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The Kings of Edom and the United States
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (C) 2008 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
If one wishes to understand the future then one must understand the past; for the future is just its reflection.

Before the coming of Mashiah, there must be what we call in Kabbalah, the Tikkun. While the word translates as rectification, almost no one, including the many academically trained so-called Kabbalists have any idea as to what this really means. The Kabbalistic principles and teachings are outlined for us in many texts. If one has the proper insight one can clearly see that the currents and trends in the world body politic are following a specific predestined course. This necessary course has been revealed by Heaven and has been known and passed down in Kabbalistic teachings for centuries. Yet, few know how to extract these teachings from the pages of books and to apply them correctly to current events.

The great pre-Messianic Tikkun does not occur exclusively in the invisible spiritual dimensions. It has its parallel fulfillments here in our physical world. Just as there must be great and significant changes in the invisible spiritual dimensions before Mashiah comes, so too will there be equally great and significant pre-Messianic changes here on Earth. Essentially almost everything that we have grown to be familiar with will be subject to radical and often violent change.

In order for me to discuss some details of this I must delve into some of the works of the Kabbalists and explain their meaning. Let us begin our discussion with the teachings referred to as "the fall of the primordial Kings and their rectification." From this lesson, I pray, we will come to foresee that which must soon come upon us.

Prior to the establishment of the present order that we are familiar with, there existed a previous, more ancient order for the universe. This period was Kabbalistically referred to as the time when the "Kings of Edom" reigned. When I use the term "prior" I am not necessarily speaking in an historical context of prehistoric times. Although this may be one application, the "prior" must be understood within a greater scope of psychic, spiritual or psychological reality. In other words, the Fallen Kings are as much a level of human consciousness and spiritual growth as they are a lesson about our prehistoric past. The lessons about these fallen Kings are based upon the Kabbalistic understandings of Genesis 36.

As recorded in Genesis 36, the number of the Kings mentioned is eight. Seven ruled and died. Only with regards to the eight and last King, Hadar is death not mentioned. He is also the only King whose wife's name is mentioned. The Kabbalists understood great significance in these subtle and often overlooked details. The Kabbalistic identity of this eight King is not so relevant yet. What is more relevant is what caused these seven Kings to die, and what resurrects them from death.

The seven fallen Kings are said to be the source of evil in this world. They are seven in number and correspond to the seven lower sefirot. Another term used to describe the fallen Kings is the Shattering of the Vessels. Essentially the teaching goes like this. Originally G-d when chose to shine His Divine Light into the primordial vessels of the sefirot; for reasons known and preordained, the vessels were not in proper alignment and thus not strong enough to receive the Divine Light. Thus when the Light shined into them, the vessels could not contain it and, like a light bulb receiving a charge to great for it to bare, broke and shattered.

This is all metaphorical language to describe how the previous epochs in time and certain present levels of human consciousness development both developed their parameters. When too much Divine Light shined into them, it could not be comprehended and thus caused a shattering, which materialized as a twisting and perversion of the original Light. This then is the source of evil. Good then comes into existence with the mission of taking that which is broken and repairing it. In this way, there is reward for proper performance and punishment for the lack of it. Ultimately, evil's destruction is its repair and rectification.

Although the Kabbalah places great detail in describing the fate of the seven lower sefirot that broke and shattered, there are less details that describe the original upper three sefirot that did not suffer such a fate. The number of sefirot are always ten; not seven, nine or eleven. If seven fell and broke, what then was the fate of the upper three? The Kabbalists do explain that these upper three, were blemished, each one in varying degrees. Yet, still, they did not die. The original upper three sefirot, symbolically referred to as the head survived death. The seven lower sefirot are said to emanate from the Realm of Mind (Beriah), also called the sefirat Binah. As such, Binah is called the Supernal Mother. For the Mind (Beriah) is considered the "mother of all feelings (Yetzirah) and actions (Asiyah).

Now that I have explained this material in the language of the Kabbalists, let me now explain what it means.

The fallen sefirot spoken of are metaphorically referred to as the "kings of Edom." They ruled in the "land of Edom" prior to their being a "King in Israel." This lesson is about the present state of human spiritual/psychological development, in which we are not in proper alignment with Heaven to receive the primordial Light. As such our thoughts, emotions and actions are twisted and corrupted because we do not properly reflect the Heavenly model. This present state of affairs is what we refer to as "the exile," one not only of Israel from the Holy Land, but also an exile of our conscious minds from our presently unconscious higher and truer selves. Disconnected as we are from our own higher selves, we reflect the pattern of the seven lower sefirot, disconnected from the upper three. We are essentially spiritually and psychologically lost and bereft of direction.

Needless to say the necessary steps of realignment require the lower seven sefirot to first be reattached with the Supernal Mother, the sefirat Binah. While this does occur individually with each personal soul, Heaven also ordains that this happens over the course of human history. As such, all human history is guided by Heaven for the sake of this great realignment. The more we embrace it with proper social and political change the greater we see the benefit for all humanity. The specific details of how these lessons apply in our day and age and to the varying fluctuations of human consciousness are not important here. To digress to discuss them would distract us from our purpose here. Still, how do we realign with the Supernal Mother? How has this manifested itself in human history? This mystery is answered by our Sages, although they used an entirely different set of metaphors to describe this wondrous truth.

Our Sages relate a legend about the death of Esau, who is Edom. The legend states that when Jacob was taken to be buried in Makhpelah that Esau and his clan came to block his interment. This led to a war between the sons of Esau and the sons of Jacob. In this war, Esau himself was killed and decapitated. Legend has it that as Jacob was buried, so too was Esau's decapitated head also placed in the family tomb, placed on the lap of his father Yitzhak. To this day if one were to visit the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron one would find the Caves of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov (and their wives), and if one looked, one would also see a small little cave entitled, the head of Esau.

Whether or not this legend is accurate history or not is irrelevant to the point. What matters is the secret teaching as to what this legend means; for it is a reference to the "Mother of the fallen Kings." The fallen kings of Edom who reigned prior to their being a King in Israel are a reference to the psychological/spiritual time that we are now living in. This is the time of exile, where the spiritual leader of the nations is Edom. Edom is Esau, the twin brother of Jacob. Many times twins look alike. Many times, as similar as twins are on the outside, there are major differences to them on the inside. This is the case with Jacob and Esau.

Esau/Edom's descendants since Biblical times have been identified with Europe, specifically the empire of Rome. According to the Torah understanding, ancient Rome never actually fell thus leaving the public scene. It was only replaced by the Church. As we know the head of the Church always has been in the city of Rome. Therefore Edom is Rome, Rome is Christianity and thus Edom is all those domains to which the Christianity of Rome has spread. Thus we have identified the fallen Kings and see how they have indeed twisted and perverted the primordial Light of the original Torah.

In the end times, the great battle between Jacob and Esau is to come to its final fruition. Biblical prophecies speak of the resounding defeat of Edom and everything related to it. The seven Kings of Edom will fall and die. Yet, their death is described only within the greater process of their rectification. For in the end the fallen Kings are realigned with the Rectifier (Mashiah) who places their realigned forms into their proper places. The seven Kings are thus no more. This does not mean that everyone literally dies, but rather, that everyone finally is able to see and receive the Light of Truth and thus a new dawn for humanity arises.

Yet, when discussing the fate of the seven Kings, all too few stop to ask about the fate of the Mother, the Sefirah Binah of the world of the Nikudim, who while blemished, still did not fall and die with the rest of Edom. Although the Mother receives her rectification along with the rest of "Edom;" still, where was "she" all along as this process proceeded?

The fate of Mother Binah is referred to in this ancient legend. She is the metaphorical head of Esau. That head, as we learned, is buried in Yitzhak's lap in Makhpelah. Now, Makhpelah is the domain of holiness. It is the domain of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov. It is certainly not the domain of Esau. What then is his head doing there? The metaphorical head of Esau is a reference to the best of Edom, their head, so to speak. These had to be removed from the body in order for them to enter into the domain of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov. Yitzhak is here also a metaphor to what we call the "left side" of holiness. This is a metaphor to describe the first stage or lower level of attachment to holiness. And Esau head rests in Yitzhak's lap.

The nations that comprise Edom have always been identified as Europe. The head of Edom must at one time been attached to its body and then somehow dismembered (metaphorically speaking). The United States of America started out as a collection of European colonies that eventually fought for and won its independence. This War of Independence might metaphorically be expressed as a severing. We think of a decapitation as something that causes death, but remember in the world of symbolism and metaphors; analogies do not always have to be 100% accurate in detail. Eventually the fledgling United States of America sought to remove as much European elements from its domain on this continent, thus forming the new nation.

The history of the United States is most peculiar. In one way the nation grew in typical Edomite fashion. It conquered and sought to destroy the indigenous peoples of this land and sought to make itself into a mighty power similar to Europe. Yet, with all the Edomite influence of prejudice and evil against the Native and against the imported Africans, there was something about the United States of America that made it in many ways deeply different from its European counterparts. In spite of all its fallings, there were still significant influences in the nation that did not tow the European line. There was significant support for African/American liberation, to such a point that it was one of the major causes of the first American Civil War.

America could not escape its Edomite origins, yet still, this representative of Edom was somehow peculiarly different from its European origins. America outshined the Europeans in the realms of morality and religion. America came to represent the best of what Europe had to offer. The creation of the United States of America was essentially Heaven's plan to emerge the "head of Edom."

The American culture has for decades been despised specifically by the Europeans. Although both cultures share a desire for secularism and both are rather opulent, still the American culture has for the longest time managed to hold on to its Protestant religious ethic and religiosity. To be blunt about it, America has always been more sincerely religious than the Europeans.

To this day, when traditional religion is definitely being targeted and rooted out of the public eye, still there remains throughout the United States millions of religious faithful from many different religious paths who all share the common values of traditional morals. This American attitude is what makes America reviled in the eyes of many Europeans. And now that a younger generations of Americans are about to take over to lead the country; they plan to redirect the nation in their own course, a course set more in accordance to European standards than in common with traditional American standards.

The younger generation represents the seven fallen Kings of Edom, those who have rejected the realignment with the Supernal Mother. The United States of America is thus taking a step backwards, away from its original purpose and destiny; a step that is taking it into the dominions of the New World Order, lead by "Rome" and its chosen champion, Armilus, the legendary anti-Christ of Christianity.

Such a major shift and rift in society has already produced a cultural civil war. If such a cultural conflict can actually explode into a full scale military second civil war in the United States, time will tell; although, I must advise my reader that I am not the first to raise such an ominous fear.

From a Kabbalistic point of view, American as a religious culture separate from its European source indicates that the United States stands at the metaphorical head of European culture. Maybe this metaphor also has other applications in that maybe we can indeed define the G-d fearing individuals of traditional morals and values as being the metaphorical "head of Esau." As such, their fate would be markedly different from that to be suffered by their other modern Edomite counterparts both in Europe and now also on American soil.

Before Mashiah comes, the Kabbalists speak that the seven fallen Kings of Edom will die, and that this death is their rectification. Yet, this metaphorical death is described in Kabbalistic and earlier prophetic literature in rather frightening terms. It is not enough that there is going to be social, political and economic upheaval; more than this the entire planet itself is destined to go through a transformational cleansing. Earthquakes, tidal waves, fundamental changes in weather, storms at magnitudes yet unseen and other natural events are prophesied to literally change the face of the Earth. By the time Mashiah comes, our present continental layout is prophesied to be radically altered.

Needless to say, the natural disasters will take even a greater toll on humanity than even the greatest of social or military disasters. Yet, all of this is necessary to realign our planet and those surviving on its surface to greet a brand new epoch in the unfolding saga that is humanity's history and destiny.

The United States of America as I grew up in it is already no more. In its place has arisen a strange new beast so dissimilar to the country I knew and loved. It is not in human hands to change this beast. It is apparently not the will of Heaven for the old America to be restored. The new America is growing now, being groomed in the image of its old and new masters from across the pond. Of the old America, as the song says, "G-d has shed His grace on thee." In the new America, any mention of G-d is quickly being removed from the public domain, just like it has been in Europe. Heaven watches this and is not pleased.

When the time comes for the great cleansing to occur, while it may begin with wars and terrorism, it will by no means end there. 9/11 was a wake-up call to the U.S. to turn back to Heaven or face the ultimate consequences of their choice not to be under Heaven's umbrella of protection. One cannot continue to defy Heaven, violate Heaven's law and natural law and still expect to receive an abundance of blessings from Heaven. G-d is not some glorified super human being whose only wish is to smile, be happy and let everyone do what they wish. It is so sad that our understanding of spirituality is so mythological instead of being extraterrestrial, like it should be.

We are to be facing hard times for sure. Peoples of traditional religion especially will feel the pinch first. They are the head of Edom, although blemished, but still the living "mother" of the fallen kings. As our society turns a blind eye to Heavenly authority, so now those who were once held in the highest esteem for their religious convictions must now have armed guards at their churches, receive death threats, which have included mock attempts at biological terror attack (anthrax).

It is a funny thing about prophecy; one can rest assured that if part one of the prophecies is fulfilled then certainly part two is also sure to be fulfilled. The godless corruption of modern civilization was long ago foreseen. Its ultimate implosion and destruction was also foreseen. Yet, what was also foreseen was that the righteous religious, Gentiles and Jews alike, would find safe haven in hiding when all these great natural and unnatural occurrences come to cleanse our planet.

This is the great secret, the righteous will be saved. Granted, they may not be able to save their homes and material wealth, but none of that is so important. Rather, they themselves will find a path etched out of the wilderness especially just for them. As society turns more and more intolerant towards sincere and traditional Biblical sentiments, those who waver not in embracing them will become more and more ostracized, just as prophesied.

Then, they will see the proverbial handwriting on the wall and physically relocate into communities away from the coasts and away from the big cities. They will congregate into more remote areas where so many of their fellow co-religionists have lived for decades. When this pattern begins, watch the big cities. For as the religious leave or as religion is continually pushed out of them, something else much more dreadful will come in to fill the gap. This is only natural, and when it occurs, the imbalance created will trigger the great cleansing. It is destiny; it cannot be and will not be avoided.

There is much confusion today in Jewish circles about Messianic prophecies. The vast majority of the religious and their Rabbis, with Kabbalists and Hasidic Rebbes amongst them have next to absolutely no clue as to what is coming down the pike and what to expect. The vast majority of these individuals have absolutely no meditative experience and therefore can have no Ruah HaKodesh (in spite of the protests of their devoted disciples).

This inability on their parts is unavoidable and regardless of whatever stories disciples wish to relate, most if they are honest, will acknowledge that stories and reality are very far from one another. Too many have adopted a fantasy about what the coming of Mashiah will be. Essentially they have adopted a false hope that I am afraid will end up getting many people into troubles and sufferings that they should have been able to avoid. All too many do not see the warning signs and are so out of touch with reality, both physical and spiritual, that they have no clue or insight as to what must happen before the intervention of the extraterrestrial Messianic armada.

Major changes are unavoidable. Prophecies will not go unfulfilled. Life as we know it will be drastically changed. It will be a process, but not one that will take more than a very short time. We should know this to be true and make the necessary preparations for its inevitability. One should not waste one's time building survival shelters, stocking weapons and food. These will not save one in the end. Rather, one should invest one's time and effort to explore the inner recesses of one's mind and cultivate the reality of living in G-d's presence. This is the realignment with the Supernal Mother, Binah. Only this is the rectification of the fallen Kings. Those who embrace it will be embraced by Heaven. Those who reject Heaven will themselves be rejected by Heaven and left to face their destinies.

A true spiritual bond with G-d permeating one's mind and consciousness, this will serve as one's guide. One will know where to be, when to be there and how to get there all in the right way. With Heaven as one's guide, nothing can go wrong. We just might have to redefine our concepts of right and wrong and learn to see things as Heaven does.

When we live as the servants of Heaven and allow G-d's Hand to move through us; we become the vehicles of Divine movement here on Earth. Such a vehicle in Hebrew is called a Merkava, such surrender is called in Hebrew the Ma'aseh Merkava, it is the deepest and greatest of Kabbalistic teachings. Heaven desires this of us, more than anything else.

The great realignment is inevitable and unavoidable. Everything the great world powers are presently planning is all part of Heaven's greater plan. We are not destined to change or interfere with the plan. Our job is to go along with it and do our share when the time comes.

Edom has no idea who it is that is giving them their marching orders, but in the end the Eight King will reign, along with his wife, and they shall not die forever. For the Eight King of Edom, number Eight; let us just say that "she" is the eight sefirat Binah, the Supernal Mother. She will be properly repaired and her children restored, all by the Hand of the Rectifier, King Mashiah.

Have I left you with many questions? I am sure that I have. Now it is your turn to do the studying to seek out that which you need to know. Don't worry; Heaven will guide your path.


Shalom, HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok

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