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Preorder by 3/24/2010

by phone

or online


Orders can be
picked up on

On Rte. 97 by the High's Store from 10:00 - 7:00

Unavailable to pick up on March 27th?  No problem, just buy
gift certificates to redeem later and have Schwan's come to your door!!!
Greetings Thunder Families,
A quick update about this fundraiser.  Schwan's has just asked us to use a more direct website link in order to capture our orders.  The campaign number remains the same (#26582) but we should now use  Changes are reflected in the links below and this newsletter will also be available on the Thunder website shortly.

Thank you!
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March 27, 2010
Preorder by 3/24/2010 by calling 1-888-schwans
Or order online:
Campaign # 26582

How can player and team support this event?

1.      Transfer some of your food needs from the grocery store to Schwan's Food Company for this event.  With over 350 products to choose from you are sure to save both time and money by selecting some of your favorite foods such as:

      ▪ Entrees                    ▪ Appetizers                ▪ Desserts
      ▪ Pizzas                     ▪ Seafood                    ▪ Side Dishes
      ▪ Vegetables               ▪ Meat                        ▪ Ice Cream
      ▪ Fruits                                                         ▪ Pasta

2.     No freezer space?  BUY GIFT CERTIFICATE (s):  Great way to have family, friends, and neighbors support you - across the street or across the country.  Redeeming a Schwan's gift is certificate is as simple as calling Schwan's, they will let you know when the truck will be in your area and a truck will conveniently arrive with your delivery!!

Don't forget to give Campaign #26582
Orders can be picked up on 3/27/2010
On Rte. 97 by the High's Store from 10:00 - 7:00

Any questions please ask your Manager or
call Patti Burford 410-302-1838