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Opening of New Website
Seasonal Tips to Keep You Safe 
New Lymphedema Research Being Funded by Avon Foundation
Clear Communication with our health care Team
Finding the Right Qualified Lymphedema Therapist
Proper Fitting of Sleeves and Gloves
All About Wrapping and Helpful Hints
Chest, Breast and Truncal Lymphedema 
Lymphedema Medical Emergencies
How Can I Cope with All of This?

Updates on our Website
Seasonal Tips to Keep You Safe this Spring and Summer 
StepUp-SpeakOut has a New Blog Spot 
American Lymphedema Framework Project National StakeHolders Conference Held March 16, 2009
LE Primer published in CA Oncologist Journal
Recent Advances in Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema of the Arm: Lymphatic Pump Failure and Predisposing Factors,Anthony W.B. Stanton, Stephanie Modi, Russell H. Mellor, J. Rodney Levick, Peter S. Mortimer. Lymphatic Research and Biology. March 2009, 7(1): 29-45. doi:10.1089/lrb.2008.1026. 
ONS Bestows "Excellence in Cancer Nursing Research" Honor on Mei R. Fu, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC 
StepUp-SpeakOut attends a Breast Cancer Discussion Panel with graduates at the New York University College of Nursing
Our Director, Bonnie Pike, receives NLN 2009 D-Day award for making strides in lymphedema awareness.
StepUp-SpeakOut.Org receives HONCODE Certification for Complying with The HONCODE standard for trustworthy Medical Information on the Internet
Air Travel from SABCS:  Commentary on Compression Garments Paper
Happy Fall! 
Weight lifting and lymphedema study
Question and Answer Interview with Dr. Kathryn Schmitz 
Camisoles instead of bras may help prevent excess fluid buildup?  Our group's unscientific study shows that, for some, ditching a banded bra in favor of a camisole, may prevent excess fluid buildup 

Swimming--if your  lymphedema seems worse from swimming, it may be the fit of your swimming suit 
Hygiene and compression garments during the current flu season 
100 Questions & Answers about Lymphedema--Newly Published Book  
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