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Retail Price ($/qt.)-a
June 28, 2010
 Type $/Qt. % Change
Castrol 3.97 -
Valvoline 3.87 -
Pennzoil 3.47 -
Quaker State 3.37 -
Motorcraft 2.77 -
Mobil 5000 2.77 -
Store brand 2.39 -
Private label 2.17 -
Average 3.10  -
High Mileage
Castrol 4.67 -
Valvoline Maxlife 4.57 -
Pennzoil 4.17 -
Quaker State 3.88 -
Store brand 2.87  
Average 4.03  -
Pennzoil Ultra 6.97 -
Mobil1 6.37 -
Castrol 6.36 -
Pennzoil Platinum 5.97 -
Store brand 3.94 -
Average 5.92

a- At leading retailer.

API SM GF-4 5W-30



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August 12, 2010

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dexos1 Synthetic Blend Prices are Now on the Street

One of the big questions often asked about dexos1™ has now been answered. What's the price?


General Motors notified its dealers about its pricing structure for dexos1™. And according to what dealers are told, GM says, "GM will provide dexos1™ synthetic blend at very competitive prices compared to other synthetic blends in the market." Furthermore, GM says, "the current dexos1™ pricing will be honored for all orders placed on or before October 29, 2010."


So what is the price?


Depending on the package size and the programs bundled with the product (there are two options), dealers say they have been advised that the net price for GM's dexos1™ synthetic blend will range from $9.95 to $11.52 a gallon. Whereas dealers say these prices are lower than they expected after all the fanfare about dexos1™, some wonder what the future pricing will look like once the pumps are primed with products. 


And although the issue of price may now be coming into focus, both GM dealers and lubricant marketers are asking a lot of questions about GM's recent bulletin where GM speaks to the issue of product availability. Specifically, JobbersWorld was told, this section of the bulletin says:


"All General Motors 2011 Model Year Vehicles require the use of dexos1™. If a 2011 MY vehicle owner is in need of dexos1™ approved oil, GM's guidance of acceptable substitute engine oils is below. This acceptability is temporary until dexos1™ availability is pervasive.  


- For all 2011 MYvehicles with naturally-aspirated engines except Corvette, Camaro SS (with LS3 engine) and CTS-V:


In the event that dexos1TM approved engine oil is not available at an oil change or for maintaining proper oil level, you may use substitute engine oil displaying the API Starburst symbol and of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade.


- For 2011 MY Corvette, Camaro SS (with LS3 engine), CTS-V and vehicles with turbocharged engines:


In the event that dexos1TM approved engine oil is not available at an oil change or for maintaining proper oil level, you may use substitute engine oil meeting the GM4718M specification and of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade such as Mobil 1 Full Synthetic. "


So now, JobbersWorld asks, how will GM define "pervasive" in its statement that "This acceptability is temporary until dexos1™ availability is pervasive."  In addition, will acceptable substitutions water down the relevance of dexos1™?

G.H. Berlin Joins as Sponsor of the Petroleum Quality Institute of America
The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) announced today that G.H. Berlin Oil Company has become its first lubricant distributor sponsor.

Dave Waltz, President of G.H. Berlin Oil Company, a leading lubricant distributor in the North East says, "We support the activities of the Petroleum Quality Institute of America for two primary reasons. The first is that PQIA is clearly working in the best interest of lubricant buyers and consumers (our customers) to weed out low quality, off-spec lubricants in the marketplace. These efforts are aligned with ours because when we say we deliver quality, we mean it."
Secondly, Waltz says, "PQIA's efforts will help level the playing field." In Waltz's view, this is a particularly important issue since "the number of  questionable lubricants in the marketplace appears to have increased significantly over the past five years, and there is little being done about it." As a result, "It is challenging for suppliers of quality lubricants to compete and we believe PQIA will help change this," says Waltz.
94 and Still Selling!



Speaking of G.H. Berlin, how many companies can say they have a 94-year old full-time employee?

Happy Birthday to Frank Secondino, a full-time sales representative. Frank has been with G.H. Berlin since 2000 and prior to that, was the owner of State-Wide Petroleum."  Today is Frank's 94th birthday and he is still selling.


The JobbersWorld Forum Goes Live!

The JobbersWorld Forum is the first and only real-time communications platform designed for lubricant jobbers and other industry stakeholders.

Membership in the JobbersWorld Forum is free. To register and participate in the forum, click on the picture above or the link that follows. We look forward to you joining and contributing your thoughts to the JobbersWorld community. JobbersWorld Forum

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