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Dear Friends

Many people think "non-profit" implies "free services."  While this may be
true for some nonprofits receiving government or private grants, not all non-profits get grants. For example, at Aikido of San Luis Obispo/Safe-SLO, which is a small, entirely volunteer-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we rely on three non-grant resources to fund our services: (1) dedicated volunteerism from teachers (2) program fees (3) charitable donations. Our annual fund drive for $10,000 in charitable donations takes place at this time each year.  We ask everyone who values the presence of our empowering programs and unique training center in this community to help provide these necessary funds. If you are unable to donate money, you can volunteer time: share your enthusiasm for our mission with a family member, friend, colleague or business owner who can make a year-end contribution to a worthy recipient. Having volunteered 40 hours a week in 2011, I can personally say Aikido/Safe-SLO is a worthy recipient. It is my belief in the value of our mission that has inspired me to teach Aikido classes on a volunteer basis for the past 24 years. Your contribution to our year-end fund drive will directly support the continued presence of our programs and wonderful training center in 2012--the year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary! 
  SincereMary Headshotly,
  Mary Tesoro

  on behalf of Aikido of San Luis Obispo
  and Safe-SLO Nonprofit's Self Defense
  & E
mpowerment Training Center
To make a a secure donation online right now
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After your transaction, you will receive a printable receipt for your tax records. A thank you letter from Safe-SLO Nonprofit will also confirm your 501 (c) (3) charitable contribution.   

About Aikido of San Luis Obispo

The mission of Aikido of San Luis Obispo is to provide powerful yet peace-oriented responses to conflict, agression, and violence. Children, teens, and adults participate in success-oriented programs that teach self-defense and conflict resolution; increase emotional intelligence and mind-body cohesion;
foster healthy relations; and optimize personal development; and promote physical health, strength, agility, and balance.

About Safe-SLO Nonprofit  
Safe-SLO Nonprofit is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization chartered by the State of California to administer high-quality educational programs that provide empowering alternatives to violence for children, adults, families, and groups in San Luis Obispo County. Safe-SLO is entirely volunteer-run. 

Providing a Place and a Way For Adults, Teens, and Children to Learn Personal Safety & Ethical Alternatives to Violence in Today's World   
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