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August 12, 2010

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Retail Price ($/qt.)-a
June 28, 2010
 Type $/Qt. % Change
Castrol 3.97 -
Valvoline 3.87 -
Pennzoil 3.47 -
Quaker State 3.37 -
Motorcraft 2.77 -
Mobil 5000 2.77 -
Store brand 2.39 -
Private label 2.17 -
Average 3.10  -
High Mileage
Castrol 4.67 -
Valvoline Maxlife 4.57 -
Pennzoil 4.17 -
Quaker State 3.88 -
Store brand 2.87  
Average 4.03  -
Pennzoil Ultra 6.97 -
Mobil1 6.37 -
Castrol 6.36 -
Pennzoil Platinum 5.97 -
Store brand 3.94 -
Average 5.92

a- At leading retailer.

API SM GF-4 5W-30


August 18, 2010

The First and Only Independent Newsletter to Focus on Lubricant Distributors.

Your needs, your concerns, your outlook. No bias, no fluff and no punches pulled. Whether it's buy backs or brand battles, allocation of co-op ads, operating costs or turf wars, Jobbers World keeps you on top of the issues that matter to YOU: The Lubricant Marketers!

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Western Marketing Inc. Acquired by Two Investment Groups

Western Marketing Inc., a leading lubricant distributor in the South Central U.S., has been acquired by a combination of Western Marketing management, and two investment groups. The investment groups include Wingate Partners and CrimStone Partners.


According to Rich Hasten, President of Western Marketing, "It's all positive news and we believe this change will significantly strengthen our position in the market." In addition to both Wingate and CrimStone bringing capital to the table, both private equity firms have substantial operating and strategic experience. At the same time, Hasten adds, "Western Marketing's management structure will remain the same as will our company's continuing commitment to provide excellent product and services to our customers."


Western  Marketing  has locations in Abilene, TX,  Amarillo, TX, Lubbock, TX,  Longview, TX,  and  Stroud, OK. The company markets Chevron, Shell, Conoco, Citgo, Mystik, Kendall, Phillips 66, ServicePro lubricants.


About Wingate Partners:  Wingate Partners is a Dallas based private equity firm founded in 1987 to purchase controlling equity investments in manufacturing, distribution and service businesses, typically with revenues between $50 million and $250 million. Wingate has acquired platform companies in 22 industries and completed a total of 72 acquisitions. Two areas of where Wingate has particular expertise include wholesale distribution and industrial services. Wingate has built two of the country's leading wholesale distributors, both with revenues of over $1 billion.

About CrimStone Partners: CrimStone Partners is a Dallas based private equity partnership designed to find, acquire and build companies.  CrimStone's investors consist of more than 35 business leaders, senior investment bankers and private equity professionals.

PQIA Finds Two Brands of Engine Oil with Questions about API Licenses

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) recently sampled  two engine oils. Although it will be a few days before PQIA makes the test results available, PQIA says the labels on samples did not appear to display the American Petroleum Institute (API) logo correctly. As a result, they contact API with some questions.

According to the API, in both cases, they consider the products as unlicensed.

Click here for more

Smitty's Builds New Quality Assurance Lab

Smitty's Supply, an independent lubricant blender, just completed building a new quality assurance laboratory. According to Smitty's, the laboratory is now fully operational with a full-time staff and equipped with the latest instrumentation.

Smitty's Marketing Director says. "We've invested in top grade equipment. The range of testing, the quality of the tests, accuracy of the results and standards we've established are all in place to insure we continue to provide our customers with the best quality and performance, and the highest level of protection for the particular oil, fluid or lubricant we are manufacturing." Further, they say, "Be assured that when we claim a spec, it is not a theoretical or generally accepted value, it is a real test result taken from each and every batch of finished lubricant in our state-of-the-art laboratory."

 Click here for pictures of Smitty's new laboratory and equipment. 

The JobbersWorld Forum Goes Live!

The JobbersWorld Forum is the first and only real-time communications platform designed for lubricant jobbers and other industry stakeholders.

Membership in the JobbersWorld Forum is free. To register and participate in the forum, click on the picture above or the link that follows. We look forward to you joining and contributing your thoughts to the JobbersWorld community. JobbersWorld Forum

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