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April 13, 2012



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TrueSouth Launches Marketing Campaign in Five States   


TruSouth Oil, an industry leader in the blending and packaging of automotive and industrial lubricants, has launched a marketing campaign in five key markets: Shreveport, Dallas, Indianapolis, Pensacola-Mobile and Orlando. The campaign promotes TruSouth's innovative new product for do-it-yourselfers, TruFuel®, the first pre-mixed fuel engineered for 2-cycle equipment - the engines most commonly found in chainsaws, leaf blowers and trimmers.


According to Michael Moorhead, the company's President, "TruFuel® is not typical pump gas. Our ethanol-free product is a mix of high performance fuel components, precisely blended with an advanced synthetic lubricant. You'll experience a noticeable improvement in your equipment's performance from this high-octane fuel. But, perhaps best of all, it's ready to use and will last a very long time. The days of messy, time-consuming mixing of oil and gas are over."


The campaign officially kicked off last week with television and online advertising. "The most noticeable aspect of our integrated marketing campaign will be our television advertising," says Chris Creedon, Vice-President of Marketing. "But, there will be many other very interesting, innovative elements supporting our efforts to quickly build loyalty among consumers that say they have been wanting this product for a very long time."


TruFuel® is now available nationwide at retailers such as Lowe's, Home Depot, and Walmart, in addition to approximately 3,500 independent outdoor power equipment dealers.  


Survey Shows American Car Owners' Concerns about Vehicle Longevity
According to a new national survey conducted by Kelton Research*, motorists on average estimate that a vehicle should go for more than 200,000 miles before sending it into retirement. In fact, those American car owners think that a vehicle doesn't get "old" until it hits around 147,000 miles, and nearly nine in ten (86 percent) vehicle owners are more concerned with engine upkeep than their vehicle's aesthetics on the inside or outside.

The survey also reveals that 85 percent of motorists are more concerned about the longevity of their vehicles, compared to their homes; and rather than using its actual age, 68 percent of car owners use their vehicle's mileage as the key indicator in determining how old it is.


"With drivers wanting so much mileage from their vehicles, the potential for engine wear and tear is greater and the need for car owners to care for their vehicle's engine is most important," said Chris Hayek, Quaker State Global Brand Manager. "We at Quaker State are committed to meeting the needs of drivers everywhere, which is why we developed Quaker State Defy™ motor oil to help drivers who are looking to keep their engines running for a long time."


Quaker State Defy™, the motor oil designed to help higher mileage engines defy time, is formulated to more effectively meet the changing needs of engines and help higher mileage engines fight wear. The technology in the new Quaker State Defy™ motor oil makes it so durable that independent tests prove it can virtually stop future wear in the engine.**


"The product features higher levels of heat activated anti-wear additives, so that from the date Quaker State Defy™ motor oil is put into service, it prevents up to 98 percent of future metal to metal wear.** These anti-wear additives target high temperature and high-wear surfaces where they are needed most, making Quaker State Defy™ ideal for consumers who want a higher level of protection or who own high mileage vehicles," added Hayek.


"April is National Car Care Month, and the spring is the perfect time for drivers everywhere to pay extra attention to their vehicles and help take them 200,000 miles and beyond," continued Hayek.


*Survey Sample: 511 American Car Owners, Ages 18 and Over
**Based on Sequence IVA wear test



Lubricating Specialties Company


Lubricants and Fluids Sales position in the Central California market


Lubricating Specialties Company a well-established, leading blender and packager of oils, greases and industrial fluids on the West Coast, is seeking highly motivated and creative sales candidate.  LSC is seeking to fill a Territory Sales Manager position in the Central California area. The successful candidate will be responsible for outside oil, grease and industrial fluid sales to an existing base of independent Jobbers. Duties will also include expanding the current customer base by adding new accounts and expanding product offerings in those accounts.


LSC offers an excellent salary package including commission, health insurance, 401k, fuel and cell phone reimbursement. Qualified candidates may submit resume to: [email protected]




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Grade A Petroleum, a leading lubricant distributor in the Greater New York Metropolitan area, is seeking experienced and talented lubricant salespeople to join our team to market several major brands, including BP/Castrol and Conoco/76/Kendall.  Applicants must be skilled in sales to both HDEO and PCEO market segments and willing and able to aggressively develop sales in lower New England, Northern NJ, New York City & Long Island.  Position includes a base salary, benefits, commission & performance spiffs.   


Please send resumes to [email protected],



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