  Your customer won't look you in the eye.  He seems nervous.  Your customer seems overly anxious or overly insistent that you submit the application as soon as possible.  He answers questions in a way that make you think there might be more to the story, using qualifiers such as "not that I can remember right now" or has a suspicious lack of memory with regard to events one should remember such as past surgeries or hospitalizations.   Perhaps the applicant who told you he's never smoked cigarettes has minty-fresh breath, but nicotine-stained fingers.  Or, the person who claims to have a seven-figure net worth is wearing a shabby pair of shoes and an inexpensive wrist-watch.   Perhaps the proposed insured asks questions that are a little too precise for your liking, or seems to know more about the process than the average applicant, making you wonder if he's been through the process before.  Maybe your potential customer is asking detailed questions about the contestability period or using specialized vocabulary only someone in the industry would normally use.  The instincts you've developed over the years in dealing with people raise your suspicions.  So what do you do?

     Ernest Agent


    By Paul J. Siegel and Ana C. Shields


    While legislative health care reform has become the center of great national focus, health care employers have been forced to address a great many developing legal issues, some of which are summarized...


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    wilsonCurses!  Sued again!

    By Charles T. Wilson, CMC, CRM, RPLU


    Employment practices liability (EPL) - we're basically talking about discrimination and harassment - is a curse for smaller organizations.  Employee complaints and lawsuits are widespread; costs are skyrocketing.  Chubb Insurance Group surveys small businesses regularly and recently found 19% expect an EPL lawsuit in the coming year, while 24% have had problems in the last five years.  Littler Mendelson, employer defense attorneys, says it can cost $250,000 to defend such a suit, if you win.  Most firms - more than 60% - have little or no protection.

    AOA Insurance Credit Card Offer 

    rosaTop 5 BIGGEST Mistakes You Could Make On An Interview

    By Ed Rosa


    #5: You Talk Too Much:

    All too often, people talk themselves out of a job in the interview process.  You have to remember, an interview should be a 50% - 50% conversation.  The person sitting across the desk from you should be talking just as much as you are.  The conversation should flow easily.  Answer their question then ask a question.  Remember, you have to interview them too.  They need to feel like you're asking good questions because it shows you put effort in to the interview process.  If you're unemployed now, just tell them why and move onto what you can bring to the organization.  Don't dwell on it.  If you make it out to be a big deal, they'll think it's a big deal.


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    daprileInsurance Hiring Momentum to Pick Up This Year!

    By  Jay D' Aprile


    Are we going to see an uptick in insurance hiring this year? If you believe the unscientific results of my recent poll at my blog it sure looks that way!  According to the Insurance Talent Tracks readers who participated in the poll 75 percent believe that while their insurance company will not significantly increase hiring in 2010 their companies are indeed hiring for a few select positions. However, 17 percent feel that their company will not add to their employment roles and only eight percent feel that there are more layoffs coming down the pike. Unfortunately, no one believes that insurance hiring will improve significantly in the upcoming months.


    Read More... 



    lamontOBJECTION C.P.R.

    By Ed Lamont


    Sales objections are like dust; they're everywhere!  You hear objections when setting appointments with a new prospect.  Once in, buyer's often object when asked to provide underwriting information.  When presenting protection plans, expect objections to price, plan design, and recommendations.






    cavotoHow Social Media Can Help Your Business

    By Cynthia Cavoto and Ilene Moyher


    Now that people regularly connect online in ways not even imagined 10 years ago, effective new tools have emerged for businesses likes yours to reach more customers.  Social media websites including Facebook and Twitter are for much more than sharing personal anecdotes; they are hugely important in attracting customers and bringing in qualified leads. 






    martinezGet an Attitude

    By Edwin Martinez


    When we hear or the read the word "attitude" most people think of having a "bad" attitude or expressing negativity frequently. In a Google search of the word attitude, I found one definition stating "a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways". In this article, I will share why it is still important walk around with an attitude! Not one stemming from a pompous, holier than thou, nor superiority set of beliefs; but an attitude that acknowledges the greatness that is built within every person. One that breaks the barriers and systems that often stands in the way of success and achievement.


    This risk management newsletter is produced in conjunction with Agents of America, www.agentsofamerica.com.  The contents of this newsletter do not constitute legal advice, and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of AoA.

    This newsletter is produced in conjunction with Agents of America, www.agentsofamerica.org. The contents of which may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Agents of America.