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Way of a Dream
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (c) 2008 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
Most people today arrogantly mock dreams and their ominous portents. When people choose to mock, there is no talking to them. When people want to believe only what they want to believe there is no talking to them.

Great turning points in history happen in a moment and most people are just too busy with their petty little lives to realize when something great and ominous has just occurred. Although the conscious mind remains petty and preoccupied, the unconscious mind is not fettered by such chains of distraction. The unconscious mind sees and knows that which the conscious minds of most do not want to know.

Deep down with us all, we are all connected through that which Jungian psychology calls the collective unconscious. In Torah we use a different set of metaphors and say that all souls are connected through the greater soul of Primordial Adam. Ultimately, regardless of whatever set of terms we use to describe it, at the deepest level of the human mind, we are all connected and we all see beyond the limitations of the confused and distracted individual conscious minds.

Often, it is our own inner/Higher/unconscious selves that try to communicate with its conscious counterparts. This communication takes place at the only time that the conscious mind is ever open to the inner influence; this is when we are asleep and dreaming. It is in the dream state that our inner selves communicate with that part of the mind that will remember its message upon awakening. This is the ominous dream of warning. Many people are having these now.

Yet, like I said above, many arrogantly mock these dreams and dismiss them out of hand. Yet, one cannot dismiss the warnings coming from the collective unconscious without their being significant consequences. Those who mock in the end will fall under the rock. Great events are unfolding now that will do nothing less than change the course of human history forever; and we sleep.

Great, fundamental changes are just around the corner and they will be called for and welcomed, without any realization of what these changes will actually bring. Woe to the blind, for they cannot see. Woe to the arrogant for even with eyes they refuse to see. There are no words that can penetrate the arrogant heart. There is nothing for them to hear; there is nothing left for them to see. They have made their choices and will ultimately have no choice but to face the consequences of their choices.

Most will mock and arrogantly proclaim that nothing is wrong and that so much is becoming right. Again, I have no response; for whatever I would say, would not heard. Like driving a car at full speed towards a cliff, so it is today. No one is stepping on the brakes. No one is looking ahead to the precipice. Today everyone wants to have fun, and have it now. The problems of tomorrow will wait until then, or so they believe. Yet, when tomorrow becomes today and tomorrow's problems become today's reality, then it is too late to address the issue and to prepare for how to deal with it. One is then stuck and left with very few options. This is the path of the fool who chooses to believe in false hopes and foolish ideals.

I am constantly disappointed by all those who use their religion to hide behind their lack of action when the nature of the times demands it. I hear all types of pious rationalizations proclaiming how G-d will never allow anything bad to happen and that if something bad were to happen then it is G-d's Will and therefore one must willingly surrender to it. This was the rationalization used by many to justify their placidity in face of growing unrest in pre-Holocaust Europe and also explains why so many never as so much lifted a finger to save themselves and their loved ones when they were taken away to be murdered.

The prevailing attitude was then (and is now), what can I do about it, I am only one person? The answer to this is plain and simple. One should use the G-d given intelligence one has and see what is real instead of just what one wants to see. One should realize the truth that we are living on ever more shaky ground, and that in a moment all that we know and love can be lost.

Remember this, Rome was not built in a day, but Sodom, Gomorra, Pompeii and the World Trade Towers were destroyed in one. I would not be so much afraid of the expanding embrace of Big Brother. Instead, I would be more concerned about how Big Father will respond to the acts of Big Brother. I do not wish to live under the foot of Big Brother and I certainly do not want to be there when Big Father brings Big Brother down to Earth. Big Brother may squeeze me, but Big Father will cause it all to be crushed. Of course, the choice is ours to see or to continue to rationalize that there is nothing to see. As Thomas Jefferson said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that G-d is just and that His justice cannot sleep forever."

I strongly advise you, especially those of you living so comfortably in Tarzana, Evanston, Flatbush and around Monsey to take heed to what I say here. Trust in G-d, I'm sure you have. Sense enough to see what is real and the courage to act upon it; this is where I question you. Benjamin Franklin said, "G-d helps those who help themselves." I agree with you that G-d will always do His share. The question however is, will you do yours?

Do you want G-d to give you special notice as to what is coming? You may say yes, but you really do not mean it. What you really want is for G-d to make all the problems to go away and disappear. You really believe that by you not seeing, it is G-d's Hand making it go away. I cannot tell you just how insane this mentality is. But of course, you will deny that this is how you think. Nonetheless, your actions betray you.

While one does not have to panic and act like a fool, nonetheless, one must act wise, prepare and move. It is often hard to tell the difference between the wise and the fool. Our Sages said that when prophecy was taken away from the prophets it was given to little children. Sometimes from out of the mouth of babes comes the most profound and yet simplistic wisdom.

Maybe we are all too sophisticated and need to remember the simplicity of the child. Maybe then we can hear that inner Voice that is right now crying out to us. I know you have been dreaming. And I know that you have been forgetting them. Your conscious mind does not want to be made aware of the inner knowledge. As always, the choice is yours.

Pay no attention to my voice, but rather heed your own inner voice. Maybe my words echo what you already have heard before inside yourself. Maybe this time you should pay more attention. What is it going to take?


Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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