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Retail Price ($/qt.)-a
June 28, 2010
 Type $/Qt. % Change
Castrol 3.97 -
Valvoline 3.87 -
Pennzoil 3.47 -
Quaker State 3.37 -
Motorcraft 2.77 -
Mobil 5000 2.77 -
Store brand 2.39 -
Private label 2.17 -
Average 3.10  -
High Mileage
Castrol 4.67 -
Valvoline Maxlife 4.57 -
Pennzoil 4.17 -
Quaker State 3.88 -
Store brand 2.87  
Average 4.03  -
Pennzoil Ultra 6.97 -
Mobil1 6.37 -
Castrol 6.36 -
Pennzoil Platinum 5.97 -
Store brand 3.94 -
Average 5.92

a- At leading retailer.

API SM GF-4 5W-30



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August 3, 2010

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The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) Issues Advisories on Four  Samples  Tested in the Mid-Atlantic
The Petroleum Quality Institute of America announced today that the test results for three of the six samples of engine oils PQIA purchased in the Mid-Atlantic States in June fail to meet their labeled API/ILSAC specifications. In addition, one of the  samples labeled SA "5-30" is not an API SA, SAE 5W-30. Instead, it more closely resembles a heavy duty engine oil and is clearly not an SAE 5W-30. Click here for PQIA test results

JobbersWorld Announces Lubricant Price Report
Starting in September

In response to strong readership support for the recent addition of retail lubricant prices to JobbersWorld's website, JobbersWorld is pleased to announce it will expand its lubricant pricing information to include posted prices for bulk and package lubricants (at the distributor level) for PCEO (SM-GF-4 5W-30), HDEO (15W-40), AW 32 hydraulic fluid, and D/M ATF.

Starting in September, JobbersWorld will post these prices on its website and in its Newsletter for all relevant companies (i.e. majors and selected independents).
Tier One Assuming Management of Gulf Brand Lubricants
Tier One and the American Refining Group (ARG) Announce That Tier One Brands, Inc.  (Tier One) will assume the management of Gulf Branded Lubricants in the United States...

According to the joint announcement, "The national expansion of Gulf Oil LP from the Northeast into new markets throughout the entire U.S. has necessitated the expansion of the downstream lubricant marketing efforts for the Gulf® brand. The management team of Tier One is closely aligned with Gulf Oil, LP to better provide you with excellent products and services in this exciting time of brand expansion."

Further they say, "American Refining Group (ARG) has been an excellent supplier of the brand for over eleven years and we are planning to continue to use them as a supplier of Gulf® branded packaged lubricant products." Whereas the exact date of the transition has not been set,  marketers are told they are working towards a fourth quarter, 2010 completion.

Tier One management is lead by Paul Rudolph, President Of Tier One Brands Inc. Tier One has an extensive history of marketing and supply of lubricant products within its management team. Tier One's background includes working with major lubricant brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retail segments and most importantly distributors. The top priority of Tier One is to be a preeminent supplier of lubricant products with distributor focused services that ultimately enhance the growth of the Gulf lubricant brand in the U.S.
The JobbersWorld Forum Goes Live!

The JobbersWorld Forum is the first and only real-time communications platform designed for lubricant jobbers and other industry stakeholders.

Membership in the JobbersWorld Forum is free. To register and participate in the forum, click on the picture above or the link that follows. We look forward to you joining and contributing your thoughts to the JobbersWorld community. JobbersWorld Forum

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