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March 22, 2011   

JOBBERSWORLD...MARKET INTELLIGENCE FOR INTELLIGENT MARKETERS...  The First and Only Independent Newsletter to Focus on Lubricant Distributors.

Castrol Holds Out Until Last Among the Majors
Castrol announced it will increase the price of its passenger car engine oil (PCEO), motorcycle oil, commercial and ancillary products  (including synthetics) by up to 10%. This increase is effective May 2, 2011.

Click here for tally on price increases
U.S. Lubricants Announces Increase

U.S. Lubricants announces a price increase on lubricants of 9%. The effective date of the increase is April 18, 2011.
Kendall Motor Oil - Mean and Green

In November 2008, JobbersWorld reported that ConocoPhillips Lubricants made a "big announcement" at a marketers meeting in Orlando, FL. That announcement was about the introduction of "Liquid Titanium®" additive technology to the Kendall line of heavy-duty engine oils. ConocoPhillips Lubricants said this new additive technology represented a "New Era of Engine Protection." With this, ConocoPhillips Lubricants presented data to validate enhanced wear control in a number of engine tests. Since that time, Liquid Titanium was also introduced to Kendall's line of passenger car engine oils, and from what JobbersWorld hears, it has gained considerable traction in the market.


Well now, in addition to being mean in terms of combating engine wear, it appears Kendall's engine oil with "Liquid Titanium" is also green with regards to the environment. And it couldn't come at a better time given the rising cost of fuel to consumers. 



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According to ConocoPhillips Lubricants, tests confirm its Kendall GT-1® Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium® delivers more than twice the improvement in fuel economy benefits required to meet the new GF-5 specification adopted by the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). The Liquid Titanium® additive, used exclusively by ConocoPhillips Lubricants, helps enable the complete line of GF-5 Kendall Motor Oils to exceed the required passenger car motor oil standard for fuel savings, while also providing exceptional engine wear protection.


"When we launched our line of Kendall GT-1 Motor Oils with Liquid Titanium in late 2009, we knew the value that exceptional wear protection benefits would bring to lube business operators, installers and consumers. Now, in addition to reducing engine wear, customers can get a motor oil that actually saves them fuel," said Marshall Cohen, Director, Brand Management at ConocoPhillips Lubricants.  Further Marshall says, "In today's challenging marketplace, giving consumers more value is extremely important. Our motor oils featuring Liquid Titanium not only meet fuel economy specifications established by ILSAC, they exceed them, as well as surpass what automotive manufacturers had initially requested. This is quite an accomplishment and a great benefit to consumers and the environment."


While auto manufacturers had initially targeted a 0.5 percent improvement in fuel economy over the GF-4 specifications, ILSAC came to the conclusion that a 0.3 percent improvement was more realistically attainable. "Kendall GT-1 Motor Oils with Liquid Titanium, however, achieved a remarkable 0.7 percent improvement in fuel economy-more than twice the 0.3 percent established by ILSAC," says Marshall. These results were confirmed through a rigorous independent testing process, including the Federal Testing Procedure (FTP-75) and Highway Fuel Economy Test (HwFET), both required by the EPA to establish vehicular fuel economy performance.

So what does this all mean? Best JobbersWorld can tell, it means Kendall is taking the lead with claims to be both mean and green.  


Further, whereas the "x times better" wars of Castrol and Valvoline comparing themselves to Mobil1 in terms of engine wear may be over, the next war of the "Xs" could be about fuel economy improvements and carbon footprints.

Stay tuned... As JobbersWorld has said in the past, ConocoPhillips Lubricants is the one to watch.

Universal Lubricants' ECO ULTRA® Recycled Motor Oil Becomes Official Green Product of the Association of Independent Oil Distributors 

Universal Lubricants and the Association of Independent Oil Distributors (AIOD) have created a strategic supply and distribution relationship that will enable the association's members to sell the company's ECO ULTRA® green motor oil to professional installers across the country. Made in the U.S. at the Universal Lubricants' refinery, ECO ULTRA® is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified green motor oil that is made with up to 85 percent recycled used oil and meets Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements and current vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

The U.S. produces approximately 1.3 billion gallons of used oil each year, and only 10% of it is re-refined. The rest of the used oil is either improperly disposed of (damaging the environment) or burned as an industrial fuel and is gone forever. Universal Lubricants is working to reverse this trend through the launch of its ECO ULTRA® product line earlier this year.

"Crude oil is a finite natural resource, and our company is dedicated to making the best possible use of it. ECO ULTRA® has one of the highest percentages of recycled oil content and provides Americans the performance and reliability they expect in a top quality motor oil," said John Wesley, chief executive officer of Universal Lubricants. "AIOD members can now help professional installers make the smart choice-the right choice-by using our ECO ULTRA® green motor oil."

Utilizing a tightly controlled closed-loop process, Universal Lubricants says it collects used motor oil from across the country, processes it through the company's technologically advanced refinery, and then blends the re-refined oil into high quality API certified motor oils and lubricants that meet SAE requirements and current vehicle manufacturers' specifications. To ensure performance and reliability, the company says its ECO ULTRA® products go through rigorous lab testing and are real world proven for the most demanding driving environments.

ECO ULTRA® products are available in bulk, drums, pails, and quarts. For more information about Universal Lubricant's ECO ULTRA® products, visit


Andrew Bornstein is the New President of NAL   

Larry Read, Chairman & CEO of North American Lubricants, Co., (NAL), announced today that Andrew Bornstein, most recently Vice President at Amalie Oil Company, will take the helm as NAL's new President. With over 20 years of experience in the oil and lubricant industry, Mr. Bornstein comes to North American Lubricants steeped in every aspect of the business. With Amalie Oil Company since 1999, one of the country's largest independent lubricant blenders, he has held positions as District Manager, Business Development Manager and Vice President.


Mr. Bornstein says he "joined NAL to lead the company in the fulfillment of their mission to formulate only the highest quality products and to understand the specific needs of the markets and customers they serve." Further he adds,  "North American Lubricants is growing quickly, and smartly. As President of NAL I plan to keep our focus on aggressively managing operating costs, developing premium products and, ultimately, delivering at prices that help our customers achieve success. I look forward to working with this motivated team to continue to solidify NAL's position as the national leader in quality lubricant production and outstanding customer service."


While he personally has over 20 years of experience with the oil and lubricant industry, Mr. Bornstein also has a deep family history going back generations. Mr. Bornstein's grandfather was one of the first oil super-tanker Captains and his father held various management positions with large, global oil companies. Bornstein graduated from the University of Colorado, and now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and four children. 


For information about NAL, visit



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