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December 12, 2011

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ConocoPhillips Announces Lubricant Price Decrease 

Total Ad1Yes, you heard it right, ConocoPhillips announced today it will decrease the posted prices for most of its ConocoPhillips, Kendall, Phillips 66, and 76 Lubricant products by $0.25 a gallon (0.03/lb on grease and gear oils). This price decrease is effective today, December 12, 2011 and applies to PCMO, ATF, HDEO, and most other of the company's commercial and industrial lubricants. Products reportedly excluded from the decrease, however, include certain full synthetic products, low cost hydraulic fluids, generics, and other select lubricants.


It's interesting to note that ConocoPhillips announced price decrease for finished lubricants comes right on the heels of last week's announcement by ConocoPhillips that it will lower the price of its base oils by close to $0.22 a gallon.   

Chevron to Further Ensure Lubricant Quality with Product Integrity Assurance System (PIAS) Program 

Program helps to guarantee quality of product delivered to customers 


Chevron Lubricants, maker of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, today announced it has launched its Product Integrity Assurance System (PIAS) Program to ensure customers receive the highest quality lubrication experience at all its branded HavolineŽ xpress lubeŽ, Texaco Xpress LubeŽ and Havoline Builder facilities in the United States. The PIAS program is designed to ensure product integrity by detecting any issues related to potential contamination, mishandling and use of non-Chevron lubricant products.


"There are many ways for lubes to fall out of specification before reaching the customer at one of our branded facilities," said Bob Stolz, general manager of North American Sales at Chevron Lubricants. "By having a program in place to evaluate the quality of product received by the end user, we help to ensure our customers are receiving the high quality lubricants they expect when entering a Chevron branded location. The program will also help our reseller partners maintain their reputation and enjoy the repeat business they deserve."


As part of the program, Chevron will randomly pull samples of branded products stored in bulk tanks at branded facilities across the country. Samples will be tested by a third party laboratory and results will be reviewed by Chevron, its marketer (if applicable) and the site operator. If test results indicate products do not meet specification, Chevron will work with the facility in an effort to uncover and resolve the problem. Potential causes of off-specification product include issues with distribution and handling facilities, site delivery receipts and on-site handling practices.


"To be successful in the fast lube industry you need to deliver a quality experience consisting of both products and service," said Greg Cole, owner, Express Automotive Group of Houston, TX. "Although we handle the service, we look to Chevron for the products. Through its Product Integrity Assurance System program, Chevron is making it easier for us to ensure our customers achieve the engine performance and longevity they desire."


Chevron is supportive of efforts to ensure products delivered to the customer are meeting industry requirements and standards. The PIAS program supplements internal quality controls and industry efforts by Petroleum Quality Institute of America and American Petroleum Institute (Motor Oil Matters; Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System).   


About Chevron Products Company  

Chevron Products Company is a division of a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chevron Corporation headquartered in San Ramon, CA.


A full line of lubrication and coolant products are marketed through this organization under the Chevron, Texaco and Caltex brand names. Select brands include HavolineŽ, DeloŽ,UrsaŽ and Texaco Xpress LubeŽ. Chevron Intellectual Property, LLC owns patented technology in advanced lubricants products, new generation base oil technology and coolants.


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