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Traveling Green in Door County


By Donna Marie Pocius

Special to Door


Make a trip to the Door Peninsula eco-friendly when you stay overnight in hotels and inns that are certified green by Travel Green Wisconsin.


You can see the leafy Travel Green Wisconsin logo on the Door County businesses' Web sites, front doors and brochures.  But what does it mean?


"People are going to understand the place they are visiting is so special that they want to keep it that way," said Will Christianson, outreach coordinator at theThe Shallows Resort Banner Wisconsin Department of Tourism, which formed Travel Green Wisconsin in partnership with the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative.


Here's what makes a few of the inns special and green.


Door Peninsula inns certified green, at this writing, are the Journey's End Motel & Cabins, White Pines Victorian Lodge//B&B and the Blacksmith Inn on the Shore.


At Journey's End in Baileys Harbor, guests stay in one of three log cabins or 10 motel rooms on a lovingly nurtured four-acre greenspace. Here, landscaping with native plants reduces the amount of water necessary, according to Sue Becker, innkeeper.


"As a Travel Green inn, we are making an effort to protect the environment so that a traveler can enjoy the area today and also in the future," she said.


Instead of being changed daily, towels and linens are replaced at guests' requests. The accommodations are outfitted with energy-efficient appliances, which are regularly maintained.  A recycling program is in place for guests and employees.


Journey's End also buys local food products, featuring them in continental breakfast and gift baskets.


In Sturgeon Bay, the White Pines Victorian Lodge/B&B had a restoration involving green building techniques, according to Sheri Gibbs, the owner and innkeeper.  As part of the restoration, which commenced in 2001, areas behind walls were cleaned, wood floors were preserved, and windows (which were painted shut) have been replaced with energy-efficient styles consistent with the 135-year-old architecture. 


"We have done everything we can to make a real healthy indoor environment here," Gibbs said.


"Everything is cleaned with white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.   And there are no smells from fabric softeners, laundry detergents and perfumes," she added.


Also certified as green are The Bridge and Door County Kayak Tours, both in Egg Harbor, and the Cookery and Peninsula State Park, both in Fish Creek.  


More information is online at

On your way to Door: Don't miss seeing The Flying Pig


By Donna Marie Pocius

Special to


Don't miss an opportunity to browse the art, walk the Country HOsue bannergarden or lounge in the café at The Flying Pig, conveniently located at N6975 Hwy. 42, Algoma, on your way to the Door Peninsula.


This is another green business. Check out the architecture: beams from an old barn are repurposed throughout the two-level building featuring passive solar heating and geothermal heating and cooling.  The retail displays, as well as the art of course, are a joy to behold. Some art sits on aluminum window wells, topped by glass, and other pieces hang from old doors, reclaimed from an Appleton house.


As for the art for sale, much of it is made from Bridgeport Waterfront Resort recycled or repurposed materials: paintings made with flower petals, angel sculptures from nails and iron, acrylic paintings accented by bottle caps and much more. 


"We have a twist and uncommon art. We are a place for creative arts," said Robyn Mulhaney, co-owner.

A Special Place: Harbor Fish Market & Grille


What's it about: Don't let the name fool you. This restaurant is not just about fish and, it's not just open for dinner. Come for breakfast, lunch and dinner year-round. Here, you dine in a historic building with truly intimate views of Lake Michigan.


Why it's special: In addition to that fabulous lake view, the menu here is tempting. The Door County Cherry Village Green Lodge bannerStuffed French Toast is a favorite, and when it comes to you, it's not just lying there. They stand the golden brown slices up for you, like a little tower, and surround them by more cherries and cream cheese. And the fish is oh so fresh.  As owner Carl Berndt said, "The world is getting smaller.  Fish in the ocean is in our kitchen in 24 hours. We work with fresh producers and look for high quality we are known for."


And here's a fishy idea: an old cabinet-style television has been repurposed as an aquarium (it's in the restaurant's bar area). The bathrooms are great--nicely decorated with antiques, art and little necessities.


Quick facts: Harbor Fish Market and Grille, 8080 Hwy.57, Baileys Harbor,  920-839-9999.  Join the Harbor Fish Market and Grille Loyalty Program (a sign-up form comes with your bill), and get special offers on dining.


Donna Marie Pocius