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The Watchers & Big Brother
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (c) 2008 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
"The sentence is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones; to the intent that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever he will, and sets up over it the lowest of men." Daniel 4:14

"The materialization of a [Heavenly] edict into actuality, [in other words] enacting and enforcing the edict is by [intervention of] the Irin (watcher/angels). And they received the matter from the words of the Kodashim (holy ones/archangels). These are the higher angels who asked of this matter from those above them [who in turn ask it] from the One above them who is the Holy Blessed One. And the reason for such edicts is so that all life will recognize that the Kingdom of Heaven rules over humanity." Malbim Commentary to Daniel 4:14

Torah is clear on this point. All matters of unfolding world events be they great or small, are decided by higher non-human authorities.

This may sound like the plot of a science fiction novel or the subject of the latest conspiracy theory about a coming "new world order." Yet, there is nothing new about this. This is not fiction and there is nothing conspiratorial about it at all. This is Heavenly revealed truth directly out of the Bible itself.

We live in very special times. The next four to five years (2009-2013) will be a crossroads for human civilization. As a planet and as a race we are about to experience great changes from the ways things always used to be. We are at the dawn of a new age and a new world order. Yet, as with every new day, it is always darkest before the dawn. Night must conclude before the sun begins to shine. Dawn is upon us, but it is not yet sunrise. Before one eats the fruit, its peel and husk must be removed. While we are in the process of its removal, we have reached it thickest, most hard to remove section. With just a little bit more effort we will soon be able to enjoy the succulent fruit.

Torah is clear; we need no conspiracy theory to warn us; there definitely are secret hidden powers that are molding and shaping everything that is happening in the world today from behind closed doors. Whatever crises that may arise, whatever threats of war or devastation; they are behind it all. They are its authors. Their motto is simple; "out of chaos comes order." Create and control the chaos and one can then impose and maintain order. It may sound ominous and threatening, but ultimately, it is G-d who is running the show. All forces here on Earth, under it or from outside it who may have a hand in world affairs are still but mere pawns in the Greater Hand of Heaven.

Yes, a new world order is being molded all around us. It will encompass everything; all areas of life will be integrated into the great new global system. No part of human life or interests will escape or be exempt. A global world culture of secularism is already taking root everywhere. It is succeeding in breaking down the attachments billions have had with their former religions. While the forms of religion are maintained the essence of true religion is being gutted. Soon there will be a push to organize a new one-world religion and new social order will follow. Almost everyone will embrace the new with such great expectations and hope. They will embrace the new world order and all the promise it holds.

As for those remaining few who stubbornly refuse to go with the flow and who ignorantly wish to cling to the old antiquated ways of the dead past, they will be viewed as dinosaurs with no future other than extinction. Those who want to live in the past can die with the past; this will be the attitude of the new world order and its population of happy to follow, willing to obey citizens. The old-timers, regardless of age or background will become outcasts; unable to live or interact with the new world in any size, shape or form.

The old guard will be stripped of property and possession, dignity and rights. They will effectively become non-persons, homeless and jobless, without any way to make a living or to fend for themselves. Many will be rounded up for efficient disposal. Others will flee to wherever the long arm of the new Big Brother will not reach.

As treacherous and overwhelming as this new world order may appear it is still nothing more than the latest manifestation that Heaven allows here on Earth to test the will and souls of individual human beings. Big Brother or no Big Brother; it is the Big Father that we have to fear. Big Brother is merely one of his many sons and totally under Big Father's complete control. Torah has taught us, it is not humanity that decides human fate, but rather it is the Higher Hand of Heaven. Whatever is destined to come upon us, each of us will face our individual destinies in accordance to the Heavenly decree.

Many people are preparing for an apocalypse. Many are preparing for the collapse of western civilization and an ensuing period of anarchy and social, civil war. Many are preparing for the big Israeli/Arab war. Many are preparing for a nuclear WWIII that who knows who will start but is expected to last only twelve minutes, during which time one-third of the world is expected to be destroyed. We have no end of apocalyptic, end-times scenarios. No one knows which if any will play out, but one thing is for certain, change is coming. What forms it will take and when it will occur only time will tell.

We must understand a lesson about predicting the future. The future is not exactly written in stone. Even Biblical prophecies which are objective and unchangeable still have a number of different ways in which they can be fulfilled. Although we know what the end may be and even though we know things that must happen before the end may come, still no one knows exactly the order of things, the intensity of things and the exact form of the manifestation of things.

Prophecy is a rather quantum form of communication. Prophecy is fulfilled dependent upon how it is viewed and how we approach it. Our human choices can make the fulfillment of prophecy either benign and painless or severely harsh. It is all up to us. Prophecy tells us what will definitely happen, but it does not tell us how what will definitely happen come to pass. There are numerous different roads we as a race can choose to walk.

Regardless of whatever form prophecy is fulfilled; regardless of whatever powers the coming new world order acquires; no matter what happens, everything is still under the watchful Eye and Hand of the Almighty above. When I am asked what people should do to prepare for the times to come, I tell them that the only preparations needed are spiritual and psychic. One must cultivate their inner spiritual power. This alone will enable one to see the moving Hand of G-d through all the coming turmoil and deception. Only with this spiritual insight will one be able to dance and move across the stage of life, to be in the right place and the right time for the right things to happen in the right way.

There is no plan that one can learn; there are no other preparations that one can make. For today one must learn to live the Way of Torah and allow this Way to transcend and transform every fiber of one's being. One who surrenders to Torah becomes a living, walking and breathing Torah. The Torah will always live forever. The secret of eternal life, therefore, is to become living Torah.

Living Torah marches to its own beat, to the rhythm of the ta'amim (cantellations). They move high and they move low then they move in between, always in movement, always in flux, ever changing, ever moving, like the beat of a living heart. This is the secret of survival. The one who uncovers this secret will unleash tremendous spiritual powers. Yet, those who know, have the knowledge. More than this they themselves are the knowledge, for they bond with the knowledge. The knowledge, the knower and the known merge together and become one. As it is above, so is it below. This is the secret unity of G-d, Torah and Greater Israel (Knesset Yisrael, referred to in the Zohar). This is something no Big Brother can control.

The old guard who choose to live by the natural moral standards that are the foundations of the universe will indeed be cast out of the Big Brother's new society. We have already seen the beginning of this with the ostracization of the so-called settlers in Israel. At one time, these patriotic Israelis heeded their government's call to settle in new and dangerous lands. They faced all types of hardships, yet their patriotism never quavered or was shaken. They stood by and built both land and country. And then the Big Brother came into the scene. These powers clandestinely stepped into Israeli politics to make sure that the Jewish state would never again be able to be independent, either to wage war or defend itself. Then the one-time patriots were redefined and called pariahs and obstacles to peace. One does not need to be a prophet, seer or even a political scientist to see the major shift that has occurred in Israeli public opinion, manipulated by outside hands. And Heaven watches, just like in ancient Egypt during the time of slavery.

More and more that which was once right is being redefined as being terribly wrong and that which was always known to be unnatural and immoral has been transformed into something to be praised and lauded as the new right things. Yes, our world is turning upside-down. Yet, one cannot turn human society upside-down without it having its consequences. And Heaven watches, just like in ancient Egypt during the time of slavery.

A new world order may redefine life however they wish. They can embrace and reject whoever they wish. Yet, whatever they create will still only be artificial and extremely temporary. They can and will inflict terrible harm, but this is more due to the fact that na´ve individuals allow this to occur. Indeed, if people were to awaken and see what is happening around them, they would all rise up in revolt. Therefore, the Big Brother goes to every extreme to make sure people go to sleep and stay that way. No more are the masses awake and aware. Today everyone is asleep, mesmerized by all that they see and hear in the popular media, which tells them what to think and what to believe. A world asleep is easy to control. Mindless masses are easy to lead. And Heaven watches, just like in ancient Egypt during the time of slavery.

A new king will soon reign over Egypt. Like Pharaoh before him in the days after Yosef, he will not care about all the good Yosef has done. The new king will slowly but surely erode the rights, privileges and property of today and slowly but surely institute a new and complete form of government control. In the end, the government will control one's home and even one's bank account. We see the rudimentary forms of this already beginning, just as it began long ago in ancient Egypt. And we all remember the outcome of that harsh and bitter experience.

Prophecy states that the coming redemption will mirror the ancient redemption. The coming of Mashiah will mirror the coming of Moses. Just as we see the veils of the darkness of exile about to close in around us again, let us keep the faith that this too shall pass. As in the past, so will it be in the not too distant future, the light of dawn and true freedom shall reign supreme. The Big Brother and all his cohorts will fall and this time they will be finally destroyed. This is prophecy and its fulfillment is inevitable.

The Watchers are watching all. Like master chess players, they are the ones moving all the pieces. In this game of life, we are all the pawns, even the great secret powers that are moving things behind the scenes. They give their orders in secret and make things move and shake on a global scale. Yet, they themselves know that they too are only following the orders dictated to them from higher, more concealed powers. Up and up the chain goes to the top, to the Head Commander, who is none other than the Holy One Blessed Be He.

Let the nations maneuver and plot. He who is in Heaven laughs at them with a mocking roar (Psalm 2). Let them send forth their hand against us. If it is Heaven's Will for us to succumb to their Hand, then we will succumb. After all, if Heaven wishes to test us or harm us, G-d does not need a Big Brother for this. We could easily slip on a banana peel or choke on a chicken bone. Just as easily as G-d keeps us safe from that banana peel or from that chicken bone, so too can He keep us safe from Big Brother. This is our faith and our life. We are in Higher Hands. We just have to keep this mind and not allow ourselves to be lulled into slumber and thus lose focus.

The Watchers are watching us. Their role is to teach us to watch Heaven and to watch for the Hand of G-d to move us. When we live Torah, Torah lives inside of us. In this way will we hear its voice speaking within our hearts and our conscience. We will know what to do, when to do it and in what way; all at the right time. One does not need a ticket to board a flight before one is ready to embark. When the time comes, those with vision will see that they already have everything that they need. As for the rest of us, the present time is our gift to get ready by learning how to see with the eyes of inner Torah.

As the great Sage of old said, "The day is short, the workers are lazy, the reward is great and the Master is urgent." He also said, "It is not incumbent upon you to finish the job, but neither are you free to avoid your share."

The Watchers are watching and waiting. What are you doing?

As the Torah never really ends or begins, so our relationship with HaShem is continual. We pass through many cycles in our relationship with our Creator, at times feeling close and at times feeling distant. Yet or relation with our Creator is like the Torah or like the orbit of the earth around the sun. Like clockwork we pass through times of enlightenment that are bright as day and we pass through sad times where we feel lost as in the dark of night. Yet, cycles always flow, there is always movement. So it is with our souls before HaShem. We are always in a process of movement towards our own self-perfection, guided as we are by the invisible Hand of HaShem.

Moadim L'Simha and Hag Sameah to you all.


Shalom, HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok

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