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G-d is not simply a religious concept; IT is also a scientific reality. How can this be? It depends upon how we understand what exactly G-d is. This lesson delves into the meaning and nature of just what is Primordial Existence and what it has to do with us. This lesson also shows us how the author Maimonides, lauded as leader of the rationalist movement was also very well versed and experienced in the mystical lore.

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You're Being Watched
By HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok. Copyright (c) 2008 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.
You're being watched, you do know this, don't you? Now, don't get paranoid and think that Big Brother and the New World Order conspiracy is behind all this. Even if they are real and indeed monitoring and influencing everything that we do, nonetheless they too have to be taking their orders from somewhere and someone. Conspiracy theories abound on just who THEY may be.

One of the fundamental concepts of Torah is the reality of absolute Singularity. This is what we call the unity of G-d, as embodied in the Shema Yisrael prayer, quoting Deut 6:4, "HaShem our G-d, HaShem is One." The concept of the Singularity essentially states that everything in existence came forth from a single Primordial Existence and is still essentially connected to that Primordial Existence. This Primordial Existence has intentionally brought into being everything that is and controls each and every aspect of it, both great and small, similar to how a programmer writes each and every detail of a computer program. Ultimately, however complex and diverse existence may appear, nonetheless the entirety of things is still essentially and functionally under the control and operation of the master program, which is none other than the Singularity, which is the Primordial Existence.

This being said, when we look out upon our world and see all types of ominous happenings and we read about so many strange things and find our minds assaulted with so many types of conspiracy theories and paranoid fears, we still must in the end recognize the ultimate Singularity and understand that everything that is happening, however complex and diverse as it may appear is still just part of the great program written by the master programmer. Every bit and detail is part of the greater whole.

Therefore, if there are secret powers that are controlling our human destiny and guiding all humanity towards an ominous future, rest assured that these secret powers are taking their orders from yet even higher authorities. Know for certain that even those higher authorities take their marching orders from yet even higher authorities and up and up we go up the chain of command until ultimately we arrive back to the ultimate source, the Singularity, Primordial Existence, the Great Programmer itself. So, ultimately, however diverse and complex as things may appear everything is still running within the normal operational programming as designed by the Primordial Programmer.

So, what then is there to worry about? What then is one's great concern? We might think that because everything is under control, then nothing really matters and that we might as well just live life as easily as possible and just float along for the ride? This flippant attitude is symptomatic of all the troubles that we presently face. It needs serious adjustment!

Think about this; what is existence all about? Yes, I know, it's a really big question, but its practicality and personal relevance cannot be denied. Ask the great question in this way; why am I here, what is my life all about? Am I here on Earth to do nothing more than I already am? Does my life have any meaning or purpose? Am I lost; am I found, am I in the right place or am I out of place and out of touch? Ultimately, does any of this matter? Shouldn't I just live my life the best I can and be done with it. After all, who knows what, if anything, awaits us on the other side. Is that interest really worth any concern here and now?

Let me be blunt. We are each here for a purpose. We each have a destiny. We each have a job to do while we are alive here in this lifetime. More than this, we each have assistance to accomplish our individual goals and destinies. This assistance is nothing nebulous or generic. It is very real and specific. We might call it angelic, or we might ascribe to it another, more modern name. Names are irrelevant, so I choose not to us them. Allow me to basically state that we are not alone; not in our universe and not on our own Earth.

We are being watched. Yes, right here and right now THEY are watching us. They record everything that we do, say and even think. THEIR existence is not like ours. THEIR agenda is not like ours. THEIR essence is not like ours. IF we were ever able to see one of THEM their appearance would "freak us out big time;" this at least was the experience of the Biblical prophets, Isaiah and Ezekiel who did indeed see them. The Biblical book of Daniel talks much about THEM. Daniel called them the WATCHERS. THEY are the ones watching us and it is THEY who are giving the marching orders to those who are giving the directives to the world leaders who are behind the world-wide conspiracy and the New World Order.

Many of you might be laughing now in disbelief. But, so what? Your disbelief or mocking attitude will change nothing; it will not alter reality in the least bit. You can deny the truth of a thing all you want; it does not make that truth go away or become any less relevant and real.

The WATCHERS are doing their job as they were sent here to do. They are in control of governments and world events. They do this through the influence they exert over the minds of human beings. Through our dreams and unconscious THEY communicate with us and essentially program us, just as if we were individual programs in the great computer. Although we still have free will and the ability to choose whether or not we follow the program, still THIER presence surrounds us and THEY manipulate our individual environments to curtail our possibilities making it almost certain that we choose to do one thing over another. This explains why when we may desire or choose a course in life we find that either there are many doors open to assist us or many doors closed that inhibit us. It is THEY that are creating the open and closed doors. There is no coincidence or anything random about life at all.

Life is full of distractions. Anything that keeps our minds from recognizing the Great Singularity is a distraction. The Watchers are here to help keep us focused. If we seek to discover Truth, then they prepare the way for us so that we will ultimately succeed. However, if we choose another path, one which entails our embrace of distractions and worthless pursuits, THEY stand there in the inner recesses of our unconscious minds gnawing at us, making us feel shame and loss.

Sometimes, when we are so distracted and removed even from our own inner thoughts, the presence of the Watchers produces within us feelings of depression and lack of strength or will. The Watchers are there to remind us that we ourselves allow ourselves to get lost. It is their job, as designed by Heaven to watch over us; to guide us back home when we are ready and to constantly nudge us all the while that we are not.

We live in a universe that is much more complex than anyone today can possibly imagine. We human beings are subject to forces and powers that we cannot even presently imagine to exist. Our lack of insight does not make these universal natural forces any less real or influential. Today, we understand scientific concepts that only a century ago would have been laughed at and mocked. Think about what we will know in another one hundred years that we mock and laugh at today?

There is an old saying; where there is smoke, there is fire. What this means is that if we suspect something and there tends to be some evidence of validation, then we should conduct a thorough investigation to explore and discover what is really out there. Rest assured that modern talk about extraterrestrial life and related topics have their foundations in fact. Rest assured that the powers that be know more than what the public is told. Rest assured that this is nothing to fear. The Singularity that we call G-d is well in change of all this and what we know and do not know is still very much under the control of a greater hand.

As we approach the special days of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur we perform so many different religious rituals. Many do these by rote, without much depth of thought or sincerity of heart. Such individuals are usually distracted by so many other things that they have no room inside themselves for a sincere approach to Heaven. The Watchers see this. They know! Their job is to do something about this. They are thus directed to use the coming year to influence and direct the individual towards their ordained destiny.

We will not escape their influence, we cannot. The Watchers are with us. THEY are all around us. There are no secrets from them. THEY watch our behavior and they read our thoughts. Everything they record and pass on to their higher ups, who pass this up all the way to a body which we call the Heavenly Court. There our individual destinies are discussed, decided and ordained. Their edicts are then passed down into the hands of the Watchers who then do their job.

Do not consider this procedure to be simply a myth and allegory to inspire our religious repentance. While what I describe here might sound like a child's fairy tale, in light of modern revelations we might want to reevaluate our disbelief and reconsider matters in a more realistic, more extraterrestrial way. The Watchers are not cute little baby-faced angels with pretty wings and harps. Like I said above, their actual appearance is very frightening and very "out of this world." They are real; their presence is real and their function and influence are equally real.

The Watchers definitely have a control and influence over us. Yet, we too can exert our own influence. This is what we call Teshuva. When we divest ourselves of our wasteful distractions and seek the will of Heaven with sincerity, THEY take note. The New Year then brings with it the opportunity to accomplish our desire to return to G-d and bond with Heaven. This is our return to walking the natural path, the one ordained by Heaven for each of us individually. This is our individual human destiny. This is the directive of the Singularity to each part of its complex program that we call creation.

When we do what is right, Heaven matches us and supports our endeavors. When, however, we choose to walk a different path, then Heaven responds accordingly and informs the Watchers to influence and direct us towards what our souls require. We might then find their influence and direction most intrusive and anything but pleasant. This is why so many people are having such difficult times. The Watchers have been instructed to direct us and we often resist their subtle nudges. They are then obligated to push however hard they need to in order to get our attention. What happens then depends upon how we respond.

Do not come on the High Holidays and expect to impress Heaven with your petty shows of piety and religiosity. Heaven looks towards our hearts and judges us based upon the truths concealed within them. Heaven seeks our sincerity and our return; a return to the natural path, a return to our individual inner truths and our return to unity with Heaven and with G-d. The path is clear; we call it Torah and mitzvot. There is nothing more natural and normal than this.

We each have a lot of work ahead of us. I suggest that each of us, must indeed, take it seriously. The Watchers are watching. What will we show them; what will they see? What we show them and what THEY will be instructed to do is all in our hands. Each of us had better get to work, right now, or THEY will be instructed shortly to get to work on each of us.

Personal Note...
Here at KosherTorah, I have devoted my entire career and essentially my life to get this very message across. The original Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed for one single reason; this being because we failed to listen to the Prophets who warned us in G-d's Name what to do and not to do.

Here we are centuries later and I wonder how much has really changed. We as individuals have such great potentials within us, if only we live up to being what it means to be truly human. G-d never commanded us to be angels. He only commanded us to be human. Torah was not given to angels; it was given to us human beings.

We will never impress Heaven by trying to act like angels. We will however impress Heaven when we act like fully intelligent, compassionate and caring human beings. This is what Torah is all about. Try reading through the words of the Biblical Prophets and you'll see this message for yourselves.

The time of change is upon us. We have to revert to the innocent and sincerity of the desirous and passionate Virgin. This is the time. Will you make the place?

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Shalom, Ariel Bar Tzadok

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